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SEDivers - NPC Framework
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SEDivers - NPC Framework

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Ever wanted to have NPCs manage dynamic territory? Ever wanted to be able to tell your ship to remove something? If that's the case, then this framework is for you!

(Huge Thank You to KSH for putting this in the community spotlight)

Check out our getting started guide here:

You can find the mod discord here:

What is SEDivers?

SEDivers is a framework mod, (think like Weaponcore or MES) that focuses on giving NPCs territory functionality. While this mod does not do anything itself, other modders can use this mod to expand the functionality of their NPCs.

SEDivers allows players to engage with NPCs in a Galactic War-style format across both planets and space, where NPCs will advance their territory across space, requiring player intervention to hold them back. Space (including planets) will be divided up into sectors, which each are under the control of a single faction (or player control) players can retake sectors by destroying enemy ships and stations, which will stack to an overall capture progress for a sector.

(to view sector ownership type "/map")


- SOS Beacon launchers for calling over players

- Stratagem launchers, which allow you to remotely lock your ship onto targets

- Tile-based Territory system - NPCs are limited to territory they occupy and can be pushed back (you can adjust how big and how many tiles there are in the world config)

- live territory map, allowing you and your allies to coordinate your efforts

- comms jammer beacons (similar to spawn beacons) that disable weapon targeting (they use the text "COMMS JAMMER")

Getting Started

- travel to a central location and use the /fastSetup command. If the game freaks out, that is normal. For advanced starts, see the ingame command list via /sedhelp


- Fully Compatible with Station Framework

- Mostly Compatible with MES (may conflict with MES territory or RivalAI)

For Modders

Check out the following example usage:
ButtersWillAlwaysLoveYou Jun 8 @ 2:57am 
depending on what else you add , I feel like the " RTS " mod would go great with this
Flatulent_Moth™  [author] Jun 5 @ 3:02pm 
@Come and See

If you want to hide the waypoints, use /quietmode, I just added it
AshGreninja Jun 4 @ 4:35pm 
Dam Moth you Cooked
Come and See May 31 @ 11:20am 
Hi, I'm not able to hide the gps waypoints generated by SEdivers because they're overwritten every 15s leading to my screen being cluttered with 40+ of them. I think the script should check if the existing waypoints are hidden or maybe make it so we can autohide ones that are over a certain distance.
viper regained May 26 @ 12:07pm 
damn moth didnt know you made actual mods. This is pretty goated.
Flatulent_Moth™  [author] May 25 @ 5:15pm 
I might do that later
Philwhore May 25 @ 4:13pm 
can we get the stratagem launcher as its own mod?
Flatulent_Moth™  [author] May 21 @ 9:46am 
fixed it!
Flatulent_Moth™  [author] May 21 @ 9:37am 
hey, thanks for the heads-up will probably patch this. probably this is because the mod is returning NULL as your current tile
HATE|DeathKnight/ALLKEYSHOP May 21 @ 6:09am 
Hi, everytime iam more the 200000km on our server from the map center away iam getting a crash while trying to finde out whear on the map iam and we cant run fast set up because it just kiks the persen that tries to do it.