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WeaponCore - 2.4
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WeaponCore - 2.4

Version: CoreSystems - 2.4(24)

Weapon Core is a complete rewrite of Space Engineers combat system. The way combat works in this system is very different from Vanilla and many conventions that you are familiar with will be different.

This "mod" by itself does not add new weapons to the game, it is the framework (engine) by which other weapon mod authors may create pretty much any kind of weapon they can imagine.

This mod will convert all of the default vanilla weapons to WC versions. In addition it will remove any incompatible third party weapon blocks from the world, unless you override this behavior in game.

WC Wiki

Current WC ModList

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Discord Server

Having issues? Click the link below:
Step 1: Follow these instructions to clear cache, use ModId: 3154371364:

Step 2: Create fresh world, adding only the WeaponCore (No Other Mods!)

Step 3: Create two simple grids, each with a station terminal, gatling turret and reactor. Make sure they are in range of each other and of enemy factions.

Still having issues? Join the discord for help.

WeaponCore Tutorial World

The WC team and many other mod authors receive a constant stream of "bug reports" and confused users due to inherent incompatibilities between WeaponCore and mods based on Vanilla weapons.

If you have incompatible third party weapon blocks in your worlds, are willing to accept loss of functionality and instability you can enable UnsupportedMode by typing "/wc unsupportedmode" in the chat console or by editing the mods world config file.

There is a "ThirdParty whitelist" for known compatible mods, e.g: Beam Drill mod by Gwin.


[Moders Guide]

Useful WC Programblock scripts

To mod authors that use this framework I only ask that you include a link to this page, but I would very much appreciate if you let your users know they can contribute to this project if they would like. Thanks.

Example for Weapon Modders:

ProgramBlock API Howto

Thanks to Ash for server override enhancements and quality of life work on v2. Thanks to CriegwareFare for his work on the block animations and assisting with ammo inventory and weapon loading ui! Thanks to NukeGuard for the awesome GUI/HUD design and textures. Thanks to Derek for weapon area placement limit feature. Thanks to the math wizard himself Whiplash for all of his help with the mind bending math required to pull off the advanced target tracking and smart projectile guidance systems is this mod. Thanks to BDCarrillo for his help with eliminating the last of Keens grid area effect damage code and working on the drone code.

Also much thanks to "Abisius" for providing support in the steam comment section! He has answered a ton of peoples questions over the last year or more!


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Feb 18 @ 3:17pm
My vanilla turrets wont fire
Mar 27 @ 3:52am
Weapon core
Abisius May 24 @ 9:16am 
in that case i would like to a big finger towards the howto section of the moddescription to go over, the videos give a good overview over most of the functions of wc and the tutorial world lets you explore the controls.
it might help you decide if you want to use wc or not.
loganhofmann17 May 24 @ 8:45am 

Thank you for the clearing that up for me. I'm in the process of figuring out what mods I like to play with.
Abisius May 23 @ 2:47pm 
it is not and nothign can change that from modderside.

wc is a weaponframework and vanilla+ is as far as my knowledge goes a weaponframeworkexpansion based on the vanilla weaponframework and se can only handle one weaponframework at a time properly and thus one supercedes the other ad in this case it would be weaponcore.

you can still use nonwc weapons with the unsupportet mode but they wont have a functioning ai, wc weapons wont be able to intercept nonwc ammunitions and vise versa and there will be smaller compatibility problems comign and going, so its recommended to choose which weaponframework you want to use.

to my experience wc itself is not so hard on performance in combat and has more advanced options while from my point of understanding vanilla+ would work together with everything based on the vanillaweaponframework.
loganhofmann17 May 23 @ 2:04pm 
Is this mod compatible with Vanilla+, if not will it be?
Abisius May 22 @ 7:16pm 
standard first aid list (file paths may vary for servers or non windows users or servers) (s for needs to be done on server/host and client side):
- make a testworld just with the affected mod and one of the other mods as a mod conflict test, don't forget the mod requirements.
- (s) make a file integrety check for space engineers itself.
- (s) delete all modrelated data in the main and world specific storage folder and let it regenerate in case this got corruptet (findable under %appdata%\spaceengineers and %appdata%\spaceengineers\saves\yoursteamid64\yourworldname).
- (s) delete all modrelated data in the workshop folder and redownload it to neutralize eventually data corruption by modupdate (files are findable inside the workshop folder of the steam library folder in which you have installed space engineers).
Abisius May 22 @ 7:15pm 
@Mr. Sneeze
it could be a bug or a mod conflcit or a case of file corruption on either game or modside.
try if the "standard first aid list" (its size requires its own comment so i post it sseperately" helps and if not please put together a full blown bug report including the logs form client and server as well as an example world with a setup which can be used for easy reproduction of the problem and put that bug report on either the discord (prefered way) or into the github based issues section.
Mr. Sneeze May 22 @ 3:58pm 
Seems to be a bug when disconnected a grid from another, as it completely disables the weapons afterwards.
a_person May 20 @ 3:23am 
Weaponcore doesn't support shoot once, which means that you cant make effective long reload weapon rotor gatlings due to shoot on/off being less precise and more complicated to set up using event controllers.
inseobliss May 14 @ 1:38am 
Just without the mod, for example, the same vanilla gatlings were heard up to 500 - 1000 meters, it seems like, after installing the mod, the sound propagation from firing guns decreased to 200 - 300 meters, it turns out this is still a feature of the mod? We play in the "solar system" preset on earth, with arcade sound.
Abisius May 14 @ 12:48am 
that depends on the weapon, the enviroment and the soundsetting used.
iusually play with realistic sound setting instead of arcade one and 200-300m would be a big gun, gatlings usually go for me just up to 150m on the vanilla planets.