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Pudge Wars [7.19 Fixed]
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Dec 21, 2014 @ 5:55pm
Aug 14 @ 12:21pm
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Pudge Wars [7.19 Fixed]

A remake of the classic Warcraft 3 Pudge Wars mod in Dota 2.
Pudge Wars is a 5 versus 5 team game.
Each player controls a Pudge with only one spell to use: Meat Hook.
The teams faces off on a square map divided by an uncrossable river.
The first team to get a set amount of kills wins the game.

Official Website[]
Developer Twitter
Steam Group

Main Developers: Kobb and Aderum
Mapper: Azarak
Hook Guy: BMD
Artist: Queaks
Original WC3 Pudge Wars Creators: Siraraz and Tossrock
All the people who work hard to document all the interfaces against Dota 2, including, but not limited to, Penguinwizzard, Hex6, Ash47, Tet, Psychonic and RoyAwesome.


  • Create a thread on our subreddit with a description about the problem.
  • Comment on the Steam Workshop page.
  • Send an email to Kobb or Aderum (emails shown above).

Known Bugs:
  • Users sometimes disconnect right after the pick stage

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Sirota Cosa Nov 12 @ 1:33am 
Pls fix mines, they are good but the problem is they often dont disappear after explode
pagor Oct 11 @ 5:13pm 
disable those silly mines and self destruct
Crozero Sep 23 @ 3:16am 
how to play it
Thereddevil_Bot Aug 13 @ 10:56pm 
Had a lot of fun:steamhappy:
MR.Satan Jul 1 @ 2:22pm 
jissis maak die kak reg
SeBiceps Jun 24 @ 4:56am 
When I want to buy a ward the game freezes
I was the host other players could buy it without dota freezing
✪ Leizy May 9 @ 7:11pm 
BUG: Grapple hook brings me off the map
Never Knows Best May 1 @ 9:53am 
Also adding another bug: my hero grapple-hooked itself off the map and i had no way to get back, had to abandon. Match id: 3860872692
Never Knows Best May 1 @ 9:53am 
Can confirm both the max level item bug (My rupture did not linger for 3 seconds) and the infinite 150ms debuff bug.
EarthSalamander #42  [author] Apr 24 @ 1:30pm 
Alright will take a look!