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Frackin' Universe

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Frackin' Universe

FU Discord:

Disclaimer: Installing FU is a one-way trip. FU will affect your game universe and ALL characters.

Note: Uninstalling the mod will cause crashes, unless you wipe your universe and player folders. This is not avoidable. Be sure to back up your universe and player folders before installing.

Frackin Races is not compatible, as it is already included. If you install it as well, you will crash.

Incompatible Mods
For a list of incompatible mods:

Error reports will be much easier to fix if you provide a link to starbound.log file. How to do that?
  • Go to starbound/storage/starbound.log
  • Open that with text editor like Notepad
  • Copy and paste its contents to
  • Report with the link to that pastebin

starbound.log helps us to detect what is the CAUSE of your error.

The largest mod for Starbound, FrackinUniverse combines new biomes, a completely overhauled crafting system, science, research, monsters, tiles and hundreds of other assets to the game. Nearly every major game system is changed.

Major Gameplay Changes :
New Races :
Mech Changes :

SAIL changes for modded races/ships
or its git link -

If using *modded* races, you will want the FU BYOS addon here
Github for same mod:

Avali Triage Players will require this:

Recommended Mods
The following are all top-notch mods we heartily recommend using with FU:

For a detailed guide on how to use the included automation systems in FU, refer to this guide-

Q: How do I tell if it's working?
A: Quite simple. When you launch starbound, look at the main menu screen. Do you see "Powered by Frackin Universe"? If so, you're good to go!

Q: Will this work on a server?
A: Read :

Q: How do I run a server?
A: Read :

Q: Do I need to delete my characters and universe before I start? Will it work with the character I already have?
(or any possible variation of this question)
A: No, you do not.
However, you will need to travel a fair ways away on your starmap in order to generate the new biome types. Generally a few seconds will do. So yes, it will work with your existing character. I recommend a clean universe, personally, but that's only if you absolutely want to have FU planets right near your starting location.

Q: I seem to be taking forever to generate my starting planets. It's in warp for like...ever.
A: Starbound is generating a universe and looking for a starting system that fits exact specifications. Because FU adds so many biomes it increases the time it takes to find the setup. I recommend visiting the Science Outpost when this happens, which can be triggered from your shiplocker items. By the time you come back you'll have your starting planet visible and a quest to begin!

Q: Where do I find (ITEM NAME)?!?!?!
A: Everything has a source. You just need to figure out what that source is. That's part of the mod. Exploration, experimentation...just seeing what sort of things lead to others and eventually ending up with a hard-core science lab. The wiki link given on this page right after the FAQ is a good source of information.

Q: Does FU add quests/missions or bosses?
A: Yes

Q: Does FU affect the main storyline or game progression?
A: No. The only true progression change is with EPP packs (see above sections for info on that). Otherwise you can progress exactly as normal through the base game.

Q: I can't find something on the Wiki
A: The wiki is player maintained. So, if you find something missing you can feel free to add it in.

Q: My EPP pack isn't working
A: Yes it is. Read the mod description information above for more details about how they operate now.

If for some reason you want to hurl money at me for my labors:
Wiki (player maintained):
CF Forum version found here:
GitHub project version location is here:

A great number of mods and features in FU are from contributors or other authors. Check out the included credits.txt here: or visit for info
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Nov 20 @ 9:14pm
Is there any option and/or way to filter this mod's content?
Billy M.T.
< >
Sayter  [author] Nov 30 @ 5:25am 
If it could be fixed, we would have fixed it. Short version: nothing in the UI can auto-scale to suit resolution, leading to 99% of the issues.
Deniz Nov 29 @ 8:45am 
Okay, i didn't know this. I thought its just uses one slot then goes for other slot like Extraction Lab. Thanks. And about the question asked after me, can't you really change the vanilla starbound UI? Is it impossible? It's not just at the race description, its also in research tree, some chest and some machines inventory.
I stated too because It's VERY irritating.
Sayter  [author] Nov 28 @ 8:20am 
Fat_Clever: It can't be fixed. It is a limitation of the starbound UI and its tooltips for that particular screen.
Sayter  [author] Nov 28 @ 8:19am 
As stated, you are misunderstanding power flow. You need fuel in all three slots to generate sufficient power to fuel your machines. One slot is only 1/3 of its maximum power.
Deniz Nov 27 @ 10:04am 
Hello Sayter, this is the video proof of Extraction Lab and Hydraulic Dynamo bug/something else:
(English isn't my main language. I couldn't speak too great, sorry.)
Fat_Klever Nov 26 @ 6:55am 
Hello. When the issue with race description partially visible fol lower row of icons will be fixed? It was a problem years ago when I played starbound till 2018. Now I decided to come back and I was surpised to see it is still here. Tested the issue on total of 4 different computers with screens from 13" to 22", tried switching resolution and stuff - it is not fixable on user end.

I assume you can just reorganize the design a bit by moving central cection to the right and putting race description in the center or just show constantly the description of the chosen race on the right side.
Sayter  [author] Nov 20 @ 9:12pm 
pokiipanda: shiplocker Status book has info. In short, you want 20% for lesser resistance, 40% for middle and 60% resistance for the real dangerous places.
Sayter  [author] Nov 20 @ 9:11pm 
Sounds like you wired it without enough power or are misunderstanding flow. Seems to work fine , so I am banking on just misunderstanding adequate power output. If in doubt, make more generators. And dont use batteries are primary power, ever.
Deniz Nov 20 @ 2:27pm 
Hello Sayter; i have a problem with Extraction Lab and Hydraulic Dynamo, when i wire them both, Extraction Lab doesn't work, but i think it should. I read in reddit, Joule is like Watt per second so, Dynamo creates 21 Watt or 21 Joule per second after that, Extraction Lab needs 10 joule to one extract process. I am giving it but it doesn't work as i said. Am i doing something wrong or is this a bug? (extraction lab works as intended with 3 alternator generator or battery)
pokiipanda Nov 18 @ 10:09pm 
Hi Sayter! My boyfriend and I love your mod. But we are having issues when it comes to the EPPs. Even when we have the higher upgraded ones, we still have our HP knocked out by like 90%. For example, when we go to a Jungle planet with moderate radiation with the Radiation EPP II, our HP still gets knocked down to almost zero.

Is there something we are missing? Is there other stuff we need to equip to negate this? Thank you for your time if you see this!