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Torpedo Turret
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Oct 7, 2023 @ 6:12am
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Torpedo Turret

The Torpedo Turret

The Torpedo Turret is a vanilla-based, high-explosive missile turret with a low rate of fire. I balanced it against the vanilla Rocket Turret, as well as the warfare turrets, and gave it a niche in the 600-1000m range as a heavy explosive weapon. I've combat-tested the weapon extensively, and in my experience, it can beat artillery turrets most of the time while within its effective range. However, when at long ranges, torpedoes are defeated by the warfare turrets, and the base game turrets put up a fair fight at short ranges.

The theoretical DPS of the Torpedo Turret is about the same as the Rocket Turret, assuming each turret can land all of their shots. Torpedoes fire at about 1/6th the speed of Rockets, but they hypothetically do 6x more damage each. The Torpedo Turret also has aiming arcs and tracking speed as bad as the Artillery Turret's. To make up for the downsides, Torpedoes are bigger, longer-ranged projectiles, with larger explosion radii.

This mod is ready for use in survival. It contains build stages and all LODs, balanced material costs, and has been certified as fun to use by my friends.

Note: Not for WeaponCore. Might behave unexpectedly if used with WeaponCore. This is a vanilla weapon.


Projectile speed
200 m/s
300 m/s
Rate of fire
6 over 3.4s
4 over 9.0s
Reload time
4 seconds
20 seconds
Rounds per minute
800 m
1400 m

* Explosive damage isn't straightforward. The 500 damage of a vanilla Rocket is actually more like 3900 damage when it hits a component such as a large hydrogen tank. In that test, a Torpedo only deals about 7600 damage per shot - a mere double damage! In this situation, the vanilla Rocket Turret deals about 3200 DPS, and the Torpedo Turret deals about 1050 DPS. It took me a lot of combat testing to find out that the turret is a lot more effective in combat than on paper - it is definitely able to keep up with Rocket Turrets in terms of DPS in an actual fight.

Static weapon version:

These models took me a long time to make! Please don't reupload or redistribute my assets without permission.
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KitsuneKas Feb 18 @ 3:43pm 
I too would like to ask about a potential vanilla+ version of these weapons. Homing capability would be perfect for these torpedoes, and I feel like converting the hailstorm rockets to flak detonation would fit with the theme of the weapon as an anti-small-ship weapon.

I've cracked open the vanilla+ files to try and understand how to make mods using it myself but couldn't figure out what was actually necessary to make mods with it.
black_dragon1230 Feb 7 @ 6:31pm 
I generally dont like to ask modders about adding anything as yall have lives outside this game too. I do however wonder if you would ever consider adding compatibility wit the Vanilla+ Framework?
Elindis  [author] Jan 26 @ 2:05am 
@toxicprime No, these are just big dumb rockets with large explosions.
toxicprime Jan 25 @ 3:39pm 
Do these have any sort of lock-on, homing feature?
Puppeter_ Jan 18 @ 2:49pm 
Great mod btw. What is the ammo ID tho?
Rodimus Rhoam Maximus Jan 10 @ 1:15pm 
idea for a interesting weapon: Gattling railgun turret
Hercules 1 Jan 7 @ 4:53pm 
FYI folks this is sadly incompatible with WeaponCore.
Heveric Jan 5 @ 2:32am 
I've yet to give these a try but look like they'd be perfect for what I plan on doing.
Basically trying to make space versions of some World War 2 ships, but with no official Torpedo Launchers being available in game I didn't wanna have to use the large rocket launchers due to their close range yet rapid firepower.

Even if these things are slower firing, just the idea of them having longer range and high damage potential feels very appropriate.
JakeFromSt8Farm Dec 19, 2023 @ 6:20pm 
Hello, I would like to ask permission to use your Torpedo Launcher and Torpedo Turret models in my own unlisted weaponcore vanilla replacer/expansion.

I will of course upload unlisted, credit you for the models and link back to the original mods as the source if you agree to let me use them.

Elindis  [author] Nov 23, 2023 @ 8:18am 
You're very welcome, Wellzy