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AIVA Voice for Space Engineers
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Nov 10, 2023 @ 8:38am
Feb 12 @ 2:40am
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AIVA Voice for Space Engineers

More than 100+ sounds with sci-fi hud fx made specificaly for SE

Hello everyone! I'm a sound engineer, sometimes a space one :)
I created a large set of sounds signaling various events, damages, container fill levels, and more. Additionally, I've included a few humorous and atmospheric phrases in the game's style. All these sounds are created specifically for Space Engineers, making them unique and aligned with the game's lore. Each phrase is accompanied by sci-fi sounds to create a technological atmosphere and the feeling of interacting with an onboard AI. If you have any suggestions for improving or adding to the sounds, please write about it in the comments. Also, I would be grateful for your rating.

Version 1.2.15 patch notes:
  • Added a new 7 sounds to remind you of damaged ship modules in the Durability category.
  • IDs in the mod files have been replaced with ones more convenient for working with scripts.

All sounds list:
Since the list of all phrases no longer fits in the description of this mod due to character limitations, I decided to create a Google Sheet[] (click to view) for this purpose. In the spreadsheet, you can explore the full list of sounds, and it will also make it easier for you to write your own scripts for Programmable Blocks in the game. All sounds are sorted inside the interface, easy to scroll and quickly search, so don't worry about so many sounds.

The current version mod contains 150 voicelines:
  • 12 sounds in "Basic" category (doors, hangars, lights...)
  • 17 sounds in "Notification" category (low fuel, low power, ship overloaded...)
  • 31 sounds in "Flight" category (Thrusters engaged, cruise control, autopilot...)
  • 4 sounds in "Warp" category (Warp jump countdown, warp drive charge...)
  • 12 sounds in "Parking" category (Docking, liftoff, landing...)
  • 15 sounds in "Combat" category (Enemy detected, low ammo, weapons ready...)
  • 21 sounds in "Durability" category (Damage and repair)
  • 19 sounds in "Drones" category (Miner, Cargo, Refueler, Assault, Defence)
  • 8 sounds in "Phrases" category (Lore friendly atmospheric phrases)
  • 11 sounds in "Greetings" category (Lore friendly atmospheric and funny greetings)
How to use it:
All sounds become available to you in the SoundBlock interface. You can independently distribute all the sounds you need and link them to specific events for automatic playback using TimerBlock, SensorBlock, EventBlock, and ProgrammableBlock within the game. If you are new to the game, I advise you to watch tutorials on YouTube about how these blocks work; there is nothing complicated about it, and it is very easy to set up and play. For example, you can assign an event of opening a door in EventBlock, triggering the playback of a SoundBlock with the corresponding sound.

Requirements and conflicts:
This mod is a standalone core and does not require the addition of external tools for its operation. It also does not require any DLC. This mod may be required for the operation of some other mods and scripts.

All files have unique complex names and identifiers that are not shared with other mods. This means that mod can only conflict in the event that another mod uses the same identifiers, which is practically impossible. You can easily combine it with other modifications for sounds or music.

Please do not distribute this modification on external resources, and do not attempt to independently translate the modification into other languages, as this may cause technical conflicts and improper operation of the mod.

All sounds were created by me specifically for the game Space Engineers and were not intended for other projects, so do not use them in other modifications, games, or personal projects.

I was trying to create a simple script that would save you from having to create 100+ sound blocks and event controllers, but unfortunately I wasn't successful. I don't have enough programming experience. I've contacted other modders who are also working on scripts for Space Engineers, but most of them are busy with their own projects and can't help. So, if you are developing scripts for programmable blocks and think this is a good idea, I would be incredibly grateful if you would take on this project.

Thank you all for writing reviews and helping to improve my mod by offering new phrases and writing scripts. This is my first experience creating mods for a game and I'm very glad that you liked it. Report errors in the comments, feel free to suggest new phrases and also write whether you are looking forward to the “male” version of this mod.

Molten Carnage Feb 27 @ 8:46am 
I like the Cortana sound mod, but it's nice to have options like this. This one is not bad either but had I known this was out there back in it's inception, I would have suggested adding a little personality. Right now it's a pretty monotone. However, I recognise that a lot of work has already gone into this. If there is ever a ver 2.0 for .. oh lets say... Space Engineers 2, it might be worth while to keep this in mind. A sassy robotic voice might be a little fun to mess around with. Great job regardless.:selike:
Helixadon [UA]  [author] Feb 22 @ 8:11am 
@Brummy, thanks! I will continue to develop this mod, as well as give it continuations and alternatives. I hope you enjoy what you get.

@SPC. Happy, Thank you for your offer! I'll look into applying this.
Helixadon [UA]  [author] Feb 22 @ 8:05am 
@myerk2008, there is no official script yet, we are working on it. But you can use scripts developed by other players. A little lower in the comments you will find scripts proposed by the player @SoulStorm™
Helixadon [UA]  [author] Feb 22 @ 7:57am 
@Luiz Carlos, I'm working on it. But it seems that most people are satisfied with the female version of the voice, so I work on it in a relaxed manner. If I see that the players want it, I will speed up.:se:
erik Feb 15 @ 2:17am 
hello I have a request to make to you would it be possible to make a script for the management of ice stock which can be transferred from a Landa container to an ice container with support on LCD because I cannot find a script
myerk2008 Feb 12 @ 5:38am 
Does anybody have a link to a script, i been looking on steam and you tube but with no results that I'm looking for.
Brummy Feb 8 @ 8:21am 
Damn. This mod has nerd boner potential. Definitely an enrichment for the game am looking forward to the future of this mod.
SPC. Happy Feb 4 @ 10:32pm 
for the people who forget to engage the thrusters while docked you sould include something like Caution, engage thrusters before un-docking
Luiz Carlos Jan 31 @ 1:20am 
Hi, where are the male version?
Sam Measa Jan 26 @ 1:08am 
Just what I need for a FireWatch inspired Lets Play.