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DON'T add me just to add me. Also check the support forum first and if you still need support, you can poke me on the official RWR Discord (link in the forum or in the in-game menu).

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[TW] TWICE is life Jul 21 @ 4:43am 
Running with Rifles cheats/commands

/repair_tank spawns thrown zjx19 flare - broken? flare despawns after a few seconds without dropping tank

Can you fix it?
MK.Frost Jun 7 @ 8:52am 
Hello!jack, i have some I have some questions about the skeleton of the character model,Can you agree to add a steam?
NAOH_HAATON May 31 @ 7:53am 
RwR goin in to my one of my best game to play in life list
香蕉道制霸小能手 May 25 @ 12:37am 
I lost my nickname, could u help me?
RAY May 17 @ 4:08pm 
The game is great,but in my opinion,this is a large battlefield and rare equipments collection game,takes long time to collect but very easy to lose,really beat me down.Maybe change the rare equipments system,like no RARE equipments lose when PLAYERS die,but need to buy back,wil be better.Anyway,many thanks for the great game,a lot of fun.
JackMayol Jan 6 @ 10:17am 
We have a Steam support section for that, or even Discord. Use this if you need help, certainly not on my Profile page comments, thank you!