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Simple Laser Multitools (Now with Turrets)
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Mod category: Block, Production
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Mar 8 @ 6:17pm
Apr 20 @ 4:28am
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Simple Laser Multitools (Now with Turrets)

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Grinding, Welding, and Drilling all in a convenient long range laser multitool.

Simple Laser Multitools
Requires ToolCore
Also makes julienne fries!

  • Fast, Smooth Welding
  • Fast, Smooth Grinding
  • Fast, Smooth Drilling
  • Hot-Swappable Tool Modes
  • Red - Weld Mode
  • Green - Grind Mode
  • Yellow - Drill Mode
  • Secondary action for larger radius at the cost of speed
  • Damages characters in the way of the beam
  • Performant thanks to ToolCore
  • Turret autotracks onto weldable or grindable targets

Large Grid:
  • 300m range
  • 2.5m radius
  • Power Draw: 500kw

Small Grid:
  • 100m range
  • 1.5m radius
  • Power Draw: 300kw

Large Grid Turret:
  • 300m range
  • 300m targetting range
  • Power Draw: 750kw

Thanks to Ash Like Snow for the wonderful ToolCore mod

ToolCore Discord:
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Cmdr. DoomForge™
Gaming Gain Jun 12 @ 2:43pm 
I have been getting total freezes when grinding or drilling with large grid turret or fixed tool. have to alt f4 to fix it.
Wade Elric Jun 10 @ 12:37pm 
we can't get the welders to work on projections. We have to manually weld each block at least enough to exist before the welders will then weld them.
thegatters Jun 4 @ 6:28am 
Drill turret would be extremely useful. Long range mining linked to ore detector? please...
kinngrimm May 24 @ 3:39pm 
Could this(turrets or hardpoint) be used to repair internal damage which is not in los?
Same for welding blueprints, do they ignore already welded blocks and weld further blocks on the other side?
bknightcell May 22 @ 3:38pm 
@Freely, would you mind explaining what controller block you used to control the turret, and how you did it? I would love to be able to control it!!!
Wade Elric May 22 @ 3:07pm 
the grinding mode on turrets has stopped tracking targets on our server
Mytre May 18 @ 2:04pm 
Any way we can have the turret for small grids? and have the turret maybe drill? Awesome mod
TrueWhiteKnight May 17 @ 12:29am 
for some reason the custom turret controller does not recognize the multitool as a valid tool to use
TigersFangs May 16 @ 11:25am 
These are amazing and really fun to use! I was messing with some settings on the fixed multi-tool (haven't seen this on the turret) and found that the secondary fire mode for the welder and grinder extend a good 100m or so behind the block in addition to the long range in front of it. Primary fire mode starts right in front of the block as expected. It was pretty hilarious (creative world) to find that a grid that randomly was right behind the block got chewed up by the secondary grind mode. XD I am assuming that this is a bug. Anyone using this should check that their aft is clear before using area grind/weld. XD At least until this is addressed. ;)
Freely May 15 @ 4:53am 
@Malpherian, I get you on this but, these drills are like key-hole surgery allowing you too get the resource much more easily.

Yes its radius isnt as good as vanilla drills but thats the trade off. Its a good trade off in my opinion.

My only negative is the inability to manually control the turret but a simple controller block fixes that.

Superb mod!