Age of Empires II (2013)

Age of Empires II (2013)

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Saragasso Struggle (1v1) v2
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Saragasso Struggle (1v1) v2

Try out a new take on 1v1 archipelago action with an innovative map featuring:

* Each starting Island have three 'Caches' for Food, Stone and Gold. A cache is a resource depot wrapped within trees. In order to get to the wrapped resources you will have to cut down the trees - which one to take first?

* Level layout encouraging aggressive territorial play as you will have to expand to new islands in order to get more stone - which in this map is a luxery ware.

* Level layout encouraging the use of transport ships for ambushes.

Author's message:
I am well aware this map breaks a lot of established standards the maps for Age of Empires 2 already have. I wanted to break those standards to see what happens, especially the deal with having low amounts of stone in the starting area. Something I've always been contemplating is that every player, no matter what map, always get a castle really quick and no player engagement happens before Age 3 and that said; this map is a really experimental one.