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Running with the Dead
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May 3, 2016 @ 11:25am
Oct 14, 2020 @ 7:07am
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Running with the Dead

Welcome to Running with the Dead! This is an extensive overhaul mod that changes the game to a post apocalypse survival wasteland crawling with zombies and warring factions. Each faction offers a unique way of playing the game through unique changes to their health, speed, spawn rates, and armory!

  • Because of how unique each faction build is for this mod, you can only play this on campaign to allow unique scripting! Loads of new changes will come as this mod continues to be worked on.
    • The survivors are a fine middle between all the factions. They are well rounded with their speed, health, and spawn rates. They sport a number of custom made weapons, and civilian rifles designed to maintain accuracy and conserve ammo.

    • The bandits are violent and reckless. So in turn, they have the lowest health of any faction, but also move the fastest and are the most numerous of the humans. They are loaded up with an abundance of automatic rifles and SMGs. These guns, unlike their survivor brothers, fire quickly, but not as accurately. They are the only faction to have a flamethrower in stock, which tops off their mastery of close quarter combat.

    • The military are the highest skilled and best geared, but lack any real numbers and will mainly hold a defensive position, than viciously attempt to conquer land. They wear very durable military vests but suffer in speed as a result. They also carry a number of very accurate assault rifles and powerful equipment which might prove valuable to pick up if the other factions can find them.

    • The infected are the most numerous and overwhelm their enemy by sheer numbers and strength. Be careful however, as the longer the infection has a grip on the host, the more powerful they will get! (And the more grotesque they will look)

      Huge Shoutout to:
      The Soldier who made most of these assets,
      Tremozl who took those assets to make this mod
      and JackMayol who balanced and patched the mod!
      And the Ellygree, my rock.
    This mod can be played in campaign! Campaign will allow unique scripting for unique features that will be seen with the next few updates!

    If you absolutely want to play this game in quick match, copy the content from:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\270150\677995637\media\packages
    and paste it in:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RunningWithRifles\media\overlays
    This is still made to be played ONLY on moorland trenches, and imbalance will be caused by messing with values in quick match.
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Dave the Rave
< >
PILOT Sep 8 @ 7:43pm 
add humvees
子宿 Aug 25 @ 5:34am 
西瓜皮大王 Jul 22 @ 7:43am 
Nootie the Cutie Jul 21 @ 6:23pm 
@Tranquil_Gamin TTV, it's probably because they Helicopters you must destroy. There are two on the map that keep the Zombies going. You gotta find them in those hotspots. Its not random.
cristilwolf Jun 29 @ 12:01am 
is nice
Tranquil_Gamin TTV Jun 20 @ 8:14am 
Was a pretty good mod. Only complaint I would have is that zombies would just spawn in the middle of bases and take them over. Zombies only had 2 areas in the corner of the map and when I went to take them they just suddenly appeared across the map taking over 3 different places that weren't even connected together. Very annoying.
HEX_Ninja05 May 22 @ 4:04pm 
Please continue developing this Mod!
It's still amazing, & I personally am looking forward to possibly seeing more maps!
我选择性失忆 May 13 @ 10:45pm 
rick where are you?
Commander "Jacque" Bleu Apr 21 @ 12:14pm 
Is there a way to have faction minimum at two instead of three? I just want to play 1v1 faction like faction vs zombies or faction vs faction. Instead it seems we need at least a third faction to start.
Don'tknowwhattoput Nov 29, 2022 @ 3:07am 
Its kind of cool with the Total Conflcit: Resistance type of system where pretty much many people fight over what's left