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S - Modular Thruster - DX11
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Feb 7, 2015 @ 8:31am
May 6 @ 6:01am
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S - Modular Thruster - DX11

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S - Modular Thruster

DX11 - DX9

You can create a long thruster :)

Build Progress Models I will improve.

----------> Atmospheric Modular Thruster <----------

----------> Hydrogen Modular Thruster <----------

ForceMagnitude - 3800000

MaxPowerConsumption 9

"SteelPlate" Count="100"
"Construction" Count="70"
"LargeTube" Count="50"
"Thrust" Count="600"
"Construction" Count="30"
"SteelPlate" Count="50"

ForceMagnitude - 144000

MaxPowerConsumption 0.2

"LargeTube" Count="1"
"Thrust" Count="10"
"Construction" Count="1"
"SteelPlate" Count="1"

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Jul 12, 2017 @ 5:33am
< >
!Master_Conquest! Jul 21 @ 10:50am 
thats cause there are updates.
Tkonian's 2nd Jul 20 @ 3:46pm 
These appear to be bugged. When I start a game I get an error message regarding this mod, and non of the thrusters are listed in the G menu.

The ATMO and HYDRO varients seems to be fine, just the basic ION ones don't.
kris220b Jul 18 @ 11:25pm 

What do you mean by mouse?
Thrusters in SE are controled by WASD, and the mouse controls gyroscopes.

Only case where the thrusters will activate when the mouse is used, is if you rotate the craft hard and quickly enough, and then stop it near instantly, causing the thrusters to kick in to help slow down the rotation.
And if you are turning at speed while still trying to maintain that speed.
DrSmugface Jul 18 @ 10:09am 
somehow they dont work properly on me i can go in the x/y/z angle but the mouse controls dont work ... could me somebody help ?
[MPW] ColTeH Jun 25 @ 3:13am 
Going to be reducing the volume on these thrusters?
Kornelius Jun 7 @ 4:22am 
please add in all mods no sound version engines
Spartan-118 Jun 5 @ 11:18pm 
@sketan i have a verry important question, do you plan on adding color editions like the industrial sage thrusters? because im in grave need of a red varriant of this thruster, but your description asks not to republish..... :(
Th232 May 29 @ 2:12pm 
Nice looking OP thrusters, got me playing with the sound basically off. IDK what your problem is but chill out on the bass, and thanks for the migraine...
war-angel May 26 @ 6:36pm 
oh nvm i did not know it work with moded Thrusters to thank @dialga8118
war-angel May 26 @ 6:28pm 
@dialga8118 not really i dont like Thrusters Stick out like that