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OmniCorp - OmniTools[Lasers]
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OmniCorp - OmniTools[Lasers]

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Omni Corp
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Welcome to OmniCorp
Unleash the Power of Innovation with OmniTools

About OmniCorp:
OmniCorp, the beacon of innovation in the vast expanse of space. As a pioneering leader in futuristic technology, OmniCorp specializes in the development of cutting-edge laser-based tools designed to propel humanity into a new era of exploration and discovery. With a legacy spanning generations, OmniCorp remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, fueling the dreams of adventurers and visionaries across the galaxy.

Introducing OmniTools:

Prepare to revolutionize your operations with OmniTools, the pinnacle of engineering excellence. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, each tool embodies the relentless pursuit of perfection that defines OmniCorp's ethos. From the dynamic versatility of the OmniBeam X-1100 to the unparalleled precision of the OmniAurora X-2200, our lineup of laser-based instruments is poised to redefine the way you work, explore, and create.

The tools uses ToolCore and OmniTools are balanced towards performance for MP server usage. OmniBeam X-1100 has a few settings like what to work on and work color(This i enabled because of grinding aka grind color)

OmniBeam X-1100

Dive into a world of limitless possibilities with the OmniBeam X-1100, the ultimate fusion of welding and grinding technology. Whether you're constructing colossal space stations or salvaging derelict vessels, this versatile tool empowers you to tackle any task with unrivaled efficiency and precision.
Viktors OmniBeam Arm Controller for Autoprinting An ingame script for programmable blocks.
Type: Fixed Tool Weld/Grind (Only Large Grid)
Range: Line field 180m(Use tool Draw to see)
Power draw: 15MW when welding/10MW when grinding

OmniAurora X-2200

Embark on an odyssey of discovery with the OmniAurora X-2200, the premier laser drill for intrepid explorers. From the icy depths of distant asteroids to the molten cores of alien planets, this advanced drilling apparatus unlocks the secrets of the cosmos, revealing untold riches waiting to be unearthed.
(Large and Small Grid)
Type: Fixed Tool Drill (Large and Small Grid)
Speed: 0.5(Applies to both Large and Small Grid)
WorkRate: 1 (Both)
Radius: (Large Grid: 5 | Small Grid: 4)
Length: (Large Grid: 30 | Small Grid: 2)
(Uses Line Field but applies radius also but only applies to drill types) Use Draw to see Line.

OmniSpecter Ore Mapper X-1500

Illuminate the darkest reaches of space with the OmniSpecter Ore Mapper X-1500, the ultimate tool for resource prospecting. Armed with state-of-the-art scanning technology, this indispensable device empowers miners and prospectors to identify valuable ore deposits with unparalleled accuracy at 600m, ensuring maximum efficiency in resource extraction operations.
(Large and Small Grid)

Coming Soon: OmniBeam XT-5000 Update: Set to be released early/mid June

Prepare for the future of laser-based technology with the upcoming release of the OmniBeam XT-5000. This revolutionary turret-based tool boasts unparalleled precision and efficiency, automatically targeting and repairing or salvaging objects with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking addition to the OmniTools lineup. While the OmniBeam XT-5000 is essentially ready. I delayed its release to wait for ToolCores's Turret functions to be more stable within ToolCore. This is mostly for the players benefit so its a more complete tool when released.
Type: Turret Tool

The OmniBeam model lines incorperates functions for what to work and also work color. So make sure use these specially when grinding so you use a grinding color. So you dont grind your own grids by accident when your are dissasembling your own ships close to other ships or bases. Also note that each tool except for the OmniSpecter has an option called Draw this essentially shows you its working area(field) Will mention that its nothing like the BuildAndRepair

Rate it if you like it

OmniTools: Playlist with Development videos from start to finish+script

Server Owner/Staff Info:
For running this on a server i would suggest a limit of 4 for the OmniBeam X-1100 per grid and perhaps 8 per player(4xBase/station and 4 on a ship(Npc hunting and sorts). The OmniAurora is 1 per grid type of tool so i would suggest a 1 limit of per grid and player. But its still up to each server how they limit them. I did my best at balancing this towards MP server usage/Nexus.

The OmniBeam and OmniAurora uses the ModFramework called ToolCore. This means the OmniTools does not have a config for tools or anything. ToolCore might have this in the future but currently it does not.

!! No reuploads as i dont support them. In the near future ModAdjusterV2 will most likely support ToolCore so things
can be adjusted then. I dont really care how this is taken by anyone but if reuploads are found ill just discontinue any support or updates for this mod. I dont have time to F arround. Takes heeps of hours to make this(Prob 150 in this mod alone). So wait for ModAdjusterV2 to allow for changes please.

Omni Corp Discord []

If you want to support me you can head to my patreon:
OmniCorp Patron []
Support Omni Corp Development []

Other ways to support me
Become a subscriber to my youtube channel since i upload modding videos there on projects im doing
Raidfire's Youtube Channel

Teaser images related to this announcement:

And yes it has interior you can walk threw. Its a long way from finished but getting there. Considering animations also so its not only a static block. Size: 3x3x4. Better base integration where you can walk through it and above it.

Current Model Progress Update OmniRefinery 15.4.24 TBR(ToBeReleased) ETA: Unknown. Missing Models OmniAssembler and OmniModules.
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Synyster Jun 1 @ 12:44pm 
Hi, what is the skyblock mod you are using?
Mr_NoName2601 May 24 @ 1:33pm 
@Raidfire oooooh I completely missed that link, thanks o7
Raidfire  [author] May 21 @ 11:53am 
@Mr_NoName2601 These are not tools per say. So it wont show up there at all. The tool blocks except for the ore detector are cast as IMyConveyorSorter(for performance reasons) And are not specificly tools. The game wont recognize them as tools. What makes them tools is what the ToolCore framework does to them with its custom server scripts. This is why i colabed with Victor to make an OmniBeam Automation script that essentially handles the tools when they are mounted on a rotor+hinge setup. Check the OmniBeam X-1100 Description and look at the linked text.
Raidfire  [author] May 21 @ 11:50am 
Lawrencia what you reupload is not my mod but your own mod with your specific xml file that only changes certain things like the building recipe. Essentially your mod will only consist of an sbc file changing the building recipe. Follow the Mod Adjuster Instructions completly. There will be no need for any reupload of my mod. But also unsure if its even possible to overwrite my recipe with Mod Adjuster because it uses custom xml parameters in the definition where the recipe is. So i would suggest you wait until Mod Adjuster supports ToolCore.
Raidfire  [author] May 20 @ 4:12pm 
The OmniBeam X-1100 is Large grid only.
crashdodgers May 20 @ 4:07pm 
Hi, I having a really big problem with your laser, it only works when attached to a large storage box, but the drill and ore detector fit great on a small grid, but the laser does not, it there away to get it to work?
LawrenceindaSky May 20 @ 1:18pm 
I got a question so I possibly don't go against your wishes, I am new to any sort of fiddling with mods, I just generally download and go through the process of sorting the mod load order, but I personally use Tiered Tech on my server, short story, I saw your note on no reupload, use Mod Adjuster v2, so I looked into Mod Adjuster v2 Tutorials so I can add "Exotic Tech" as another part of the crafting recipes so there's no reupload and for me and friends to use, but the tutorials show you reupload it to the Workshop? o.o I'd just not wanna do something wrong against your rule is all!
Mr_NoName2601 May 15 @ 12:56pm 
Am i... having a dumb? the tools dont show up in CTC tool window, did i overlook somthing?
kinngrimm May 9 @ 4:45pm 
Yeah i am not a big fan of discord, equally quality, hoops some servers wants you to jump through and a few other things that would go too far to get into here. I know its easy to make a server which is part why everyone nowadays has one, but that convenience comes at a price i am not always willing to pay.
But maybe i repeat the suggeestion on toolcores steam workshop page ^^
Raidfire  [author] May 9 @ 11:40am 
Its prob better to realize if a mod uses a framework aka modding script(seperate mod) then understanding it and then make a suggestion on the frameworks discord ;)