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CheatCommands Mod II
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May 28, 2016 @ 12:37am
Feb 12 @ 8:07am
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CheatCommands Mod II

The Ultimate Testing Mod

  • Manipulate Selected Units
    • Kill, Delete, Modify Health, Change Owner, Remove Criticals, Remove Upgrades, Toggle Auto-attack, Remove Slot Items, Add Veterancy, Add Suppression, Teleportation
  • Alter Game & Resources
    • Instant Production, Construction, and Ability Recharge, Control All resources (Including Population Cap), Toggle Fog of War, Enable/Disable AI, Change AI Difficulty
  • Copy & Paste Anything
  • Spawn any Unit, Building, Commander Ability, or Slot Item
  • Camera Panning Tools: Produce cinematic camera movement for machinima

Installation & Usage

1. Subscribe to CheatCommands Mod II by clicking the Subscribe- button above
2. Launch COH2
3. Create a custom game. Select "CheatCommands Mod II" from the Win Condition menu (See screenshot #3)
If you can't find CheatCommands Mod II from the list, refresh your Workshop items via Main Menu -> Modding Hub -> Manage -> Refresh (See screenshot #4)

Feedback & Bug Reports

Please post your feedback, feature requests, and bug reports in the forum threads provided below.

How does it work?

The mod itself is purely implemented with SCAR. There is no attribute tuning what-so-ever. Currently there's over 17,000 lines of code, most of it being the framework (consisting of my helper library and event-driven UI system)

Special thanks
- Thibz for helping with the v. 2019.1 update
- tightrope for helping with the v. 2019.1 update
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stalbay 23 hours ago 
Hi, thanks for the mod.
Is it possible to adapt it to the wikinger mod?
天启洪流 Mar 16 @ 12:36am 
But in the past, unofficial mission map can add the creation module in the custom game, can you give me the old version of last year to create module 2? Older versions can run on maps like this (SP/Coop) Schildkroteberg.
Janne252  [author] Mar 15 @ 1:04pm 
@Sarven: Yes, there's an option for that in "Game, AI, & FoW" if I remember correctly.
Janne252  [author] Mar 15 @ 1:04pm 
Unfortunately the game doesn't support Steam Workshop mods in single player campaign or in ToW missions.
SAM_FISHER [ELITE] Mar 15 @ 9:36am 
I want to edit units, tanks, in campaign mode please help....
SAM_FISHER [ELITE] Mar 15 @ 9:36am 
where are the cheats for the campaign menu????????????
can any one give me modding advice? how to find attributes of single player (campaign) units?
There is no ebps or sbps file in modding tool
Sarven Mar 10 @ 10:54am 
Can you remove Commander Abilities?
天启洪流 Mar 9 @ 6:46am 
Why can't unofficial mission maps use this module?:steamsad:
scaletho Mar 6 @ 6:10am 
Thank you. It's a very useful mod, anyway. :)
Janne252  [author] Mar 5 @ 9:40pm 
@scaletho: I have added a new section in the FAQ thread about saving games. It's a bit vague but should answer the question. If not, feel free to ask for details.