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[Sentis Project] Furniture Pack
Type: Mod
Mod category: Block
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Jan 14 @ 5:00am
Feb 19 @ 12:45pm
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[Sentis Project] Furniture Pack

Hello everyone I started working on this mod quite a long time ago because I felt a certain lack of decorative blocks in our game.

Although the mod is called a furniture pack, there is more than just furniture)

There are sinks, beds, trash cans, bedside tables, ceiling lamps, illuminators.., Illuminators are my favourite by the way =)

I've been asked to post the mod now, so there are a couple of issues, but I'll fix them within a month. Maybe I'll add some more blocks.

The mod may not be compatible with any other mods. At the moment, the problem is being investigated, it will probably be solved. The mod works completely stably on vanilla.

Known issues:
1. Incorrect stages of construction of Type B Sinks;
2. Some blocks may have problems with symmetry, but I think that everything shoul be fine.

CREDITS: The idea for the lamps was taken from an old mod from Eikester. My models are made entirely from scratch. However, I will still leave a link to the cool, but unfortunately outdated mod from Eikester:
[EASY]Charles Apr 5 @ 1:22am 
I'm having an issue where when I place the light blocks in survival mode it crashes the game, if I place them in creative it's fine though
PHANTOMPRINCE-II Mar 26 @ 5:35am 
hey dude nice mods can you remake this Conference Table that can function to other seats of it if ever you revive this Mod
Wade Elric Mar 14 @ 3:48pm 
Sorry for the late response, thank you for fixing it.
vllasukov  [author] Feb 19 @ 12:50pm 
-Fixed an issue with AI blocks
-Probably I`ve fixed mod conflicts too, need somebody to test (I do not have any issues for some reason)

Wade Elric, thank you for the report
flummifp, thank you for the report, it helped a lot
flummifp Feb 13 @ 3:19pm 
Great models, sadly causes a crash when exiting a cockpit on a grid with an ai recorder on it. No mod conflicts, just a crash on a vanilla world. Hope to come back to this if it ever gets fixed.
Wade Elric Feb 12 @ 9:18pm 
Crashes to desktop anytime a recorder block is placed by other players in multiplayer. Only mod in use.
Made Dragon Jan 25 @ 7:21am 
Cool models. Too bad this mod causes AI blocks (sic!) to stutter and cripple the control panel (inspecting any of the AI blocks), and eventually crash the game when operating a grid with AI blocks. No idea how these two may be ralated, but sadly I have to choose now to either have a sink with a mirror or an autonomous drone...
гНОМЕК Jan 18 @ 1:37am 
Спасибо, отличные модели!:steamthumbsup: Желаю дальнейших успехов в мододелии, хорошие моды добавляют делают эту игру всё лучше и лучше! Лампы действительно великолепны, устаревание модов это, увы, чума для Space Engineers. Хорошо что ты сохранил эти лампы для игры!:steamthumbsup:
Hotaro Jan 16 @ 6:07pm 
Lovely block set. I'd love to see an expansion of blocks with this level of attention to detail. Nicely done!
vllasukov  [author] Jan 16 @ 5:41am 
I do not know what causes the conflict of mods. If I knew which mods were causing the conflict, then I probably would have solved the problem. However, I can't do anything right now.