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X Hero Siege 3.48e Ghost Revenant!
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Oct 17, 2015 @ 8:25am
Feb 5 @ 9:15am
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X Hero Siege 3.48e Ghost Revenant!

Feel free to donate for this mod! As a reward you get access to VIP Heroes!
- Patreon Donation[]

Join the Discord Server to find players and talk about the game:
- Discord Server[]

Join Facebook Page and Steam Group to report any bug found or suggest new features:
- Facebook Page[]
- Steam Group

Language Supported: (Join Discord Chat to translate in your language!)
- English (Credits to EarthSalamader #42)
- Russian (Credits to Eren)
- (Coming Soon) Chinese
- (Coming Soon) French

- Sogat[]: This mod is a recreation of the Original Warcraft III popular mod created by Sogat ( Based on v3.33 ).
- EarthSalamander #42: Main Coder, Mapper, Director of the project
- Xero: Custom Icons (current, mostly new items and few heroes reworks)
- Mugiwara: Custom Icons (pre-3.0, Barely all heroes)
- Flotos: Custom Icons (Dark and Light Fundamental)
- beast: Alpha Tester
- Starboxx: Door models

And make sure to test mods i'm managing:
- Dota IMBA
- Pudge Wars
- Diretide (Beta)
- Magnus Wars
- Hero Line Wars
- All Bosses Challenge

This mod is based on v3.33, you can download the map here for Warcraft III:
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Dec 26, 2018 @ 8:35am
Randy Rhoads
Jan 4 @ 1:57pm
Ravenous and the Other
Aug 27, 2018 @ 8:19am
can't speak to uther after final wave to advance
< >
[K] Feb 8 @ 12:39am 
Dryad's true shot aura doesn't provide additional damage
Big Dick Energy Jan 29 @ 5:48am 
arthas' ulti has -146% damage reduction
Baby Jan 19 @ 12:18pm 
on the first boss i was killed and the boss was killed at the same time, so when i get respawn all guys from our team was tped to the battleground and i was still on the spot where is the boss
Thanos Jan 17 @ 4:21am 
cant talk to shal lightbinder
printf("420"); Jan 16 @ 3:01am 
Please fix the final boss (Undead Arthas/ Lich king). He is still not spawning :(
Domoflip Jan 14 @ 10:48am 
Lich king still not spawning
The Advertiser Kurama Jan 10 @ 5:49am 
cant see lich king boss bug fix it please
and let us use mirana and illidan

hope more hero comes
Frostrose.EarthSalamander  [author] Jan 9 @ 5:50pm 
Hello @MrYellow, as explained in the "Thank You" message, you have to join Discord if you have any issues enabling your VIP access.
X Hero Siege Discord:
MrYellow Jan 9 @ 11:41am 
donated and still didnt get vip heroes, smells like scam...
Ashton, a noob arac Jan 2 @ 6:19am 
cant pick some of the non-vip heroes.