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Expanded Industry
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Jun 6, 2016 @ 3:17pm
Sep 23, 2016 @ 10:46am
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Expanded Industry

This is a quick rebalance mod of Industrial techs that also adds two new buildings, Rubber plants which produce rubber, and Steel mills which produce steel. The mods main goals is making Industry feel more interesting and historical, to allow for example the big synthetic rubber industry in USA to be built up, and to have slower more historical efficiency gain of production lines that hurts to get rid off and makes it a tougher choice if you should keep building older models or switch to new ones right away instead of gradually.

- Added Synthetic Rubber Tech line in Industry ( unlocks synthetic rubber plants similar to synthetic oil )
- Added Synthetic Rubber Plants which produce rubber
- Modified Syntehtic Oil Refineries to only produce oil
- Added Heavy Industry Tech line in Industry ( unlocks Steel Mills )
- Added Steel mills which produce steel
- Modified Economy Laws so penalty for Civilian factory construction is reversed ( highest penalty for total mobilization now )
- Added reward to US NF Rubber Reserve Company now also adds 2x research bonus
- Reduced research costs of most Industry techs so overall average tech cost should be similar to before
- Rebalanced Production Efficiency gain so it's lower baseline 0.25 per day reduced to 0.20 for -20% slower gain
- Rebalanced Concentraded industry so it increases max efficiency gain slightly but lowers how quickly it's gained alot ( to nerf it a bit and make Concentrated and Dispersed play more differently )
- Modified laws so all of them increase Construction of Civilian factories by +10% compared to previously ( since they already are pretty expensive, and you need a bit more of them to build a few of the added buildings )

Changes 1.10:
- Greatly improved compatability with other mods ( defines + localisation can now be shared )
- Moved Synthetic Oil and Rubber techs 2 & 3 from 1936 and 1939 to 37 and 41.
- Increased initial cost of all resource producing buildings and added techs that increase their buildspeed again
- Slightly increased initial cost of Civilian Factories and Heavy Industry increase it's buildspeed by +10% per level
- From a 1941 tech baseline all building costs will be the same as before ( for the above two changes )

Changes 1.20:
- Made compatible with new difficulty sliders
- Merged in other changes ( mainly dispersed industry now also provides +5% starting efficiency per level )

Known issues:
- AI is reluctant to build the added buildings ( but will research the techs ).
- Construction speed modifiers not shown in tech details ( but show fine on tooltip )

Thanks to:
- Selak and Wildcat for help with fixing issues in building graphics and adding balance features ( construction speed modifiers ).

- Not compatible with Ironman achievements or mods that change technology, buildings or OOBs.
- Not compatible with Improved Equipment. Use this combined mod of both instead!
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