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Jul 15, 2016 @ 11:46am
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Adds 25 new fan made songs to RimWorld made by me and SpacekatTommy

Here is the whole playlist, listen before you add.
Spotify Part 1[open.spotify.com]
Spotify Part 2[open.spotify.com]
Spotify Part 3[open.spotify.com]

Also available on other common music streaming services!

You do not need to make a new colony and the mod should be compatible with everything.

I will probably not add anymore music to this mod, since I am working on other projects now.
One of the projects I'm working on is a RimWorld inspired game called Ascent of Ashes[vivid-storm.com]

26/02/20 - Updated to 1.1 and added 3 new songs. Protect Our Home[soundcloud.com] Strange Feeling[soundcloud.com] and Bright Side Of Life[soundcloud.com] 19/06/19 - Been playing some RimWorld lately, I like creating a big ranch! That's why I created Muffalo[soundcloud.com] dedicated to my animals. 25/05/19 - 3 Year Anniversary UPDATE! Added two new songs Blue[soundcloud.com] and my third raid track Final Stand[soundcloud.com] 20/10/18 - To celebrate the release of RimWorld, I've added one last(lol what a joke) song Back To Work[soundcloud.com] 17/10/18 - Updated to 1.0 29/09/18 - Updated to B19 10/08/18 - After testing out B19, I got inspired to add Lone Hunter[soundcloud.com] 29/05/18 - Upon an encouragement, added Fair Glade[soundcloud.com] 15/02/18 - Added a song that plays during the night, Serene Night[soundcloud.com] 16/01/18 - Added a song that plays during winter, Rimmas[soundcloud.com] 18/11/17 - Updated to B18 and added Carry On[soundcloud.com] I also changed the song files to .ogg so that fewer people would have problems with the mod, but do tell me if any problems occur. 26/5/17 - Updated to A17, added Move[soundcloud.com] 20/12/16 - Updated to A16, reverted to original entry song. 29/11/16 - Added Trust Me[soundcloud.com] I also changed Astral to be Main Menu song. Let me know if it's a good change. 26/10/16 - Added a fix for the large memory usage made by Zhentar. Also added a Astral[soundcloud.com] by Spacekat Tommy (I edited it a little) 7/10/16 - Added a new raid song Code Red[soundcloud.com] 3/10/16 - Changed all songs to mp3 so the mod would be a smaller size. Better compatibility with other mods, large (music) files results in memory failure. 29/9/16 - Added a new song Alive[soundcloud.com] 25/9/16 - Added a new song One Can Dream To Fly[soundcloud.com] 18/8/16 - Updated to latest version and added Tough life[soundcloud.com] 21/7/16 - Added two new songs. Far Away[soundcloud.com] and my first raid song[soundcloud.com] 18/7/16 - Updated and added Rise by me can be found in my RimWorld playlist Also added RimWorld by Spacekat Tommy[soundcloud.com]

Works with all versions (it's safe to ignore the version errors)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License[creativecommons.org]


Q: Does this mod override vanilla music?
A: No.

Q: Do I have permission to stream/upload gameplay with P-Music enabled?
A: Yes.

Q: Is this mod compatible with X mod?
A: This mod should be compatible with all mods, let me know if it isn't.

If you want to tip me for my work, click here[paypal.me]
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Apr 10 @ 12:27pm
Please, update the mod in the ludeon forums
< >
Florb Jul 6 @ 3:45am 
Love the Mod, personally Track 3 "Stay Strong" is my favorite one. It's also makes a great mood for streams :)
V0rador Jun 16 @ 4:15am 
Really like the tracks, it blends well with the vanilla songs. I hope you'll add more in the future :)
Veela Jun 11 @ 2:08pm 
Awesome mod :)
Ligis Jun 1 @ 4:49am 
I remember being skeptical towards music mods all those years ago, now I consider this mod essential.
Tomahawk Mazter May 29 @ 7:53pm 
the music is god tier, feels very vanilla. a mandatory for playing rimworld.
ATM9318 May 22 @ 8:35pm 
These tracks are great and inject some much-needed variety into the vanilla soundtrack, yet their acoustic sound makes them feel like they should've been there in the first place. Excellent job!
Winterwolf May 22 @ 7:42pm 
If you can make more soundtracks like "Tough Life" That be awesome lol. That one hits just noice.
LesbianFistingSex May 21 @ 8:56am 
My god. I tried other music mods, but I always come back to this one. Good job, Peppsen, you are a talented individual.

All the songs feel very 'rimworld.'
ffa 6 all dlc May 16 @ 12:02pm 
'Final Stand' is purely AHHHHHH
Stan Aech May 7 @ 8:43am 
Some of these songs are straight fucking bops, holy shit.