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Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Truck Accessory Pack
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Jun 2, 2016 @ 2:41am
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Truck Accessory Pack

***Crash Fix when using this mod and Eugene's Scania NG Pack: ***

This mod contains additional parts for SCS trucks.

Please Note:
If you own the Mighty Griffin DLC, you will need to use my MG DLC Compatibility add-on or some MG parts will not appear with front bumper/low bars.

You can find the templates for the painted grill and all the accessories included in my main templates pack:

Change Log:
Version 15.13:
Scania bumper bug fix.

Version 15.12:
Added LED Headboard for topline Scania R/S 2016 (accessible via front mirror slot)
Added Super badges for Scania 09/Streamline and 2016.

Version 15.11:
Bug fixes related to Scania NG front bumpers and front fenders. Required internal name changes.
Added WOMAN logo in chrome and paint for MAN E6 for funsies.

Version 15.10:
Added 3 new grill variants for DAF 21 - Chrome, Chrome & Paint, Exclusive & Paint

Version 15.9:
Tweaked MP3 DLC Sunshield Fix
Added Volvo Logos to intake bar

Version 15.8.1:

Version 15.8:
Range T Painted roof side lights.
Painted Air Tanks
Painted & Black Racing rear Bumper
Full removal of the discontinued parts from 15.7

Version 15.7:
Added Man E6 duty with slots
Updated old E6 bumpers
DAF 2021 mask without sunshield
Removal of several Renault T parts. (Please see blog post for list of removals and reasons: )

Version 15.6:
DAF XF 21 painted sunshields
DAF 6x single fender tops
Reworked the XG+ full paint sunshield to better hide the default light mask.
Updated LED window and back lights so they should be visible in daylight.

Version 15.4:
Painted front bumpers and logo for MAN 2020 parts.
Updated DAF 2021 Parts for 1.43 changes.
Added new DAF 2021 parts.

Version 15:
Volvo 12 - Chrome trim front grills
Volvo 12 - Front grills with paint and chrome logos
Volvo 12 - Properly UVmapped corner deflector for separate skinning
DAF 2021 - Full painted sun shields
DAF 2021 - Full painted sun shields with painted roof mask (not perfect I know)
DAF 2021 - Assortment of painted grills
DAF 2021 - Painted DAF logo (with chrome trim)

Version 14.11:
SCANIA R/S Bottom Grill - fix
Range T evo parts fix

Version 14.5:
A few fixes to model changes SCS made.
Added some new painted parts for the Range T Evo

Version 14.1:
Tweaked some def files for Renault T Evolution changes

Version 14:
General 1.40 Changes
Reworked Folder Structures
Merc 09 - Door Handle now supports UV2
Scania 16 - New 770 S/R Engines + Badges
Volvo 12 - Inlays now support UV2
Added some missing custom shop icons
Added 'classic' (slow on/off) square lumens plastic & paint

Where can I find more of your Work?

Most of my mods can be found on my Wordpress page[] I only keep a limited amount of mods on Workshop as I find it more of a pain to keep updated. All Wordpress mods are kept updated, and all use Google Drive links. No shoddy download sites with questionable ads.

Do you accept donations?

Sure just send a donation to my PayPal[] page or become a Patron[]. All donations are greatly appreciated and help to keep my mods going.


All my mods are release under a Creative Commons license. Full information & terms can be found here:
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Mar 16 @ 10:40pm
< >
YOUR_MUMS_A_SLAG_LOL Mar 22 @ 8:18pm 
Hi, quick question, why is there no painted thor bullbar from the mighty griffin tuning pack? It just struck me as odd because all the other scania bullbars have painted variants. Also sorry for my username lol
tdp2612 Mar 14 @ 1:49am 
Hey sorry, bit of a particular request. Next gen Scanias, the front mirror accessory includes options for mirror with LED board - is there any chance of an option for LED board and no mirror? Alternatively, if the LED board could be made a generic accessory to use with any roof parts that add a node in the right place. Thanks.
Nimir-Raj  [author] Mar 6 @ 1:29pm 
@puppeteer it looks like I was working on custom high beams at some point and forgot to change my custom one back to stock on that particular light. I've fixed it for the next update.
Der Kox™ Mar 1 @ 2:28am 
Good day,
when I add the line ie: ijs_s_ledpl.sii everything works normal and there is no issues at my end.
It is just for a rigid version of the cabin so nothing else is touched.
Nimir-Raj  [author] Feb 24 @ 4:18pm 
Good question. I'll double check in the morning, I may have forgotten to upload it.

@Der Kox does adding the lines work - ie: is everything in the right place and no issues? I don't mind adding them next time I update it, but I don't use other people's mods so there's no way for me to double check these things.
Akael41 Feb 24 @ 3:14pm 
Where is the template for ij's headboard ?
Puppeteer Feb 18 @ 8:00pm 

IJ's mods for scania s highroof - top paint headlight right side. it doesnt work with Leozin realistic headlight. the left side is working fine but the right side has no flare. please check.
Der Kox™ Feb 16 @ 12:08pm 
Thank you for this brilliant mod :)

I want to ask you If you can add this line "suitable_for[]: "swp_high.scania.r_2016.cabin" and suitable_for[]: "swp_high.scania.s_2016.cabin"for the LED Headboard's .sii file so People can use it on Sebastian7870s Swapbody Mod?

I can only do this by myself locally but not in my Workshop skins because the SCS Uploader wont upload it and I am not sure if I am allowed to do it by myself at all.

Anyway, thanks for reading this comment, whether you add the lines or not.
Delachs Feb 16 @ 11:44am 
Hey, I wanna ask how I can skin the painted ranger sidebar?
Liosha1987 Feb 12 @ 3:48am 
🤣🤣 Thanks for sharing that info , I assume what was not changed, when new paint system was introduced. As in game addon hookups are not paintable