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Biomes! Caverns
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Apr 30, 2023 @ 9:51pm
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Biomes! Caverns

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Changelog: Please check the change notes tab

Say hello to the new and improved Biomes! Caverns! With a full host of new content and improvements over the old one, you'll have plenty to sink your mod-loving teeth into. This mod adds 4 unique underground biomes with more to come, each with their own life forms and features both extremely useful, and horribly horribly hazardous for your pawns' continued existence!

These biomes are meant to be a different play experience, perfect for your undergrounder or tunneler and darkness-loving playthroughs!

The following infographics will give you a taste of the features present in each biome. You will discover more features as you explore them in-game!

  • 4 new underground biomes
  • Over 50 new animals, from battle animals to pets to packs
  • Over 20 new plants and fungi
  • Caverns-exclusive events
  • Multiple new resources, from stony to textile
  • Many new crops to grow in the darkness
  • New music by Dendroid!
  • Some new trophy items from tough creatures!
  • Full integration of the Caveworld Flora mod

Mod director & artist: Draegon

Dendroid: Sounds & Music
Joseasoler: XML and C#
M00nlight: XML and C#
Zylle: XML and C#
Xeye: XML and C#
Sergkart: XML and C#
Fluffy: Art and Caveworld flora content
Detvisor: Art
Odzman: Art
Elseud: Art
Pphhyy: Art
SirVan: Art
Luizi: Art
Immortalus: Art
Austrinus: Art
ItsHalno: Art

Japanese translation by Lucifel

Special thanks:
Jecrell: Many thanks to him for the amazing Biomes! word logo design.
Vowels for considerable help with the animal descriptions
Elseud for the new Biomes! preview images.
Steve o.O for the new crystal and cooled magma terrain!
Taranchuck for some custom special code.
RangerRick for help with the discord.

Vanilla Fishing Expanded - Unique fish when fishing in any underground biome
Vanilla Animals Expanded - VE Cave animals will show up periodically in caverns biomes :D
Vanilla Plants Expanded - Mushrooms - The fungi have a little bit of functional overlap, but it's a great mod, try it out!

Royalty DLC - Custom anima tree texture
Ideology DLC - Custom gauranlen tree texture
Biotech DLC - Custom Polux tree texture

Q: Do I need Biomes! Core for this?
A: Yes, all Biomes! mods require Core

Q: Is it CE compatible?
A: Yep, on their end!

Q: Is it safe to add mid-game?
A: Probably, but the biomes won't spawn

Q: Why do I need Geological Landforms for this to work?
A: M00nlight did a ton of work for us and much of it is in the GL code!

Q: Do raids and caravans still work in caverns biomes?
A: Yes, they will function as normal, though drop pod ones will use a unique kind of pod!

Q: Does this mod make impassable mountains passable?
A: It does not, UNLESS the mountain has a cave biome on it.

Q: I can't find Cavern biomes easily enough, what do I do?
A: Geological Landforms, which this mod requires, has a slider for mountain density and cavern density. Just turn them up a bit until it's where you want it!

Q: I'm having issues after an update, what do I do?
A: Follow these steps! https://discord.com/channels/143756496851697666/407350614805446659/1106842059849093180

Q: Will there be more content added in the future?
A: Most likely! We have some future stuff planned but it's TBD on when we'll get to it :D

Q: Where can I find info on the content?
A: Right here!: https://github.com/biomes-team/BiomesCaverns/wiki


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dopamine terrorist
DuivelDraakje Jul 22 @ 7:36am 
Hehe, looked funny. It a feature :P
Draegon1993  [author] Jul 22 @ 7:35am 
@Stormie ^-^ Technically both. It's fixed for the next update though :D
DuivelDraakje Jul 22 @ 7:34am 
Noticed the big greenish snails when going left seem to be going backwards, wrong graphic or some render shenannigans?
That's funny. There are bug nests in my new map, and I tried to ignore them, but I keep getting messages that the green-skinned bugs are starving to death. Until their nests are destroyed by predators attracted by the green bug carcasses.:steamlaughcry:
Draegon1993  [author] Jul 17 @ 6:03am 
@Shadelight Perhaps for the TLC update :D
Shadelight Jul 17 @ 3:32am 
It would be great that if you have Anomaly loaded you could see the visual effects of the pit gate, like shafts of light and falling dust, in caverns closer to the surface.
Draegon1993  [author] Jul 9 @ 9:31am 
@Abys Odd... are there any errors showing up?
Abys Jul 9 @ 2:51am 
Well...I have digging out a few big areas but they just keep drop into the same tiny bedroom at middle of my colony. Exactly the same room every time.
Draegon1993  [author] Jul 8 @ 5:56am 
@Abys They're supposed to! They try to find the largest open space to drop into. It can be cheesed a little bit by digging out a big area.
Abys Jul 8 @ 4:43am 
Is there a way to prevent the mech's turret pop up from my bedroom and blow up my whole colony...? They suppose pop up from somewhere else but my living area, don't they? :(