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Hearts of Iron IV

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Extended Rework Mod (v0.50b) - ALPHA
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Jul 1, 2016 @ 7:33am
Sep 22, 2016 @ 7:21am
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Extended Rework Mod (v0.50b) - ALPHA

Extended Rework Mod is a follow on to my Naval Rework Mod. ERM alters both the same naval aspects as NRM does, plus armour, artillery, industry, aircraft and doctrines.

This is an experimental alpha version of the mod, and does not yet include everything planned. There will be updates fairly frequently, and they will probably break your savegames. You have been warned.

This mod is also incompatible with practically everything else. See the list below. Please note that if you choose to run any other mod apart from those listed while using ERM, any incompatibilities are entirely your problem. I will take a look at compatibility with select mods later once the main features are in. There will be a discussion thread for this when the time comes.

This mod is only for the 1936 start.

-Extensively reworked tech tree
-Rebalanced unit stats and industry
-Adjusted AI (inspiration from AI Research & Division Tweaks)
-Expanded Industry tree (based on a modified version of Expanded Industry)
-Many new unit types

New units include;
-Armoured Cars
-Infantry Tanks
-Light and Heavy Artillery
-Motorized Artillery (Light/Medium/Heavy)
-Motorized Rocket Artillery (as opposed to original 'self-propelled' one)
-Semi-Motorized Infantry
-Heavy AA
-New Aircraft Types

Also includes everything from the Naval Rework Mod.

Features coming soon;
-Additional 'support' (passive bonus) technologies to the Naval tree (radar, ASW improvements, AA improvements)
-Possible additions to infantry equipment tree

Known issues;
-1939 start is not supported
-Localisations for non-english languages are missing (looking for help with this!)
-Artwork for Axis artillery/antitank/antiair guns is currently not updated, so they are using the comintern ones.

This mod is compatible with;
Enhanced Peace Conference AI
No Mans Land
More NATO Counters

This mod is not compatible with anything else at the moment.

Many thanks to Paradox for the awesome game and even more awesome moddability!

Thank you to Alex_brunius for allowing me to integrate his excellent Expanded Industry mod!

Many thanks to Jamryl [I.D.S] for allowing me to integrate his Improved Equipment mod (coming soon)!

A massive thank you to Axe99 for allowing me to use his Historical Ship Class Names and Naval OOB mod to improve the naval OOBs!
Thanks also to everyone else who has helped test and develop this further!

Thank you also to;
Shade - Tank Artwork and Suggestions
Cior - Artwork and Suggestions
sturmgeher - German localisation help
Buch - Bughunting
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Papa Joe Stalin Jun 17 @ 5:19pm 
This mod is outstanding.
Papa Joe Stalin Jun 17 @ 5:18pm 
Once updated, possible to use this mod in WWII Simulation mod?
Eth0 [IE] May 20 @ 12:32pm 
spawnof2000 Mar 14 @ 11:14am 
that makes me happy
[58th] Bakara Mar 12 @ 7:04am 
this is great news!
Axe99 Mar 12 @ 2:29am 
This be good news :)
Eth0 [IE] Mar 12 @ 12:49am 
Elouda  [author] Mar 11 @ 10:21pm 
@spawnof2000 Yes.
spawnof2000 Mar 10 @ 1:26pm 
so now waking the tiger is realeased, any chance we could see a continuation?
Axe99 Feb 2 @ 4:01pm