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Medieval Overhaul
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Medieval Overhaul

Updated on behalf of SirLalaPyon by EvilEyes and ViralReaction for 1.5 until they are able to upload.


Hello, my name is is SirLalaPyon, to cut it short, one thing led to another and then suddenly I made an overhaul. Figured might as well make everything I want in my medieval playthrough and put it into one mod. And so, lo and behold, my first actual mod.

This mod is mainly inspired by Medieval Times, Battle Brothers, KeeperRL, Thea, and Crossroads Inn. It adds some features of each game/mod, catered to my preferences.

The main goal of this mod is to prolong and enhance the medieval and tribal experience of rimworld. Making it more enjoyable, especially for medieval peeps like me.

-Unfertilized egg market values are nerfed to the point where they can actually make profit when making meals
-Grass drops hay
-Simple research bench retextured
-Removed unused leathers
-Removed steel, plasteel, and components mineable spawns
-Steel is researched locked
-Edited and moved Longblades, Plate armor, recurve bow, and Greatbow research to Medieval Tab

-This overhaul will be incompatible with any other mod that touches steel, silver and gold defs

-Any mod that retextures the simple research bench, Steel, and Gold. Place this mod below it to override their retexture.

Q: Where can I make tannin?
A: Campfire and rustic stove

Q: How get coal?
A: Mineable coal spawns throughout the map. There is also a bill to create charcoal in the furnace.

Q: Does this mod block research ?
A: It does not.

Q: But why?
A: My mod will rely on Remove Industrial Tech or any other external mod for limiting of tech.

Q: Why do we need electricity for the scribe's table ?
A: You need to build a birdpost to generate electricity for the scribe's table.

Q:Is this compatible with VE Medieval?
A:Yes, the onehanded weapons are configured to be useable with their shields.

Q: is this compatible with any animal mods with their leathers?
A: Yes, there is an autopatcher for every modded animal to drop hides.

Q:Why are animals not dropping hides?
A: Report through the discord server

Q: How can I make steel?
A: Research alchemy then steel in order for the recipe to show up at the furnace

Q:Is this CE compatible?
A:Not sure, ask CE


  • SirLalaPyon - author of Medieval Overhaul
  • Arisher - collaborator, owner of apparel, made the crossbow art
  • Bodiah - staff writer, has written weapons, biomes, armors, and etc.
  • Thog - staff writer, has written weapons, food, thoughts, and etc
  • Hahkethomemah - hired writer, author of 1-2-3 Personalities.
  • Zomuro - hired writer, has written scenarios, descriptions and etc.
  • JangoD'soul - artist, created all of the initial armors and helmets of MO
  • SickBoyWi - Inspiration for Dark Forest Biome
  • OwlChemist - Inspiration for leather production chain, xml patches.
  • Ogliss - C# coder. made the code for animals dropping fat and bones.
  • Taranchuk - Hired C# coder, made trees transparent whenever there is a pawn or item behind tall trees
  • TrahsPanda - hired xml coder, responsible for plants, recipes, food, thoughts and bugfixes.
  • "Cause your stinky code stank" - TrahsPanda 30/07/2021
  • My wonderful testers, without them this would be a hot pile of mess, not that it isnt kek.
  • Gerrymon - Slave outfits
  • Vanilla Framework Expanded
  • Oskar Potocki - created the rimworld art tutorial which got me started making RW art. Inspiration for crossbow art.
  • sulusdacor - Medieval comms inspiration
  • OttersHoldingHands - preview image
  • IcyCheeseCake - made the wonderful griffin texture
  • The wonderful bunch at TittyRick's that kept me company as I worked on the overhaul
  • Korean translation by inbae
  • Chinese translation by snoper
  • Updated on behalf of SirLalaPyon by EvilEyes and ViralReaction for 1.5 until they are able to upload.

Join my discord server for bug reports and faster feedback : Medieval Overhaul Discord[discord.gg]

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
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Gimlon07 7 hours ago 
Can we get darklight versions of the light sources
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idk if its just me but half the textures aint even rendering, they just purple squares
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@bigman22jr : Rimedieval should have been updated so that it is compatible again. Unfortunately we haven't checked it 100% yet.
You can of course use it at your own risk ;)
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Is the 1.5 version no longer compatible with rimedieval? It says on the official 1.4 version to use rimedieval as a mod to limit tech on the F.A.Q. but here it is no longer mentioned and when I try set up the mod load order it shows that these two mods are incompatible.
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Is there a use for Golem corpses or do I just ignore them?
Duke Flapjack Jun 12 @ 2:20pm 
Weird. Dry FISH is considered raw meat still.
(◣_◢)  [author] Jun 12 @ 12:27am 
No, that was never the case. But it may be in the future.
Duke Flapjack Jun 11 @ 11:49pm 
Didn't dried/smoked meat used to be considered raw meat still? It's more useful in that regard, IMO.
joyce manor enjoyer Jun 11 @ 3:13am 
Don’t have a log atm but i’m having a very unusual issue im not seeing anyone else have, my game can’t seem to understand Wood Planks existing? I had the ones I started with but no recipe for them exists, I checked cherry picker and they were even searchable.