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Brutal Handwork
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Feb 17, 2023 @ 2:31am
Feb 17, 2023 @ 8:30pm
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Brutal Handwork

Supports B41+. Works in Multiplayer
A new save is not required

A combat mod made from scratch for Project Zomboid. NOTE: This still needs a lot of work to implement many of the features I would like, but I feel it is ready to receive feedback and be used. Just know there will be updates that may change things as development continues.

Requires:Fancy Handwork
Fancy Handwork is required as it fixes many of the animations for holding weapons, adds a modifier key, and I use its functions to syncronize the animation state locally and over multiplayer.

  • Equipped Melee Weapons in your Secondary Hand can now attack!
  • Offhand attack speed is calculated similarly to vanilla, including injuries skills, etc.
  • Damage Calculation is mostly vanilla (see more about this below), so skills and other factors WILL impact damage!
  • TRUE Dual-Wielding Melee Weapons! Automatically alternate your attacks (Configurable in Sandbox).
  • Unarmed Attacks! Punch those Zombies!
  • Offhand Attacks WILL collide with the environment! Break that Window!
  • Compatible with ALL weapon mods!
  • Calls ALL relevant Events during an attack, for compatibility with mods that use these Events!
  • Your ability to shove is still available!
  • Works with Controllers!
  • FULLY compatible with The Only Cure but better by Pao. Keep the ability to attack without your Right Arm!

How to Use
Actions for Brutal Handwork will require the Fancy Handwork Modifier Key. By default, the Modifier Key is:

Keyboard: Left Control - This can be changed in the Options
NOTE: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you either remove or change the default "Aim" binding on Left Control, or change the Fancy Handwork Modifier Key (preferably remove Aim). They can use the same key, but it may be annoying when further actions are added. In my opinion, using Control for "Aim" is not a good use for the key, and I will always Right-Click. As such, Fancy Handwork and Brutal Handwork are intended to replace this key with real functionality. I do not change this by default to not cause sudden changes to play styles, but highly recommend this.

Controller: Left Bumper -- Cannot be changed

Moving forward, I will refer to the "Modifier Key" as just the "Modifier".

Simply equip an item in your left hand, and you're good to go!
  • If only a secondary weapon is equipped, your player will automatically attack with the offhand.
  • If you have both a primary and secondary weapon, then you must use the Modifier while aiming to attack with your offhand. Alternatively, enable the Sandbox option to automatically switch between main and offhand attacks!

Unarmed attacks
  • When unarmed, hold the Modifier while aiming to raise your fists, and press attack. Available in the Sandbox options is a control to always raise your fists when unarmed and aiming!
  • Unarmed currently does small bits of damage, but can be used well enough to fend off a few zombies if you're careful. I have plans to expand this into its own "weapon" skill, allow for unarmed weapons, and more. For now, these do a small amount damage but are affected by your current Strength and Fitness traits.
  • Unarmed has no real side-effects, in that you can punch windows and doors no problem. I plan on expanding this much further, and would like to have the unarmed be affected by your gloves as well as open this up to unarmed weapons.
  • Unarmed can be disabled in the Sandbox Options.

Future Plans
  • First and foremost, I would like to get my damage calculation functions to work over multiplayer. I have a plan, but need some time to get things done/test/etc. However, for now I need a small break from this and just wanted to release what I have. When this is done, I can give almost full control for combat in the Sandbox options.
  • Next will be Dual Wielding handguns. My damage functions will be critical in making this work properly, as they should handle ranged damage already.
  • I also would like to port the rest of the melee attack variations to be an offhand attack, and overall improve the quality of the animations.
  • Add progression to combat, so you feel more powerful overtime. For example, at level 1 you have -1 multihit, and at level 10 you have +1 multihit on all weapons, etc.
  • Add new systems to combat such as: quick throwables, on-demand heavy attacks at the cost of additional stamina, attack combos, possibly charged ranged attacks, etc.

  • Should be compatible with ALL weapon mods
  • Likely not compatible with other offhand attack mods, but this is done very differently so maybe? I wouldn't, its untested and unecessary. Just don't.
  • Mods that modify the AttackHook are not compatible.
  • Mods that use the various Weapon Events will be triggered correctly for offhand attacks.

Source: GitHub[]

Workshop ID: 2934621024
Mod ID: BrutalHandwork
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