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UAA-Weapons (Weapon Core)
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Apr 7 @ 11:29am
Apr 20 @ 3:04am
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UAA-Weapons (Weapon Core)

New modern weapon pack featuring;

Current weapons:
>Phalanx CIWS Mk15-1B (LG)<
[ammo: tAPDS vs heavy, HEit vs light blocks and missiles]
[1500RoF, rapid burst-fire, range; 1400-1600m]
[uses WeaponCore "energy" type ammo, only needed reactor]

>SeaRAM CIWS RIM-166 (LG)<
[ammo: RIM-166 Missile]
[120RoF, 11x RIM-166 Missiles, range; 3000+m]
[uses WeaponCore "energy" type ammo, only needed reactor]

>KWP-200M Cannon Turret (LG)<
[ammo: 200mm kAPDS ]
[75RoF, range; 3000+m]
[uses WeaponCore "energy" type ammo, only needed reactor]

>VLS-Mk-41 (LG)<
[ammo: RIM-162-ESSM ]
[75RoF, 8x RIM-162-ESSM Missiles, range; 9000+m]
[uses WeaponCore "energy" type ammo, only needed reactor]

>Works for Survival and Creative.

>> Any unauthorized redistribution of this mod It is not permitted, or any of its contents. <<
Shakesbier ☭ Jun 2 @ 10:58pm 
I really like your introduction of VLS cells into Space Engineers
Device Unknown May 7 @ 7:53pm 
@Xandrill I seen so many people asking or responding to "Not OP Weapon Mods". I think I have tested all of them and just don't see it. But, i'm a noob. Do you have a example of a weapon mod that is deemed "OP"?
Xandrii May 5 @ 4:24am 
Very cool mod, always wanted better (but not OP) bullet and missile turrets with less CPU. ^^

Btw also cool Skybox, could you maybe link it, so that I can download it as well?
jingo Apr 13 @ 9:33am 
NVM got it ty
jingo Apr 13 @ 9:16am 
Where do I get the ammo
Ellinn™  [author] Apr 12 @ 9:35am 
the device is designed to be as realistic to real one as possible, yet considering game mechanic, its is based of vanila gatling, but with over-all better performance
maxwindude Apr 9 @ 12:30pm 
I would like to know the fire rate, damage per shot, attack range, attack angles, size in blocks, and build cost.
TheCeaptain  [author] Apr 9 @ 12:23am 
maxwindude Apr 8 @ 1:33pm 
details please?