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Consolidation Firearms
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Consolidation Firearms

Consolidation Firearms - time to take the matters in your own hands

Shortly before the war between Consolidation and Aenum Republic, the newly formed Consolidation company Forsberg & Heth began production of its own line of handguns, fulfilling an order from the Consolidation Council. Utilizing his previous work on accelerators, Lucas Forsberg was able to quickly establish production of the Ophois series pistol and Andraste rifles, which were soon adopted as part of the Consolidation's rearmament campaign. This was followed by the DMR Perun and SMG Erra, which Vladimir Heth was behind the development of

Shortly after the outbreak of war, Consolidation Defense Forces head - Tibus Korsakov - ordered the development of heavier weapons capable of defeating combat vehicles and being used in dynamic defense lines. During the first year of the war, while OPC troops were fighting in the Border Worlds and holding the defenses, a classified laboratory deep in the Far Frontier began experimenting with miniature plasma cells, whose larger brothers were at this point being used in the plasma turrets on OPC ships. The high secrecy of the project limited the logistics of resources to the lonely planet, so work on the project was slow and F&H decided to start a more affordable production of a rocket launcher alongside it

Toward the end of the warfare in Consolidation's space and the shift of theater to the Neutral Territories and the Aenum Republic's zone of influence, F&H produced the Astarte - a portable plasma launcher that was soon adopted and used to assault Aenum space stations and planetary fortifications.

Consolidation warfare helped F&H win huge contracts that sponsored extensive R&D on various weapons. Because of this, F&H was able to create weapons that became widely popular among the Consolidation's allies

Kinetic Pistol from Forsberg and Heth, Ophois is widely used by both Consolidation's Defense Fleet and police forces
Max distance: 300 meters
Ammo: 5.39x13 magazine (17 rounds)
Fire rate: 60 rounds per minute

Kinetic SMG from Forsberg and Heth, Erra is used by police forces and heavily popular outside of OPC in private security sector
Max distance: 300 meters
Ammo: 5.39x13 magazine (40 rounds)
Fire rate: 900 rounds per minute

Kinetic burst-fire rifle created by Forsberg and Heth, Andraste is the main weapon used by Consolidation Defense Fleet and Consolidation Marine Corps and used since the beggining of Aenum-Consolidation war.
Max distance: 800 meters
Ammo: 6.13x46 magazine (30 rounds)
Fire rate: 600 rounds per minute

Kinetic Designated Marksman Rifle from Forsberg and Heth, Perun is serving it's purpose in Special Forces and Marine Corps, as the most precise weapon
Max distance: 1250 meters
Ammo: 7.65x75 magazine (13 rounds)
Fire rate: 90 rounds per minute

Kirrum, the missile launcher created by Forsberg and Heth is used primarly by Consolidation Marine Corps as an effective anti-tank weapon
Max distance: 3000 meters
Ammo: S0 missiles (x1 pack versions)
Fire rate: 20 missiles per minute

Astarte were created by Forsberg and Heth in collaboration with CET as the more mobile and compact version of TER102
Max distance: 2000 meters
Ammo: Plasma cannon cell (5 charges)
Fire rate: 30 charges per minute

Based on WeaponCore framework
Non-WeaponCore version will be released later
Support Scope Framework

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Testing, balance and promotional materials were created by Foltast, you can see his other works here
The art design, models, sound and visual effects were created by Dercaixr, whose workshop you can check here

Reupload requires the consent of authors. Reupload as a part of private mods ["unlisted"] is allowed as long as you leave credits and links. All rights reserved.

Wanna make mod more suitable to you? Tune it as you want with WeaponCore settings[] and ModAdjusterV2

Known issues:

1. Can't move, can't shoot - if you are playing using controllers, then you should wait "vanilla" version of the mod, as WeaponCore does not support controllers. If you can't move forward (and only forward) the save reload should help with that

2. In 3rd person view, weapons are looking away from center - this is mostly the problem for male character, you can switch to female character, where is this problem not that bad. We are working on the solution

3. Don't see blueprints in production section - if you are playing with Industrial Overhaul - weapons could be found in "Tools" section of modded production blocks. Other production-altering mods are not currently supported

Supported languages:
If you want to help us with translation in different languages, please tell us about it at our Discord server (link below)!

Dercaixr  [author] May 31 @ 5:00pm 
It has a charge delay for half a second, are you sure you are holding the fire button?
=VG= kiwirambob/killabot May 30 @ 4:33am 
The plasma cannon , doesnt work :sefacepalm:
Dercaixr  [author] May 3 @ 1:02pm 
There are no lcd packs, unfortunately, but thank you for the feedback!
Saint Khaos May 3 @ 11:07am 
honestly the consolidation packs are what brought me over to weaponcore. elegant and sleek. is there perhaps an lcd pack that includes a logo? would love to add it to my base
Foltast  [author] Apr 21 @ 6:05am 
I checked their mod and as I can see, they override vanilla weapons and that's why you can find npc with their weapons
I don't see any custom loadout settings, so I assume an additional mod would be required to spawn npc with our weapons
[82DK] wyomingwolf Apr 20 @ 12:44pm 
Palpatine might be able to help with that?
Dercaixr  [author] Apr 20 @ 10:36am 
I do not know honestly, bots can use weapons if you give it to them, but i don't know how to spawn with it
[82DK] wyomingwolf Apr 20 @ 9:05am 
For AI bots to use them do we need to change something with game files or can they naturally spawn on bots in the wild?
Foltast  [author] Apr 17 @ 4:35pm 
Fuzzinator23 try to reload the save, it should help
Fuzzinator23 Apr 15 @ 6:21pm 
The issue my friend and I ran into currently is that we can't move forward while using the weapons.