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C2 - Command & Control
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Jul 30, 2015 @ 10:56am
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C2 - Command & Control



F E A T U R E S :
  • HUD-MODE: Environment-Sensitive indicators in 3d space (as in "Full Spectrum Warrior")
  • RADIAL MENU with many overdue functions (ROE, Stances, AutoWatch, AutoCombat etc)
  • MAP PLANNING: Detailed route-planning on map with many options
  • ORDER SUPPRESSION by 3D indicator, drawing zone on screen or planning on map.
  • Dedicated planning pages for ground troops, aircraft and highcommand
  • Interactive, flexible Waypoints (move: LMB-drag, RMB context)
  • Ability to garrison buildings (Hud- and Planning-Mode)
  • Syncronization and Door Kickers style GoCodes
  • Fully autonomous maneuvers once executed
  • Units can be disbanded to a virtual reserve/HC.
  • HC waypoints can be configured with right click context menu.
  • HC-Waypoint Actions (Suppression, Ambush) inspired by VBS Tactics
  • GetTactical Grenade System, Remote grenade launch function
  • Huge AI functionality bundled into accessible macros
  • MP compatible, key included

R E Q U I R E M E N T S : C B A _ A 3

C2 is a powerful tool that provides easy access to an arsenal of AI-commands for a player led squad.

Arma 3 handles individual AI movement very well, but forces the player to micromanage as
soon as plans become a bit more detailed. C2 tackles this issue and gets the best out of your AI with ease. Use it's two modes alongside the default controls and prepare for a new experience.

Send units to the positions of 3d indicators or plan routes with a comprehensive tablet device. Adapt the shape of your environment or fortify a building in seconds. Plan a fully automated insertion or extraction, orchestrate a raid or have your driver take you for a gunning stroll - C2 is there to help until you run out of ideas.

C2 works with both infantry and vehicles and provides the additions to Arma3's movement controls that you need for an authentic experience - the idea is to give the AI acess to your very own thought process.

C2 is fully muliplayer-compatible - Server key included. It is 100% client side, meaning that you don't need to run it on the Server and not everybody needs the mod.

Roll out on an adventure with your AI that you have not experienced so far! For further information please refer to the included manual or the video tutorials.

SUPPORTS ACE3, RHS Escalation, SuperFlash grenades.

Interferences with other mods: none reported as to date


SITREP 117[]
SITREP 199[]

"C2 seeks to push squad commanding forward in terms of usability and options. Get it on Workshop now!" - BIS
"Very Impressive" - BohemiaBeck
"Not gonna lie... This is ♥♥♥♥ing amazing" - Jester814
"Wow.. this looks really powerful." - BlueDrake42


This is the online version of the included Manual, which is located in the @C2 folder that you download. STEAM users need to activate 'show hidden files' in Explorer to get to the Workshop-Downloads.

Alternatively, the download link to the manual can be found here[] :

Usage of the GetTactical[] grenade system authorized by Zapat

Your help is appreciated! :)


  • please take time to look at the keybinds and adjust them to your needs, there can be clashes by default. You only have to do it once![/]
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TheToric Mar 20 @ 7:58pm 
Any way to work around the broken waypoint-action button?
Agent441 Mar 19 @ 8:08pm 
how to get squad back after they disappear on the lower left side?
snorwitz Mar 18 @ 1:32am 
Hi - Ive watched various tutorials on this including drag and select feature for ai units and convoy mode but this doesnt seem to work for me at all- theres no keybinds in the addons part at all and ctrl-right click doesnt work either - is this an issue with cba at all? Alot of people are saying this addon(cba_a3) is broken and c2 seems to depend on it. In your videos this looks great but only the tab circular menu seems to work and I really want it for management of HC and AI units.
stealthy komrade Mar 17 @ 1:10pm 
I can't interact with WP Mode and Switch Grenade type in the Map. Does anyone also know how to use AI Grenade Launchers, RPGs and place grenade markers in map? Thanks!
Oskar636[16PF] Mar 17 @ 4:27am 
Do you use any other mods? You should join their Discord and write about it there.
Heliun Mar 16 @ 1:17pm 
C2 has stopped working for me. I see on the main ARMA screen it shows up in the bottom left, and I have confirmed that it is loaded in the launcher. CBA is also loaded. However when I go to options > controls > configure addons, there is no C2 option anymore. None of the keybinds work in game. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling C2 and CBA; doesn't fix it.

Anybody else experiencing this or know of a fix?
Benji Mar 14 @ 2:48am 
when im trying to give the helicopter a pickup command black error messeage coming up saying there is a missing script that connects to landing.
fox Mar 9 @ 7:34am 
incrível. amei
Mad_Cheese  [author] Mar 4 @ 10:53am 
You can see all CBA-keybinds at


Selecting individual units in HUD is CTRL + F2-F10 (maybe only F9?)

Also, you can select all units and fireTeam colors:

4 - Select All
5 - Select Team Red
6 - Select Team Green
7 - Select Team Blue
8 - Select Team Yellow
9 - Select Team White/Main

These last keybinds might be different for you if you subscribed a long time ago, but you can reference them in the above mentioned CBA keybind manager.
Splodge</JAG\> Mar 4 @ 8:25am 
Probably a stupid question, but how do I enter HUD mode?