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MRRadTools.INC Content Pack


MRRadToolsINC is a content mod that adds various new items to ARK. New building parts, new weapons as well as decorative pieces for your base.


Mod ID: 497432858

Please report all bugs, also give feedback - thanks

***Hotfix 6.4.1 -Missing Engram -add CDWs to the Mod Smithys **New Content:** - New CDW Behemoth Gate - New Connector Part between CDW and BCDW - New CDW Part (Grating) **Fixes:** - Flashbang fix - V83 ini Settings fix - Carpet height fix - Behemoth Floor fix add 2 new versions of it (use the engrams from the inventory to switch) - more smaller fixes **With that Update, Mezzo isnt longer a Part/Author of this Mod. He is now pursuing new career opportunities. Thanks for your Support and Help, Mezzo! **

Major thanks goes out to these AWESOME people for helping me pull this version together
Scripting & Blueprints & Community: Mezzo
Additional Support: Exilog
Sounds (Gates): SparkiTV
This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
if you have paid to use this mod, please demand a refund, as they are in violation of the Creative Commons license and the DMCA. Please also notify MRRadioactiv. If you wish to purchase a version of this mod for your server to use to be able to accept donations, please contact MRRadioactiv.
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Commander Wiggley Biggley™
Oct 5 @ 9:12pm
Items not showing up in game
Nov 13 @ 2:48am
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MRRadioactiv  [author] Nov 20 @ 3:04am 
yeah, GameUserSettings.ini
MRRadioactiv  [author] Nov 20 @ 3:03am 
Its up to you.
yeah you can use 1.1, or 1.5 - its a multiplier...
Miphnificent! Nov 20 @ 2:59am 
I'm not too worried about the UI thing or the reply. I just felt I should ask since I'm here, though I do appreciate your attempt to get an answer for me. :)

SFR100T Damage Multiplier can be effected in a way such as putting 1.5 or whatnot, yes? As I'm trying to fine tune the damage to be almost equivalent to an Ascendant Assault Rifle, but the value's a tad confusing to me unless I can put it like so.

Also, do these go in GameUserSettings.ini?

(Would it be easier for me to just add you and ask questions there?)
MRRadioactiv  [author] Nov 20 @ 2:55am 
Sorry no answer from Mezzo, since he work for Wildcard he have not really much time. I cant say when he will answer. "durability" isnt control able. "SFR100TdmgMultiplier" should be only control the SFR.
Miphnificent! Nov 20 @ 2:45am 
Also, I was curious if your friend who designed the UI has said anything pertaining to it? I'm not expecting a fix to be honest, as this is most likely tied to UI scaling, but I can at least y'know, hope.
Miphnificent! Nov 20 @ 2:44am 
Hey there, MRRad. So, I'm finally adjusting the damage rates and whatnot for the weapons and the level requirements, and upon doing that the only one I've found that has a definitive damage scale is the V83 with the V83ShotgunBaseDMG=63 (Setting to 75-77 to be less than an ascendant shotgun).

I was curious what the string: SFR100TdmgMultiplier=1 is for this weapon and the one for the V83 does as well. I've already figured out how to adjust their levels and so on, but need to have information as to how to modify the SFR100T as well.

Also, is there a way to edit the durability values for the weapons? As in: V83 Shotgun has 50 durability standard, but I'd like to increase this to 100 as the weapon is being rebalanced to a level 85 unlock on my server. SRF is being rebalanced to level 80.
MRRadioactiv  [author] Nov 19 @ 12:31am 
no its not my plan to split it.
Falconer Nov 18 @ 11:10pm 
You probably get asked this A LOT, but do you ever plan to make just the structure pieces a mod by itself? As compressed as this mod is for all the content it adds, I really just like the structural pieces (CDW/BCDW Walls, Gates, Etc), and was curious if this could ever be a possible mod by itself.
RoterPiranha Nov 18 @ 10:28am 
What do you think of an remote controlled cruse missle to deal hight damage in a small area?
Miphnificent! Nov 18 @ 4:59am 
Aye, I figured.