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Cities: Skylines

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Apr 17, 2016 @ 1:15am
Oct 24 @ 11:10am
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Loading Screen Mod

Update Oct 23, 2018

Updated for Industries.

This mod displays information on the loading screen and adds new options:

  • Load used assets: automatically loads the assets you have placed in your city, no matter if they are enabled or not.
  • Share textures / materials / meshes: Assets from the same author often contain the same resources. By default, the game does not care and loads identical copies. These options replace such copies by references, saving RAM.
  • The mod contains an optimized custom asset loader that is significantly faster than the built-in loader.

An optional HTML report of custom assets is also available. For additional information, see the figures above.

Some usage tips are provided in the guides below.

Using cities-skylines-detour[] by Sebastian Schöner.

Sources are available.[]
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Canadian Gaylord
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tired-broad-53 Nov 15 @ 9:37am 
I just wanted to take a moment to personally say “Thank You!” for your time, effort and hard work to provide this mod. It enhances my gaming experience, and I do so appreciate you for providing this to all of us.
thale5  [author] Nov 14 @ 10:45pm 
@sillycat Your log ends with this:
Invalid IL code in AdvancedRoadAnarchy.AdvancedRoadAnarchyTools:TestNodeBuilding
Mod dll corrupted?
ondrej.janoska Nov 14 @ 5:59pm 
@sillycat I hope the advice was for me. Thanx a lot!
I created new gist with output_log uploaded.
Filzbiber Nov 14 @ 11:42am 
Hmmm, I don't have any issues with Building Theme Manager. But I'm using the test version of Loading Screen mod.
sillycat Nov 14 @ 6:15am 
I like this Mod, but for some reason it seems to be causing the Building Themes Mod to not work correctly, at least for me.

For details go here:
ondrej.janoska Nov 13 @ 1:35pm 
Hi guys, can somebody help me with my crushing CSL? It started a while ago after I subscribed to some mods like TM:PE, Network Extension 2, Advanced Stop Selection, Extended Game Options, Precision Enginering, Fine Road Tool and Anarchy. Now I subscribed Loading Screeen Mod also to see what happened while loading and find out where is a problem. I see 299 assets loaded and during loading numbers go to orange and red. I have 8 GB RAM and 1 GB AMD Radeon R5780.... and 130k population.
Problem is not during loading but in game. After while it sudenly stops and breaks down. Maybe if sb looks into my output_log it could help. But I dont know how to post it.
thale5  [author] Nov 10 @ 6:56am 
@ToxicWafflez Described above. In other words: the mod is a complete rewrite of the part of the game that loads custom assets. It may be useful if you use many custom assets. It typically loads faster, saves RAM, fixes some bugs and provides extra features.
ToxicWafflez Nov 10 @ 6:22am 
What does this do, Does it speed up loading or what?
Beneficarum Nov 8 @ 11:20pm 
I tried disabling both of those mods suggested (Relight and 81 Tiles) but it didn't work. Unfortunately I don't have any previous saves as I save on the same save file all the time. I think this is a lesson learned for me...That save is gone for good
Beneficarum Nov 8 @ 2:49am 
Thank you very much! I'll give those a try in the morning