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NIArms AUG Rifles
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Mar 4, 2016 @ 12:14am
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NIArms AUG Rifles

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==REQUIRES HLC Core, ASDG JointRails. Links in discussion topic "Dependancy Links"==

ASDG JointRails[]
The Steyr AUG is the posterchild for modern small-arms design in almost every facet, and was decades ahead of it's time. Not content with providing a marely adequate superior to the Austrian Army's then-current license-built FAL clone, Horst Wesp, Karl Moser and Karl Wagner set about creating something truly unique. They did so by upheaving conventional wisdoms, taking advantage of space age polymers, new production methods, designed modularity, revolutionary bullpup configuration, unique Spz-kr trigger, and perhaps most functionally interesting, making a magnified optics a mandtory component of the weapon.
The end product looks every bit as space age now nearly 40 years later as it did then- sweeping ergonomic lines are a core part of it's visual execution. As mentioned, the AUG was designed as a full weapons platform out of the box- every Rifle could be converted in seconds from it's standard form to more specific roles, like the 9mm "Para" SMG, or the Heavy Barrel support variant.
This pack of AUGs contains the 3 major iterations of the AUG design (the A1, A2 and A3), as well as the civilian Semi-Auto-only Special Reciever. With the exception of the A3, each of these comes in 3 barrel lengths firing 5.56x45mm NATO , and the A1 and A2 are also available in 9x19mm. all of these AUGs are available in three colours. The A3, Due to the quad-rail forgrip is only available in it's rifle length. However, it also has a GL-equipped model.
Oh yes, and you can swap between different lengths of barrel from the action menu (or if you use AGM- self-interact). So,yes. Yes you can carry the standard rifle and a conversion kit,then with mere seconds delay go straight into running your AUG as an SMG. (Special credit to Kerc Kasha, who made this possible)

hlc_barrel_standard - Standard length(20") AUG Barrel
hlc_barrel_carbine - Carbine length (18") AUG Barrel
hlc_barrel_hbar - Heavy AUG Barrel (24")
hlc_barrel_9mm - 9mm Parabellum Caliber Conversion Kit. (Contains Bolt, Magazine Adapter, 9" Barrel)
hlc_rifle_aug -Steyr AUGA1 - Rifle-barrel (Default OD)
hlc_rifle_auga1_t - " " (Tan)
hlc_rifle_auga1_B - " " (Black)
hlc_rifle_auga1carb -Steyr AUGA1 - Carbine-barrel
hlc_rifle_auga1carb_t - " " (Tan)
hlc_rifle_auga1carb_b - " " (Black)
hlc_rifle_aughbar -Steyr AUGA1 - Heavy Barrel
hlc_rifle_augpara -Steyr AUGA1 - 9mm Para
hlc_rifle_auga2 -Steyr AUGA2 - Rifle-barrel (Default OD)
hlc_rifle_auga2carb -Steyr AUGA2 - Carbine-barrel
hlc_rifle_auga2lsw -Steyr AUGA2 - Heavy Barrel
hlc_rifle_auga2para -Steyr AUGA2 - 9mm Para
hlc_rifle_augsr -Steyr AUGSR (Special Reciever) - Rifle-barrel (Default OD)
hlc_rifle_augsrcarb -Steyr AUGSR (Special Reciever) - Carbine-barrel
hlc_rifle_augsrhbar -Steyr AUGSR (Special Reciever) - Heavy Barrel
hlc_rifle_auga3 -Steyr AUGA3- Rifle-barrel (Default Green)
hlc_rifle_auga3_bl -" " " (Blue)
hlc_rifle_auga3_b -" " " (Black)
hlc_rifle_auga3_GL -Steyr AUGA3 with M203A1
hlc_rifle_auga3_GL_BL -
hlc_rifle_auga3_GL_B -
hlc_30Rnd_556x45_B_AUG - 30 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Enhanced Performance Rounds for the Steyr AUG.
hlc_30Rnd_556x45_SOST_AUG - 30 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Mk318 Rounds for the Steyr AUG.
hlc_30Rnd_556x45_SPR_AUG - 30 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Mk262 Rounds(desgined for long range ballistic consistency for the Steyr AUG.
hlc_30Rnd_556x45_T_AUG - 30 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Red Trace Ball for the Steyr AUG
hlc_40Rnd_556x45_B_AUG - 42 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Enhanced Performance Rounds for the Steyr AUG.
hlc_40Rnd_556x45_SOST_AUG - 42 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Mk318 Rounds for the Steyr AUG.
hlc_40Rnd_556x45_SPR_AUG - 42 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Mk262 Rounds for the Steyr AUG.
hlc_25Rnd_9x19mm_M882_AUG - 25 Round magazine of 9x19mm M882 NATO Ball for the Aug 9mm.
hlc_25Rnd_9x19mm_JHP_AUG - 25 Round magazine of 9x19mm LE Jacketed Hollowpoint for the Aug 9mm.
hlc_25Rnd_9x19mm_subsonic_AUG - 25 Round magazine of 9x19mm Subsonic Ball for the Aug 9mm.
hlc_muzzle_snds_AUG - AAC M4-2000 with thread adapter for Steyr AUG
hlc_muzzle_snds_a6AUG - AWC Agenda Six Suppressor threaded for the Steyr AUG 9mm.

Contributing Authors
Sounds - Navaro
M203 Quadrant Sight,M4-2000 - Bohema Interactive
Barrel Swap Script - Kerc Kasha
AWC Agenda Six - Toadie
Magpul MVG - RedRogueXIII
Troy BUIS- TenoYL
Docter Red Dot - kaskad, obsolete
Steyr AUGA1 - Sarv,r0tzbua
Steyr AUG SR/A2 Reciever - Sproily
HBAR,AUG 9mm Barrels, Bipods, Magzines - Toadie
AUGA3 - WangChung,Philibuster
M203A1 - Tigg
"Early-adopter" testing thankyous to - SV98, Cuel, Mallow
Trust_Alias Oct 31, 2023 @ 1:01am 
please change that the A3 resets the optics distance settings when a magazine is emptied.
Bendy Aug 24, 2023 @ 12:37am 
please add the colour khaki (army green).

The Australian Army uses khaki for their F88 Austeyr and variants.

see pics:
khaki 1 []

khaki 2 []
Cinnamon Nov 8, 2022 @ 11:48pm 
Any chance you could add EGLM variants? Unfortunately M203 isn't exactly the best looking grenade launcher
ArsenicShooter Oct 22, 2022 @ 4:24pm 
@Steve Jawbs It's an Austrian rifle, not Australian ;)
X-Bar Nov 1, 2021 @ 10:34am 
I made* the conversion kit load-out in the editor.
X-Bar Nov 1, 2021 @ 10:33am 
I often have trouble finding the conversion kits. The easiest way is to spawn the NIA AUG ammo or supply box from Zeus or the editor.
I ended up saving a random load-out that has them all in a backpack. I arsenal that load-out, drop the backpack then get the actual load-out I want and sift through the backpack. I and the conversion kit load-out in the editor.

I would love to have the SF scope (high and low). Thanks again for the mod, cheers!
Death Diamond Oct 9, 2021 @ 6:54am 
Is there any chance of adding the EF88? It would be a dream come true!
Difo Sep 9, 2021 @ 5:07am 
AUG A1 Carbine does not have "opticsid = 1" field defined in ACOG class
AgentRedCobalt Sep 7, 2021 @ 12:00pm 
I noticed with the AUG A3 that sometimes there is a bug with other PIP scopes(SPS Equipment). Looks like a scope of the AUG A1 when zoomed in.
重庆玩家 Jul 18, 2021 @ 2:51am 
As an Australian, this makes me very happy