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[T] MoreFloors
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Jul 16, 2016 @ 6:59am
Dec 20, 2017 @ 12:24pm
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[T] MoreFloors

Adds a wide selection of new flooring to decorate your colony with.

● Six new styles of wooden flooring (plus straw floors for that barn feel)
● Five new styles of stone flooring in all five stone colours (for a total of 25 new stone floors)
● Eight styles of chequered stone floor in various combinations
● Six new carpet colours - orange, yellow, turquoise, purple, black, and white
● New chequered style of carpeting in all colours
● New style of wool carpeting in all colours, requiring woven wool from the new loom workbench
● Two end-game floors for larger colonies built with plasteel and jade

Note: The new types of stone flooring only become available to build once the Stonecutting research project has been completed, while the added carpets require Carpet Making (although the wool loom can be built without).

Save & Mod Compatibility
MoreFloors should be safe to use with all existing vanilla saves. If you already use Fluffy's Stuffed Floors then you don't need to also load MoreFloors.

If you find that MoreFloors makes your architect menu too cluttered for your liking, I recommend using Fluffy's Stuffed Floors mod instead as a complete replacement. It includes all of my new flooring styles at the expense of stripping some of the individual floor features (such as unique work to make / materials required / beauty for wood and stone floors).

Many thanks to Proxyer for creating a Japanese translation of MoreFloors. You can find it here:

More Information
T's Mods are designed to be used with the most recent RimWorld stable version unless otherwise stated in the mod title - old versions are archived on the RimWorld Nexus.[www.nexusmods.com]

Enjoy T's Mods? Donations of trading cards or emotes are welcome. :)

For more information on all of my mods including prerelease versions, credits, and license information, please check the T's Mods thread on the Ludeon forums.[ludeon.com]
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yes_commander May 10 @ 3:48am 
@Telkir - I'm getting a case sensitivity error when I start up the game with MF running. Just thought I'd let you know.
Sven_Halfviking Apr 24 @ 12:55am 
Great Mod, now I can give my greedy bastards some fluffy wool carpet and they're happy. At least happy enough not to bug the people with the checkered floors. You saved my colony!:pandastunned:
Telkir  [author] Apr 10 @ 1:33pm 
@Zymex - Thanks for enjoying the mod! Those are some interesting ideas and I'll definitely keep them in mind for future additions if / when I'm next doing work on MoreFloors.
Zymex Apr 6 @ 7:07am 
hello telkir thanks for this awesome mod i have used it alot trough all my play trhoug and this is just a must have mod :D

are there any chance you will add more floors to the mod?
i feel like i miss some more floors for more variaty. eq.
-asphalt to outdoor areas
-maybe a marble floor like textures from jade just in marble colours to build a palace :D
-a yellow/black striped floor for that factory/nuke area
Telkir  [author] Mar 31 @ 2:26am 
@Guy Montag - Thanks for your support, it's appreciated!

@Fistandantillus7 - Sure, it's possible to do yourself quite easily. Find this file:

<Your Steam folder> / Steamapps / workshop / content / 294100 / 725623521 / Defs / RecipeDefs / MoreFloorsProduction.xml

You'll see two sections with some <li>s of WoolMegaSloth, WoolMuffalo, etc. Underneath the WoolAlpaca line in both sections, add a new line as "<li>SheepWool</li>" (without the quotes). Save it and play. You should now be able to spin sheep wool into wool cloth - but I make no guarantee about the balancing of sheep wool as I haven't actually checked if sheep give more or less wool compared to other animals! :2017cat:
Guy Montag Mar 30 @ 11:03pm 
Love these floors.

They really tie the rooms together. :B1:
Fistandantillus7 Mar 24 @ 4:23pm 
Would it be possible to make the wool from sheep compatible with the wool carpets?
Ashe Feb 17 @ 1:27am 
I just placed Vertical Wood Flooring in some fresh colonist rooms with trees and it ignored the trees entirely to construct the floor panels. The trees disappeared instantly upon construction completion

I do have a mod that designates things for cutting when blueprints are placed so maybe that has to do with it.

Beautiful floors!
Telkir  [author] Feb 16 @ 12:19pm 
@Zedrin - Hope it's working smoothly now. If you deactivate MoreFloors then it won't make your save unloadable, but any of the non-vanilla flooring will get turned to sand. You might see some error spam in the console window but it should be harmless.
Zedrin Feb 15 @ 9:51pm 
Okay, seems i was mistaken--actually was VGP Vegetable Garden that was causing the conflict.

Time to reinstall this :V