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MRRadTools.INC Content Pack
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Aug 10, 2015 @ 7:13am
Jun 23, 2021 @ 8:56am
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MRRadTools.INC Content Pack

INI Settings: You need to add this line: [MRRadToolsINCsettings] Common Problem 1: Crafting Resources form the Mod need unavailable Engrams! The Reason for that is simple, Wildcard added a few Patches ago a new Filtering Option "called unlearned engrams (in the top right corner)" This Option shows WRONG Informations! Disable it and you will find the correct Crafting Recipe. Common Problem 2: How do i install the Attachments? Press N (default button) - this enables the Attachment Menu. Attachment management does not work while in GCM. Make sure to cancel creative mode. Also restart your server with GCM deactivated to avoid further confusion.

Please support me! Thank you!

Note: Before making a bug report test the mod in Singleplayer or a locally hosted server!
If it works there but not on your dedicated server, then the problem is that the mod is not fully installed on the server.
If this is the case I cannot help you, the underlying issues are with the steam infrastructure (specifically their installer, "steamcmd").
You can solve this problem by trying to install the mod again, and if that does not work by manually uploading your local mod files to the server.

I am unhappy with this situation myself and contacted Valve about this, as have other modders and even Studio Wildcard, but as of now there is no solution from their side.

MRRadToolsINC is a content mod that adds various new items to ARK. New building parts, new weapons as well as decorative pieces for your base.


Mod ID: 497432858

Please report all bugs, also give feedback - thanks

Weapon Attachment Exploit Fix Knowing Bugs: (unfixable current) #Controllor + Gaussrifle dont work. Please use the Mouse. #Gates cant be foundations - need a snapped CDW Wall - important if you want to use the gate ceiling snappings. * #Gate Painting is also buggy. * #Current there is no fix / no idea why that happens. (*) Maybe its a problem how the Gates work.
OPEN BETA: Version 6.8+
MRRadToolsINC Open Beta

Please support me! Thank you!

Major thanks goes out to these AWESOME people for helping me pull this version together
Scripting & Blueprints & Community: Mezzo
**Since v6.5, Mezzo isnt longer a Part/Author of this Mod. He is now pursuing new career opportunities. Thanks for your Support and Help, Mezzo! **
Additional Support: Exilog, and more
Testing Support: TomNio
Sounds: SparkiTV, TomNio
This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
if you have paid to use this mod, please demand a refund, as they are in violation of the Creative Commons license and the DMCA. Please also notify MRRadioactiv. If you wish to purchase a version of this mod for your server to use to be able to accept donations, please contact MRRadioactiv.
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Aggroviking Aug 17 @ 8:42pm 
Yup, akosdombi233.
This was the problem.
Doesn't work in GCM. ;)
akosdombi233 Aug 17 @ 5:14pm 
I uninstaled all my other mods but I still can't put on attachments. I open the menu with N but when I try to equip an attatchment it doesn't allow me. I tried drag and dropping, pressing E and all the other buttons on my keyboard but nothing worked. Ps I was in gcm mode if that migth be the issue.
Aggroviking Aug 8 @ 5:22pm 
Craft one of the two available Radtool crafting benches and you will find them in there.
All Radtool ressources are autoengrams within the benches (there are no player inventory craftables).
Pae Urso © Aug 8 @ 1:44pm 
I don't know how to unlock the engrams to make acid, aluminum, steel and others.
I already have level 105 and the engrams don't appear for me.
just manufacture the concrete items and furniture
Aggroviking Aug 6 @ 12:27pm 
The reason for this short explanation is simple.
Individual mod settings of every mod underlie the same mod management.

However - since you seem to be new to balancing your individual mod collection the only thing you need to know is that every mod needs its own unique subject.
This means you have to add this mods' header to the end of your gameusersettings.ini file followed by the settings you want to modify each per line.

As an example:


Ich hoff' das ist halbwegs einleuchtend für Dich. ;p
Einhorn Aug 6 @ 8:44am 
Hey just tryed out the Mod to Discover that the attachment Ui is not Working for me ,maybe i just fucked up the install or something but i found that the explanation is very vagely explaing on where to put the stuff with the Ini settings , I added the File to the Game.ini but nothing Happend so i thought just Leave a little coment here ,would be nice To maybe see a little yt vid on how and where to put stuff
MRRadioactiv  [author] Aug 6 @ 1:29am 
There is no way to change them.
jaquiski Aug 6 @ 1:04am 
how can i change the key bind for attachments? I have the super structures mod and its overriding me opening the attachment menu, thanks :)
Aggroviking Jul 26 @ 12:44pm 
You can find all blueprintpaths by opening your mod folder.
Daywalker Jul 26 @ 5:04am 
can i have the path to configure the resource pulling?