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Defense Shields - v2.2(8)
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Feb 4 @ 7:35pm
May 13 @ 11:15am
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Defense Shields - v2.2(8)

Version: DefenseShields - v2.2(8)

Major Update!
2.2 brings a major update to defense shields. You will notice a new shield HUD ui which represents some new functionality that is critical to getting the most out of your shields.

*UPDATE* Shield side/face health pools have been added. Also added an "Automatic Management" mode (on by default in the controller), this mode self manages heat, shunting, modulation etc.. but comes at a recharge cost and is not nearly as effective as skilled manual control.

Two new core concepts have been added in this version, shield vulnerability and heat sinking. As your shield becomes more vulnerable you will notice a new icon show up on the left of your shield hud this value represents how likely a projectile is to penetrate your shield. The more heat your shield builds up and the lower its HP the higher the chance of penetration. This leads into the second new feature heatsinking, using the heat sink action will rapidly redirect heat from the shield to the emitter, which will both decrease the shields heat but also temporarily decrease your shields max (icon on the right) possible hp, both of which will greatly reduce the chance for penetration. In addition the existing shunting feature also has a very powerful counter penetration effect, so be sure to deploy this existing feature to avoid penetrations.

The other big change in this update is with modulation. Previously modulating would be very punishing when the enemy used the opposite damage and it was near impossible to find a good balance. With this update you now get rewarded for modulating into the predominate damage type you are taking, which will show up as the color of the shield planet on the hud icon. If the color is more orange you want to increase energy protection until its white, if its more blue you increase kinetic protection until its more white. If the icon is white you are receiving optimal protection.

*NOTE* Hud icon can be resized and moved, type /ds in game to see commands.

If you appreciate DefenseShields or WeaponCore please consider contributing:

This mod does not work with the Vanilla combat system, see WeaponCore below.

These shields are designed to work with my combat framework which you can find here:

And the mods listed here:

Discord Server
For question or help join the discord:


[Config File HOWTO]

The following properties can be found on any ImyUpgradeMOdule block or ProgrammableBlock (via MODApi or PB). In addition the ApiClient can be used to init from session.



Thank you Neimoh for the awsome emitter models! Thanks to AutoMcD for the O2 Generator and Control Block. Thanks to Enenra for shield voice warnings. Thanks to Whip for all of the fancy math help... math makes what would otherwise be dull and lifeless beautiful. Last but certainly not least, a big thanks to Nukeguard for the shield models/textures, shield hud icon, Modulator blocks, damage enhancer blocks, armor emitter blocks, block balancing, particles, testing, guide and more!

Thanks to Alysius for reworking the shield hit wave effects!

Thumbnail made by Adaline Industries

[Special Thanks]
Equinox, Digi and Rexxar for putting up with all of my questions and providing awsome suggestions and examples.

Also much thanks to "Abisius" for providing support in the steam comment section! He has answered a ton of peoples questions over the last year or more!

Abisius May 21 @ 5:48pm 
you can.
there are "compact shield emitters" and "shield emitters" for ships and a "station shield emitter" for stations, do not but them on a grid they are not intended to be used with or switch the gridtype while any of the shield blocks is build on it.
besides the emitters you will need either a "shield controler" or a "shield controler table" for a basic setup, more advanced options might need a "shield modulator" or/and a "shield enhancer".

if i am not deadwrong the information should also be avaible inside the linked guidestuff.
Nyarc May 21 @ 11:31am 
Cant put Defense Shield on Static Grids / Bases?
-DNZ-Stretch May 20 @ 5:32am 
all working for me, im playing on a server with 116mods, as abisius mentioned prob a mod conflit or file corruption
Abisius May 20 @ 3:53am 
standard first aid list (file paths may vary for servers or non windows users or servers) (s for needs to be done on server/host and client side):
- make a testworld just with the affected mod and one of the other mods as a mod conflict test, don't forget the mod requirements.
- (s) make a file integrety check for space engineers itself.
- (s) delete all modrelated data in the main and world specific storage folder and let it regenerate in case this got corruptet (findable under %appdata%\spaceengineers and %appdata%\spaceengineers\saves\yoursteamid64\yourworldname).
- (s) delete all modrelated data in the workshop folder and redownload it to neutralize eventually data corruption by modupdate (files are findable inside the workshop folder of the steam library folder in which you have installed space engineers).
Abisius May 20 @ 3:53am 
@JJG @Iceystreeeeet
as it works on my end, and i work with the same uploaded files to the workshop as iam just a moduser, i woud say you 2 caught either a case of file corruption on game or modside or a case of file conflcit. absolut worstcase would be some worldfile corruption as these can only be helped with a new world, but luckily these are far rarer than other problem causes.

try if the "standard firts aid list" helps and if it doesnt help please put together the logs and an example world for a full blown bugreport via the discord (which wold be preferred) or the github issues section.
JJG May 19 @ 5:50pm 
seems to be broken.. shield blocks all place fine but in the control panel all normal configurations are missing
Iceystreeeeet May 19 @ 5:49pm 
Looks like this is still broken does not show any ops for the shields can confirm
EvilXlivE May 14 @ 5:31pm 
Not quite sure who posted this onto but seems funny.
Wyr May 14 @ 7:13am 
Glad to hear it, thanks
Abisius May 13 @ 11:37am 
from the discord:
"Ash Like Snow — heute um 20:20 Uhr
Fixed Defense Shields failing to compile after Signals Update"