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Deuterium Arc Reactor Pack
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Mar 27 @ 5:48pm
Apr 3 @ 4:59pm
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Deuterium Arc Reactor Pack

Deuterium Arc Reactor Pack Standard SE edition

This reactor pack was commissioned by Lordanubis who is an Xbox player and is not on Steam, so NiteOwl Games is publishing the mod, but did not design it. Model designs, stats, and purpose of this mod were created by Lordanubis, NiteOwl was just a contributor.

This Standard SE version offers the mod pack items with more balanced stats compared with vanilla counterparts.
A Wasteland Survival version with more extreme stats will also be made available but is currently only running on the “AnubisApacheCreations” server.

Overall mod was created by – Lordanubis
Custom Models were provided by – MTGraves & NiteOwl Games
Custom Texture materials provided by – MTGraves & Skingnet
Coding assistance was provided by – Skingnet

Included in this mod pack are the following:
Large Grid-
1x1 Arc Compact Reactor
3x3 Arc MKI Reactor
5x5 Arc MKII Reactor
Arc Reactor Terminal/ Console
3x3 Deuterium Refinery

Small Grid-
1x1 Arc Mini Reactor
3x3 Arc MKIII Reactor
5x5 Arc MKIV Reactor

Custom Deuterium Isotope

Accurate Collisions
Construction Stages
Paint and Skin function

<----- Stats ----->

Large Grid:
-Compact – LG Reactor – Storage 250L – Output 50MW
-MKI Reactor – LG – Storage 500L – Output 500MW
-MKII Reactor – LG – Storage 1000L – Output 1GW or 1000MW

Small Grid:
-Mini Reactor – SG – Storage 200L – Output 1MW
-MKIII Reactor – SG – Storage 400L – Output 20MW
-MKIV Reactor – SG – Storage 600L – Output 40MW

-Refinery – Storage 40,000L – Output 125 Isotopes per minute

Deuterium Recipe:
300 Ice + 300 Magnesium Ore = 0.6 Deuterium Isotope
50k + 50K = 250 Isotopes

Deuterium Stats:
Mass - 1 Isotope = 1
Volume - 1 Isotope = 1L

<----- Notes ----->

This mod pack does have its own category in the menu. If needed, you can find items using the following:


<----- Disclaimer ----->

If you run into any issues with this mod, please let us know so we can address them. We tested the current version with no issues, but that doesn’t mean running it alongside other mods will not cause unforeseen issues.
Thank you for your support!

<----- Known Issues ----->

The refinery will run into issues conveyor pull issues if the stored items (Ice & Magnesium Ore) exceed 50,000L each in a linked container. This is due to the games limited core mechanic that was designed to pull 1 item at a time. The refinery will pull 1 item until its storage is full or that item has nothing left to pull before it starts pulling the next item.

This causes the refinery pull system to stall. You can either manually place the missing item directly into the refinery or use logic blocks to set up a start and stop system to manage it.

The refinery storage cap, max pull amount, conveyor pull rate, and the refining process speed were balanced to reach the 50,000L limit due to game limitations. The refinery should be able to start pulling the second item and start refining before the storage is full, and since its refining should eventually balance out between both items.

<----- No Re-Posts/ Uploads Please! ----->

This Arc Mod Pack and all items contained within it may not be modified and redistributed, reposted, or re-uploaded without permission. Please reach out to Lordanubis or MTGraves before uploading any modified variation of any items found within this mod pack.
Thank you!
Danger Zone Jul 11 @ 10:20pm 
Well shoot, thanks for following up though
MTGraves  [author] Jul 11 @ 5:47pm 
@menot - Unfortunately the author stated that he has no desire to change the crafting receipt to better stone at this time.

@iOFFLINE - Not sure if that was a complement or not, but we're taking it as a complement for not cutting corners by using different models for each reactor version. So thank you!
iOFFLINE Jul 11 @ 12:22pm 
You are not following the principles of ""MK-<num>"". MKII means stuffing more potential into the same size as the MKI.
well...good job!
menot Jul 7 @ 5:41am 
Any news on "Better Stone" compatibility?
I would love that....
Malpherian Jul 5 @ 2:19am 
Oh nvm I read the recipie wrong. Its created from ice and magniesium, not ice mag and Deut
Malpherian Jul 5 @ 2:18am 
Where do you get the Deuterium at? is it on a custom asteroid or planet? or a new Ore added to stuff randomly?
MTGraves  [author] Jun 14 @ 6:52am 
@ditchdiver75 - I'd have to ask the creator Lordanubis, I posted the mod for him on Steam but I was only a contributer not the creator. I'll let you know when I get a response.
ditchdiver75 Jun 13 @ 11:15pm 
I was wonder if I could use your model appearance of the mini reactor in a refinery mod Im doing.? I just want to use the model and none of the functions of it. I think its look would fit well the model I have created.
Danger Zone Jun 7 @ 4:28pm 
Yeah, I haven't been able to find vanilla magnesium ore in the mod, but I've found the modded ones
MTGraves  [author] Jun 5 @ 7:57am 
@Danger Zone - You mean as in a usable material to create the Isotope?