Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

SG553 | Flaming Dragon
Weapon: SG 553
Finish Style: Gunsmith
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Dec 3, 2015 @ 2:47pm
Dec 5, 2015 @ 11:11am
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New alternate colour scheme!


Update v2E
Minor tweaks - several good souls commented on the Kanji radicals which I took a gamble on and lost. Apparently there were much more accurate arrangements such as
赤炎龍, 炎龍, 焔龍, 火炎龍, 火焔龍, 烈焰龍, 赤炎龍, 吐炎龍, 吐焔龍. I’ve picked out the one I thought was the most universal (火焔龍) by feeding back through google translate; Thanks to all who got in touch. I've updated the cover page, page 2 and back page renders to reflect this.

I’ve also very slightly adjusted the scope mesh brightness, the highlight on the magazine, and increased the contrast on the orange rear under guard 'thing' - yes as technical as that.

As suggested on reddit and by a few other steam users I did attempt an all brown version and a version with only the scope recoloured brown - I personally didn’t like at as much as it heavily reduced impact, but I might release a solid version in the new year at some point.

This is Flaming Dragon
I love the SG553, and I will usually buy it at the last second to avoid the inevitable tutting of my team mates. ‘Pros only use AKs’ yadda-yadda-yadda; I care not, I have muscle memory of the recoil pattern embedded in my brain (diagonal motion down-left then hard right).

The Tiger moth was my first attempt to 'study the creature's habits', and as such my first foray was a simple affair. I always had a plan to make something a tad more refined.

Orange is currently under-represented in this weapon - so I again chose that as a key colour, I’ve harmonised it with a reddish brown; also toning it down. For the form I thought the dragon I made for the dual elites was quite popular so it would make sense to adapt it for a more different - perhaps larger weapon.

I did consider basing this one on the legendary ‘Ri-Riu’ dragon which according to every wiki I could find was a dragon with amazing eyesight (hence the ‘eye’ doodles I later integrated), a theme which tied in nicely with a scoped weapon. However I couldn’t find Kanji letterforms for that name so I abandoned it. I’ve admittedly used creative licence in opposition to traditional dragon colours; (from my research red,yellow and white dragons were supposedly young ‘ascending’ dragons - travelling to the heavens for training, whereas blue and green dragons are the elder trained ones descending to assist those on earth.) The nearest established colour was vermillion but my gut feeling was to go with what looked best - a copper/orange felt more fun.

I first highlighted the main focal areas in POV view which incidentally flow along the top panel - similar to the tiger moth spot placement. I tried the original ‘serpent dragon’ styled illustration used for the dual elites which worked ok but most of the detail was out of view and the head itself was obscured by a rectangle which sticks out - so I settled for reworking the original illustration to work along the top area. That area is still a bit of a minefield with all the knobs, AO text, and surface objects but I managed to adapt the linework around them.

In order to add some foreground detail to the forestock I sketched flames coming out the dragon's mouth, which I used again to break up the dragon scales on the body and hide the leg joints. The flames tied in with the orange colour and so influenced the name I give it, which I gave pretty much just to amuse myself.

I’m no expert on Kanji - but I took a risk. There are mostly two radicals used for dragon 竜 and 龍, the one used is the older and mythical reference so that’s what I went with. The other radical 炎 means 'flame' which I read when doubled implies ‘flaming, scorching or blazing’. If I’ve got this wrong please let me know!

Let me know what you think below!


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