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NIArms M14 Rifles
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Apr 17, 2016 @ 2:48am
Mar 7 @ 3:45am
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NIArms M14 Rifles

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So the M14 is the big F-You to FN Herstal and the FAL. At it's core, it's more or less just an Auto-fire capable M1 Garand that feeds from external mags instead of en-block clips, for better or worse. of the "Big 3" .308 battle rifles of the era, the M14 is the most cumbersome, but like it's parent design, is a nail-driver. It was so good at it that it well outlived it's immediate successor (the orginal M16) in US Armed force usage. The latest iteration, the Mk14 EBR/M39 EMR platforms though, likely signals the end of it's life, as the adoption of those was primarily decided due to an abundance of mothballed M14s and a distinct lack of 7.62 NATO effectiveness in the current arid conflicts, and M110s and Mk11s were in short supply.

hlc_rifle_M14 - M14 (Infantry Rifle)
hlc_rifle_M21 - M21 Marksman Rifle ( Removal of select fire, Addition of Fibreglass stock and Harris Bipod)
hlc_rifle_M14DMR - M14 DMR (USMC Designated Marksman Weapon. ArmA2 DMR)
hlc_rifle_m14sopmod - Troy M14 SOPMOD (Precursor to the EBR. Modernised M14 Chasis)
hlc_muzzle_snds_M14 -Sound Suppressor for the M14 Rifles
hlc_optic_artel_m14 - Redfield AR-TEL Optic (3-9x Scope. Sadly, it's impossible in the engine to replicate the locked zoom:zero function)
hlc_optic_LRT_m14 - Leupold LR/T (Effectively the same as the LRPS that's already ingame)
hlc_20Rnd_762x51_B_M14 - 20 Round magazine of 7.62x51mm Ball Rounds (i.e, standard bullets)
hlc_20rnd_762x51_T_M14 - 20 Round magazine of 7.62x51mm Tracer Rounds
hlc_50rnd_762x51_M_M14 - 50 Round magazine of 7.62x51mm Mixed at a ratio of 1 Tracer for every 5 Standard Ball rounds (X-systems drum mag, so you can have the SAW be interoperable with the rest of the squad.)
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Nov 18, 2016 @ 5:35pm
Do i need hlc_g3?
Reticuli Sep 17, 2022 @ 2:20am 
" a distinct lack of 7.62 NATO effectiveness in the current arid conflicts"

5.56x45 was distinctly ineffective in windy Afghanistan past the first few hundred meters of transit, hence the increasing use of 308 within the first few months. The M14 is a decent DMR, but less-than-perfect battle rifle at higher fire rates compared to floating barrels. The exception to 308 generally becoming the go-to was compared to like the 300 & 338 magnums at even longer ranges or the 308 having trouble against just moderate body armor past 500 meters. Though there was some, improvised body armor was not a huge issue in Afghanistan, and unless you're a sniper, you couldn't fully exploit the magnum rifles. 308-chambered M110 was also almost exclusively being used by marksmen and snipers. The new move to .277 is related to near-peer adversaries, not GWOT 'arid' wars. If we weren't concerned with body armor past 500 meters, we'd be sticking to intermediate 308 with its superior subsonic options.
NEEX Sep 23, 2021 @ 11:07am 
Would you ever do the M14E2 squad automatic rifle?
Artyom Saveli Jun 11, 2019 @ 9:43am 
Looks pretty noice, but can you slap on vanilla attachments (ACO, 7.62 silencer, etc) too?
Malik Massud Jun 2, 2019 @ 3:23am 
Nice Mod, love it. Would it be possible to add the M14E2 SAW?
Réiva Mar 30, 2018 @ 3:08am 
Any chance of the M1A socom? its basically a shortened m14 with a polymer stock. loads of different versions also
Kill3rCat [1st FORECON] Feb 24, 2018 @ 7:20pm 
Is there any hope you'll add an M1 Garand to the pack, since it follows in the same theme and is the predecessor to the M14 (you could probably re-use a lot of the work you've already put into the M14 models)?
Rell Feb 7, 2018 @ 6:34pm 
I think the M14 DMR is now my favorite gun in existence.
lizardbolo Jan 14, 2018 @ 11:31am 
@[S2] Still A Lime: To clarify, Mag Switch doesn t work only with hlc_50Rnd_762x51_B_M14
magazines, with the other 50 rnd drum it works fine.
lizardbolo Jan 14, 2018 @ 10:51am 
@[S2] Still A Lime: Yes, CBA_A3 and NIArms core are running, tested with no other mods loaded.
Still Trans Rights  [author] Jan 14, 2018 @ 4:37am 
@lizardbolo. I feel I have to check- NIarms core and CBA are both subscribed and enabled, yes?