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TSO - Enclosed Blocks
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Jan 4 @ 8:39pm
Apr 2 @ 7:38pm
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TSO - Enclosed Blocks

Enclosed Blocks - Air Tight Custom Turret Controller, Gyro, Survival Kit, Decoy,
Projector, Gravity Generator, Spherical Gravity Generator

All Blocks Air tight with 2 different glass styles.

  • Two Styles: Style A - Glass Dark outside, Style B - Clear Glass
  • Custom Turret Controller
  • Gyroscope 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x Large/Small Grid
  • Survival Kit Large Grid
  • Survival Kit Large Grid T - Conveyor Connection
  • Survival Kit Small Grid 3x3x3 2 Large Ports
  • Survival Kit Small Grid 3x3x3 T - Conveyor Large Ports
  • Decoy - Large / Small Grid
  • Projector - Large / Small Grid
  • Gravity Generator - Large Grid only
  • Spherical Gravity Generator - Large Grid Only
  • Upgrade Modules - Speed, Yield and Power
  • Antenna 1x2x1 Large Grid and Small Grid
  • Beacon
  • Programmable Blocks for Large and Small Grid

  • Artificial Mass Variant Group Integration
  • Gyroscope Variant Group Integration
  • New Custom Turret Controller Group
  • Projector Group Integration
  • New Decoy Variant Group
  • Assembler Variant Group Integration
  • Antenna Variant Group Integration

  • New Enclosed Block Category
  • Large Group Integration
  • Small Group Integration
  • Blueprints
  • Increased Build Cost for enclosed blocks
  • Enclosed blocks added to Progression System

Block Cost increase from vanilla block in tables below:

Small Grid 1x1x1 Blocks Cost Increase *

Interior Plate
Bulletproof Glass

Large Grid 1x1x1 Blocks Cost Increase *

Interior Plate
Bulletproof Glass

* Exceptions:
  • Survival Kits with Extra Port for Large Grid have an additional Motor and Construction Component.
  • Survival Kits with Extra Port for Small Grid have an additional Interior Plates(4), Girders(4) and Bulletproof Glass(12).
  • Large Grid - Beacon, Upgrade Modules, Antenna have an additional Interior Plates(25),Construction(10), Girder(30) and Bulletproof Glass(100)
  • Small Grid - Beacon, Antenna have an additional Interior Plates(2), Girder(3) and Bulletproof Glass(6)

I tried to make the additional build cost be 1/2 an interior wall block
and the cost of 1 full block window for the glass part.

The additional components are above the functional block line which makes sense for enclosed block.

Possible Future Features:
  • Upgrade Modules that are air tight - Done
  • Beacons that are air tight - 2 Types, 2 styles, Large and Small Grid - Done
  • Antennas that are air tight - 2x1 Large and Small Grid - Done
  • Programmable Block - Done

For an additional Enclosed Beacon: check out my TSO - Enclosed Round Beacons

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OCD Insomniac Apr 9 @ 7:28pm 

Thanks a million for jumping right on this little issue. I'm honestly surprised (happily shocked) that you handled it so fast. I'm a big fan of your mods and have "followed" accordingly. Keep pumping out the great work. SE is better for it!
TheSlaveOne  [author] Apr 2 @ 7:49pm 
@OCD Insomniac - Thanks for the feedback. I added the Enclosed Blocks to Progression. I rarely use progression. This is the first time messing with progression in a mod. I hope this helps.
OCD Insomniac Apr 1 @ 10:57pm 
I just disabled the mod and was able to go back in and build a gravity generator in order to unlock the jump drive/artificial I can confirm that this mod was indeed the cause of the progression issue. I did try building both the enclosed and vanilla models of the gravity drive before disabling...but had no luck with the progression unlock. Hope the info helps some. I really do love this mod...and thanks for the work you put into it.
OCD Insomniac Apr 1 @ 9:22pm 
This mod broke my progression for the Jump Drive...the TSO Enclosed Blocks is cited as the block type for the required gravity generator. I love this mod, but please have a look and fix the progression tree
BraveCaperCat Mar 16 @ 2:10pm 
TheSlaveOne  [author] Mar 15 @ 9:43pm 
@BraveCaperCat - I just added a Enclosed Programmable Blocks in style A and B for Large and Small Grid
BraveCaperCat Feb 26 @ 9:58am 
I haven't used any yet. I just couldn't find the enclosed programmable block, so i looked at the page and there isn't one.
BIV Feb 25 @ 11:42am 
More great work here TheSlaveOne, it is really handy and sensible to have these blocks put inside a box, they take up the same space regardless but with your mod it's now easier to build with walkways etc. Please continue making these useful and now obvious changes to the construction of items that just about everyone would use. Good work, cheers mate. :steamthumbsup:
TheSlaveOne  [author] Feb 25 @ 6:49am 
@BraveCaperCat - Hi. Thanks for trying my mod and your feedback. From your comment, I assume you are trying to have a programmable block on the outside wall of a pressurized space. I think your issue is that the vanilla programmable block is NOT air tight. I can add an enclosed programmable block as future update to this mod.
As a quick check, replace the programmable block with an armor block. If this fixes the air tightness. Great then it was the programmable block. If not, please describe the blocks from this mod that you think are the issue.
BraveCaperCat Feb 25 @ 5:47am 
I installed this mod so that my programmable block could be on the edge of my pressurised base, but i guess i will have to move it somehow :(