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Antistasi Ultimate - Mod
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Aug 15, 2023 @ 12:04pm
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Antistasi Ultimate - Mod

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Antistasi Ultimate is a fork of Socrates Antistasi Plus. We aim to add more templates, maps, and features that will completely change your experience.

Here are just a few of the Antistasi Ultimate features!
  • 40+ New Factions.

  • 25+ New Maps.

  • Re-integrated Spearhead 1944 compatibility.

  • Re-integrated Community undercover.

  • Reworked Trader, to dynamically adjust the traders inventory depending which mods are loaded, allowing full compatibility when mixing mods/factions around.

  • Ability to tweak when enemy tiers start spawning, via cba setting.

  • Ability to add plane loadouts via extender mod, planes will use a default loadout if one isn't found. Before if planes didn't have loadouts they wouldn't spawn.

  • Special templates, such as STALKER which has support for emissions and anomalies, or the Zombie civ faction. Take over a city, and civilians will start moving in again!

To get the rest of the description, you can click on the images below.






Why should we play this instead of other versions?

Antistasi Ultimate offers most of the features of Antistasi Plus, most things you can do in Plus can also be done in Ultimate. But beyond that, it has support for more factions and more maps. More new content to experience. Better support for mixing mods together for any faction combination you like, the newly reworked trader will work with whatever supported mods you load and factions you use.

Support is not provided for custom mission/mod edits, since we don't know what you have changed and how. We will try to help but cannot guarentee anything if you mess around in the code. If you would like to contribute, you can find the github link just above.


- Original Mission by barbolani
- Antistasi Community Edition by Official Antistasi Community
- Magrepack by Outlawled, R3vo and OOster
- HALs_Store by HallyG, R3vo and barman75
- DRO by mbrdmn
- Discord Rich Presence by ConnorAU
- Antistasi Plus by Socrates
- Antistasi Ultimate by The Antistasi Ultimate Dev Team
- Screenshots for the page by rn_s25


Regarding Extender. It still works the same way as Community or Plus does, it even has a few more things you can change/add (Look for the .hpp files in the ultimate folder). If you want to post extender addons, it would be best for you to name them A3UE , to avoid confusion with the Community A3AE .

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with Antistasi Community or Plus. Any changes we do, do not reflect the ideas of either parties. If you have a bug with Ultimate, neither Community or Plus will be able to help you.

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klevi9 7 hours ago 
Hi i cannot see my missions on my map why is that happening??
sleeper 9 hours ago 
I don't play with ACE
DontSleep 9 hours ago 
@sleeper, just use the ACE Arsenal. to place it, you need to enter Zeus mode (I think its Y by default, so you need to reassign it to something else) then, place any object (you can watch tutorials in youtube on how to do that), in modules you should find "ACE Arsenal" (you need ace mod installed), there you need to pick "Add ACE Arsenal" and click on an object you have created. Then, leave the Zeus and hold the Windows key (by default) at your object and there you will have access to an unrestriced arsenal.
sleeper 11 hours ago 
Any possible way for the commander/server host to configure the default items in the arsenal, or use the unrestricted arsenal?
Bloodmachine 14 hours ago 
How does one create their own rebel faction and starting arsenal?
GySgt~SPARTA~ 14 hours ago 
Can I run this with other mods?
Smackhead Steve 21 hours ago 
I have a question, is there a way to play as Blufor rather than rebel factions? I've been looking to have the rebels be like the "occupants" and maybe opfor be the invaders, or maybe play as opfor and have rebs be occupants and blu be invaders? I think i'm misunderstanding how to change it around. Otherwise its a dope mod :)
LaggyCrow 22 hours ago 
@Spuds I am always in the commander role and always use the save in the commander menu while at HQ.
Spuds 23 hours ago 
@LaggyCrow there are no autosaves. make sure you manually save using the commanders menu. if you're doing solo you kind of have to go commander instead of any other role due to this.
LaggyCrow Apr 21 @ 6:02am 
Hello, I started a campaign yesterday, solo, By hosting over LAN.
I put in a considerable amount of work in the one day capturing most of the Kavala region and seaports of altis, But todays, Sadly when i try to Load the save, there is no saves at all, as if i had never played

how can i avoid this in the future? This has happened in the past and i really just want to complete a campaign instead of restarting all the time.