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Cities: Skylines

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Apr 17, 2016 @ 1:15am
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Loading Screen Mod

Update Jul 16, 2018

Added support for the Custom Asset Data API.

This mod displays information on the loading screen and adds new options:

  • Load used assets: automatically loads the assets you have placed in your city, no matter if they are enabled or not.
  • Share textures / materials / meshes: Assets from the same author often contain the same resources. By default, the game does not care and loads identical copies. These options replace such copies by references, saving RAM.
  • The mod contains an optimized custom asset loader that is significantly faster than the built-in loader.

An optional HTML report of custom assets is also available. For additional information, see the figures above.

Some usage tips are provided in the guides below.

Using cities-skylines-detour[] by Sebastian Schöner.

Sources are available.[]
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tipobaha Sep 21 @ 3:04pm 
one of the greatest. thanks a lot.
thale5  [author] Sep 20 @ 10:56am 
@Meesmoth Yes. Some game data is moved to the page file or GPU RAM, as applicable. That reduces pressure on the system RAM. These steps are taken by the operating system and GPU drivers.
Meesmoth Sep 19 @ 9:52am 
Oh, so that's why it turns red when my RAM goes over 9GB, and then decreases to 4-7GB after the loading screen - is because it transfered some of the RAM into my 32GB virtual memory. Thanks for letting us know about that.
thale5  [author] Sep 19 @ 9:49am 
@jstatha If you provide the log I can take a look. Don't expect miracles. Usually the log gives some clues but no certain answers.
thale5  [author] Sep 19 @ 9:45am 
@sagiluv1 The rule for turning RED is:
- game RAM usage exceeds 83% of system RAM size, or
- game virtual memory usage exceeds 97% of system RAM size.

The rule is known to be inexact if you have lots of GPU RAM. I have just a 2GB GPU so I cannot benchmark better rules.

To learn more, see Commit Size in the Details pane of Task Manager and find cities.exe. That figure is your virtual memory usage.
thale5  [author] Sep 19 @ 9:33am 
@ol' rdtg Thanks for the log! My findings:
- Lots of exceptions from Improved Content Manager. I would look at that first.
- Some error messages from Rush Hour II. However, it's possible those are not serious at all.
- Cloud save ##00aa_New_Springfield_32 fails in a way that looks unusual. I would remove it.

Notice that the Enable/Disable button in Content Manager does not prevent mods from running. Most mods do not run when disabled but some do (mostly Main Menu mods, there are valid reasons why some mods do that).
jstatha Sep 15 @ 8:46am 
Hey @thale5 i have this issue now with the loading screen mod. it started on 9/6 and mind you no new mods were added. I get to the very end of the loading "Simuation: SimulationManager.LateUpdateData" then suddenly my whole PC freezes. Is there any way you could look at the log for me as i dont see any errors. Also note, i disabled all mods from steam and can get the game to load with roughly 5600 assets. When i disable your mod, the game cant even load properly and crashes instantly; but enabled it loads till end, crahes and i have to restart my pc because its unresponsive.
sagiluv1 Sep 13 @ 2:02am 
I have 32 gig of RAM and yet this mod recently has been showing my RAM usage is in the red even though the most my cities uses are somewhere between 10gig-12gig of RAM?
ol' rdtg Sep 12 @ 10:47pm 
Having an issue with the mod; when I go to start a new game, the loading screen starts to appear (black bg, blue spinning circle) but never initializes. In fact with the loading screen up I can still interact with the menus behind it.
This happens even with no other mods enabled :(

Here is a zerobin of the latest log file WITH mods on:
baronjutter Sep 12 @ 2:11pm 
They thale5, thanks so much for this amazing life-saving mod, I have no idea why it's functionality of texture sharing and better debugging output isn't part of the base game. What I'd love to see though is a way to maybe disable certain vanilla assets. Many of us pretty much don't use most vanilla assets, so a way to disable them via some sort of list would be amazing to speed up load times and reduce memory usage.