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SEDivers: Getting Started
By Flatulent_Moth™
This mod will show you how to set up and use SEDivers in your world.

This guide will only give you the basics. For more advanced usage (such as world configs) check out the SEDivers discord.
1) Subscribe
If you haven't already, subscribe to SEDivers on the steam workshop (as well as any SEDivers mods you wish to use). Make sure to also leave a like and hit the bell icon.

Also a shoutout to my sponsor, Raid: Shadow Legends

jokes aside, keep in mind that SEDivers does not add any content on its own, so make sure you also have a mod that uses SEDivers.

You can find SEDivers as well as mods that support it here:
2) Add SEDivers to your world
Next, add SEDivers (as well as any mods that you want to use it) to your world.

As an example, my world will have SEDivers as well as Pirates B-Gone!

Additionally, make sure that Cargo Ships and Ingame Scripts are both enabled in your world settings. These are both required for SEDivers to work.

3) Load your world
what it says on the tin. not much special
4) Setup your world
Horray! you loaded in! Now all you have to do is populate your world.

If you are experienced, see the below section for how you can manually populate your world.

Otherwise, run the /fastSetup command as shown below

Successful use of this command will trigger some sound effects, notifications, and these chat messages:

5) Done!
Your world is now ready to go!
6) Basic Gameplay
thought i'd add this little section on the back for helping people navigate gameplay.

Use the "/map" command to get a view of who owns what territory in the world. If you want to know where you are on the map, you can use the /SEDlocation command to get your current map tile coordinates (on the map, starting at 1-1 in the bottom left)

Alternatively, the game will give you "priority targets" to attack, highlighted by a GPS.

To capture a zone, destroy enemy NPC builds.

as a general rule, larger builds will be worth more capture points (small ships < big ships/small stations < big stations)
7) Full Command List
Player Commands

- /SEDHelp - brings up ingame command list

- /map - brings up the galactic tile map

- /planets - shows a list of planets, where they are, and who owns them

- /SEDlocate - returns what tile on the map you currently are in

- /quietmode - disables GPS, UI, and sound notifications

-/treasonmode - disables all new order popups

Admin Commands

- /fastSetup - automatically sets up your world

- /setcenter - moves world center to your current position

- /setstatic [FACTION_TAG] - changes tile owner to the specified faction. using the faction "PLAYER" will give it to player control

- /SEDpopulate - automatically populates map by instantly making all factions advance by 40 tiles.

- /NewOrder [Order Name]:[Order Instructions] - used to create new shared orders. these are tasks assigned and managed by admins.

- /clearObjective - used to end the current objective. adding "done" as an argument will register the objective as completed and hand out rewards to players
Roomba Jun 18 @ 10:30pm 
how do i know exactly what tile i am in
Flatulent_Moth™  [author] Jun 18 @ 10:13pm 
no, it is correct. the map gives a key above it. the T's represent tiles occupied by an enemy faction, while O's are owned by players
Roomba Jun 18 @ 5:43pm 
the /map command seems to only type a bunch of T S and Os in the chat. am i missing something
Flatulent_Moth™  [author] May 11 @ 7:47pm 
yeah, this guide is kinda a work in progress, as is the mod.

Probably going to be redoing this.

to asnwer your question though, the map tiles span across the entire savefile. each tile by default is large enough to house a planet. these tiles do not ignore planets, so if your NPCs allow it, you can have planetary occupations.
mister_Haladriel May 11 @ 4:46pm 
It's more descriptive than workshop page... But yeah, what it does? Mentioned "tiles" are like Global Map tiles, or they are planetary? Do you need planets for all the tiles or planets will be ignored by NPCs? How do we actually see our or NPC's progress in conquest?
The Morning Corn May 9 @ 9:09am 
I quite agree with the other comment. You don't really clarify what this mod achieves.
Patrick May 8 @ 11:39pm 
So what does it actually do ?