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Ray La Morte's Hat
Created by RagtagChris
Mesmerize your friends with this "Ray's the Dead" inspired hat! The "Device" is a mysterious lightbulb that allows its wielder to resurrect and control the dead.

Once you've gotten this hat all you have to do is make some corpses to build a zombie army....
Air Lock
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
New shield for Demoman

Set item?

Custom skin for Festive Chargin' Targe
Infernal Cape
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

Jiggleboned cape movement
3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord ...
Volcanic Spartan
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord set.


Magma Armour
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord set.


Team Colou...
Hive Hand
Created by
Swatting pesky critters since we don't remember when. --Bee Cave, Texas...
The Smasher
Created by Habboi
A melee hammer which consists of the engineers sentry rocket launcher and a metal handle that was forced through it.

This is part of the "Mismatch Pyro Pack" by Habboi and APesquera.

Better picture:
Battle Torch Kit
Created by Donvius
Pyro shouldn't be the only one allowed to play with fire. Your an engineer - you never know when you might need a little help of a blow torch. So how about one that you can carry on your back and keep your hands free?

- - -
2x jigglybone for the top cover...
The Drive By
Created by Ducksink
Nothing like the fresh feel of scratched steel and burnt tyres.....
Apple Of The Eye
Created by Cheeser
With these eyes, your vision will be like an eagle!
Glow in the dark!
Paintable! Big thanks to this guy - ! Check out his workshop!...
The Security Measure
Created by NeoDement
In the world of business and crime, you're gonna need more than wits to stop a bullet.

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:

Also pictured in the Paint Example image: [url=http://...
Pyro Protector
Created by RetroMike
God, I love being a Pyro!

Team colours

Mod available here[]...
Poisoner's Pack
Created by ToxicWeasel
The contents of this spray tank really should NOT be legal but yet effective in ending any unwanted organic life and also good for cleaning ovens.

Team colours

Part of The Exterminator set...
Sewer Slacks
Created by ToxicWeasel
These industrial grade slacks are perfect for walking through hazardous waste and also keep your underwear safe from potential mould and spiders.

Team Colours

Part of The Exterminator set...
*updated model and textures.
Mr. Juice
100% less thoughts
100% more juice

comic trip on WLF ...
Le Dilettante
You know, there are no natural born professionals. And even if you already became one, you couldn't be immune from dilettantish mistakes....
The Spine Crusher
For all clases
[Polly Putrid]!
for Hаlloween
Bites-Man of Aberdeen, Man-Bitter of Aberdeen or Zombie-Man of Aberdeen...
[Archimedes the Undying]!
VLEK - idea, model, texture.
Danger21 - got "self made" because he is my friend. And he wanted any "self made" so much.
Shark smile
+ Under water, the shield is charged to ...% faster (also bonus works under jarate and madmilk)
+ ...% resistance to melee damage
+ ...% resistance to bullet damage
+ Bleeding (duration of bleeding depends on the distance of collision)
- Can only u...
(Executioner's Set) Soul catcher
If you're still alive, you're next in my list....
pet of the hell
alternative name - Infernal pet.
He's sweet and kind, but don't let him out of his cozy box....
Flak Jack
Created by GetGrenade
You've been drafted, boy!

2 LoD's

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Broombot 2001
Created by E-Arkham
"You know that you've destroyed a lot of robots when the robots get so angry that they build a janitor bot solely to follow you around and clean up your messes."

All Class, floating pet bot! Paintable! Jigglebones!

Take a look at some of my other space...
The Roundabout
Created by SNIPA
Revolver for the Spy.

Part of the Circus Pack!...
High Top
Created by SNIPA
Kill your enemies with style and skill!

The High Top is part of the Circus Update made by Chris "Colossal" Marshall, and Ben "SNIPA" Henry...
Prankster Spitz
Created by SNIPA
"What?!" you say! exactly! your confused....(insert evil laugh here)

For the Sniper

Part of the Circus P...
The Lion Tamer
Created by SNIPA
KILL THAT LION! I mean.....Train him....To Kill!...
The Throwers Thruster
Created by SNIPA
Throw le'knifes!
For the Spy!

Part of the Circus Pack!...
Three Ring Brawler
Created by SNIPA
Why jump through rings when you can use them for your POWER!!

Part of the Circus Pack!

The Spinal Extension (V2) Resubmission
Created by BLADE
Sorry for the resubmission....The previous item has a lot of views / favorites / ratings, which I don't want to remove. I completely forgot about tagging the previous item as a Halloween 2013 item. So, this is the same one, except it still has the Gold S...
Galaxy Adventurer
Created by Gadget
Galaxy Adventurer

o Demoman hat
o Paintable
o Jiggle bones
o 3 LODs
The Holo-Memory Keepsake
Created by E-Arkham
"For those long journeys through boundless space, it's important to have a heartfelt memoir of exactly which fellow merc's mothers you've shagged."

Part of a set with:

Dzhugdzhur Devil
Created by Doctor Birdbrain
An icey minigun forged in the most brutal of Russian winters....
Preternatural Pil0t STYLE2
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Resubmission from last Halloween

STYLE 2: Paintable Body

STYLE 1: Paintable Eyes :
Space Ventilator Lite
Created by E-Arkham
"In space, nobody can hear you breathe."

A reimagining of my Ventilator for the Pyro, designed for spacefaring Snipers. Paintable! Guaranteed to be at least 45% spaceworth...
Vaguely Ant-Like Appendages
Created by E-Arkham
Four arms are always better than two, even when they're so weak and grotesquely deformed that they can't even hold a pencil. Especially when they can't hold a pencil, because writing is overrated.

Arms weighted to hips, so they'll move when he runs. Fin...
The Poltergeist
Ectoplasm appears to be a great healing conduit.

A little more detailed ingame look for those interested:

Pastebin link to my own stat suggestion:
The Badlands Bandito
Created by JPRAS
A bandana with mean eyes for Pyro!


-Mean Pyro look;
-LOD 0, 1, 2;
-A whole new bunch of possible loadouts!

Download the mod by clicking below!
hermetic chemist
Created by varúlfur
here's a leather hat...
Backpack Buddy
Created by GetGrenade
He's got your back! Heh.

Paintable, normal map, 3 lods....
Makeshift Mutilator
Created by heinous
Special thanks to Karma Charger for the demonstration video!

Mod download version:

Alternate link for mod download versio...
The Double Agent
Created by Frump
A derringer style pistol for the Spy.

Additional Images:

Video of animations by Sparkwire:

Also featured in:

The Gamma Gazer
Created by FiveEyes
"Packs a mean dose of extra-hertz."

Model/SFM - FiveEyes
Texture/Tweaks - Gadget

Part of the "Arms Race" FacePunch community Contest.

Download mod:
The G.Ü.P. Gun
Created by crazy-g
A gun that launches goop. What is the goop? What does G.Ü.P. stand for? Could the Ü possibly stand for Übercharge? Answers: redacted fluid; something German; maybe.

Second place in the [url=
Created by Arsonist
I have finally sorted the DMCA issue, and been given the name of the culprit. I wont name and shame here, but it was indeed a stupid troll.

The completely redesigned, completely upgradable, completely gunned and flying Radio Controlled Aerial Turret!
Maxim GUN v2
new model. new textures
has styles
has lodes...
The EX-Vermin 8R
Created by Sparkwire
"It takes 80 hours of training to get an exterminator license, but only $70 to get a gun permit. Cost effective killing for anything bigger than a rat."

***the download is gone because i ran out of bandwidth for my public dropbox folder and it got dis...
The HellHound
Created by Trump Tank
"Double gun, double fun!"

Nothing more deadly than a dual-cannon flamethrower. Born in the belly of hell, this weapon is dangerous, too bad consumes a lot :D

That is a part of the pyro's hell pack which includes the lil_baphy hat.

The Great Scott
Created by boomsta
The Heavy just upgraded his arsenal with this new weapon. He is ready to stun (and zap) his enemies with this piece of future tech.

High res picture:
Picture made in SFM by Klammy:

The Flat Liner
Created by GG_Underscore
The Flatliner is the ultimate uber gun. Dispenses both uber and crits to lay waste to all of those who oppose you. However it can’t heal, instead it builds its charge by the damage you do. Part of the Malpractice Suit Medic pack....
Mr. Mundee's Wild Ride
Created by Primrose
I want to get off Mr. Mundee's wild ride.

-Facial flexes to impress your friends!
-Jigglebones to simulate real ostritch neckflesh!
-Lifelike appearance to petrify enemies!
-Stubby legs to amuse yourself!

Concept, rigging, lods Jukebox!

Captain Cardbeard Cutthroat
Created by Voodoo
Captain Cardboard's Curious Cut-out.

Pyro isn't the only one who wants to be a pirate, everyone does!

Achievment Item!!!
Kill a Fully Equipped Captain Cardboard Pirate and Recieve a Pirate Hat for your Current Class!

Secondary Achievement!!!
Created by Cipher
Never has carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back been quite as fashionable or incredibly dangerous....
Created by Cipher
Featuring over one dozen different visual enhancement modes, several add-on attachments (sold separately), and even an experimental weather-tracking applet, finding the ghosties has never been easier.

... Listen! ... You smell something?...
Created by Cipher
No ghost hunter worth his salt would be caught dead in a haunted mansion without his trusty utility belt of ghoul tools....
The Old Man's Wisdom
Eyes can be deceiving.

- Blindfold is paintable
- Flexes

The Old One
Created by Sky
Ph'mmmph mmm'phhh M'phhh M'pph P'mmmmph Mmmphmm.

- Paintable!
- Glowing eyes!
- Hat compatible!
- Goes perfectly with either last years' Abhorrent Appendages or the Razor Claws.
- 100% spookier than my cthulhu inspired pyro mask from last year (t...
The Tiki Torcher
Created by Sky
Welcome to our special little island....

-Misc/Hat Compatible
-Team Coloured!
-Glows in the dark!
-Genteel Smoke compatable!

More Hallow...
Computron 5000
Created by Psyke
Comes with everything you see here, Batteries not included.

-Facial Flexed!
-Team Coloured!
-Glows in the dark!

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Cosmic Cranium
Created by Psyke
You must construct additional dispensers.

Team Coloured!
Glowing Eyes!

Part of the Halloween set "The Pyretheon Visitor"

More Halloween Items, click to view!
Grizzly Grin
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
C'mon Kiddo, Let's go grab a B̩̥̙͝Í͖͙̮T̡̮̳̘̣̪͖E̸̹̖̟̘̹ to E͓AṰ͓

-Misc/Hat Compatible
-Team Coloured!
-Glowing Eye that follow the player!

Part of the Halloween set "Teddy Tinder"

Mod available[]...
Half-Pint Healer
Created by Psyke
After a few mishaps with engineers experimental shrink ray, medic ended up feeling a little short of stature
But once again the day is saved, by the wonders of science!

Misc Compatible!
Glow In the dark buttons!
Lever-Pulling Action!
Misc/Hat Compatible...
The Secret Stowaway
Created by Psyke
Oh my god what is that strange and hideous looking thing!

...oh it's just soldier.

Team Coloured!
Misc/Hat Compatable!
Pyroland Assister!...
The Granite Chin
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
The Longterm effects of heavy-weight boxing can include Cauliflower ear, Broken noses, and something we like to call "Pug-Face"

- Zwappa: Concepting
- Rain: Model/Textures/Promo Materials
- Psyke: Textures
- Donhonk: Flexing

**Both "The Co...
E.T Extremity
Created by Psyke
It's not much of a tail, but i'm sort of attached to it.

Team Coloured!
Made from 100% Non-Sillicone Based matter!

Part of the Halloween set "The Pyretheon Visitor"

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Razor Claws
Created by Psyke
If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Team Coloured!
Changes both hands AND feet!

Part of the Halloween set "The Pyretheon Visitor"

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Ingrown Doe-Nail
Created by perrryz
Some cases of athletes foot can turn out a whole lot more dire than expected.

-Body Misc Compatible
-Mod download[]...
Mini Mech-Suit
Created by Psyke
After a series of freak accidents with an experimental shrink ray engineer had to face facts
He wasn't even half the man he used to be,

Luckily this Automated Body-Suit will put you back in the drivers seat.

Misc Compatible
Glow In the dark buttons!
Optimal Optics V2
Created by Psyke
Now watch your enemies burn even in the dark!

Comes with Lods!
Glow in the dark!
Snazzy Night-time vision-based action!

Now includes TEAM COLOURS.

Initial Concept By Costa
Model By Ronin
Texture By Psyke...
Puskiин Proto-Hammer
Created by The Ronin
Part of the
Red Planet Rider Set

Extravision feature!
Puskiин Power-fist
Created by The Ronin
Part of the
Red Planet Rider Set

Extravision feature!
3K-TR Exo-Bracer
Created by The Ronin
Part of the
Red Planet Rider Set

Extravision feature!
Bolshevik Boosters
Created by The Ronin
Part of the
Red Planet Rider Set

Extravision feature!
Gamma Goggles
Created by The Ronin
Part of the
Red Planet Rider Set

Extravision feature!
HR.5 Battle-Bonnet
Created by The Ronin
Part of the
Red Planet Rider Set
Preview Video:
Orion TMA-21 Mk. 1/2
Created by The Ronin
Part of the
Red Planet Rider Set

Extravision feature!
Pvt. Arson
Reupload of all the Oppressive Omelette.
Possibly the 4th revision.

The soldier can't keep out of Merasmus's personal belongings. Bringing back less than a dozen weird e...
Cy. Cy.
All right, I'm only going to say this once. ... BOOYAH!

See also: Ullaprosthetic

** ASCII Art will be terminated....
A glorious custom with a modern twist, Ullapool Cabers can turn your arm into circuit filled, robotic hybrid. That is... after you've blown the bloody thing into bits. Then have medical scientists build it back...

Also pictured: [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Sulfate Star Spangler
Make constellations out of your enemies! Bright, sparkly, short-lived constellations.

Suggested Stats:

+25% firing speed
Shells arc
-50% damage to buildings
Impacted enemies cannot hear Spy decloaks
Impacted buildings act more slowly

PyRoman Candle
Y'know those holiday stories of people hurting themselves with fireworks? They weren't doing it right. This is how you do it.

Suggested Stats:

+50% fire rate
+30% blast range
-30% damage
No reloads
Cannot pick up ammo until clip is empty
No min...
Dream Eater
Apparently the pyro has taken a liking to the little nightmare. That maniac also named it Lamarr.

*All class hat
*Paintable eyes
*Jiggleboned wings and tail

** ASCII Art will be terminated....
Hand Grenades
Created by QuestionablyInsane
"Sometimes you can take things too literally"

3 LODs

Artist's Notes:
First of all this is not made by me but Flat Penguin. The poor guy is having issues with his computer so he wanted me to post his item up so It got up in time. Hopefully he gets everyt...
Ghostly Grin
Created by ToxicWeasel
Heavy: 'OH NO!.. My mouth! It is speaking to me!! HELP NOW!'

All Class

Mod found here:
The Soviet Seduction
Created by The Winglet
If the video doesn't work, click here

"Kiss me" -Heavy Weapons Guy

Are you disappointed at the lack of new heavy taunts?
Are you distraught at your inability to seduce o...
Dance of Delight v1.6
Created by [Symmetry]
Update #2
Smoothed out the Spy, Soldier and Scout dances, also added an alternate taunt for the Demoman ( a Scottish Highlander sword dance).

Update #1
We refined every taunt as promised and made some small changes in the moves. They were ex
Big Buzzzer
Created by Peka
An all classes following pet originally made to match the soldier diptera set (larval lid + grub grenades) and the engineer fly set.

Eyes team colored, paintable, fly similarly to the Sackcloth spook and the Guano-Quoth birds

A mod to add the fly o...
Halloween Taunt: The Dreadshot
Created by Mort Stroodle
Why bother shooting your enemies in the head with an arrow when you can just stab yourself with an arrow to scare your enemies to death?

Includes Pain-ability!*
Includes Hell-ODs!*
Includes Scream Colors!*

*Does not actually include any of these...
zombie shuffle UPDATED
THIS ITEM HAS BEEN RE-UPLOADED! The new post can be found HERE

"Become a literal patient zero and spread the Zombie Shuffle through your team like any self-respecting virus would...
New Taunt: Most Wanted!
Created by Sparkwire
Please watch the video before commenting! ☺

"Dad? Dad, it's not the notepad of a nutter, it's more of a laundry list."

"One top ten list you don't want to be on."

"It's good to set goals."

This taunt includes a paintable prop....
Taunt: The French Revolutions
Created by Narry
How many wars have the French won?
Just one.

Revolver Ocelot?
Revolver Ocelot.

Works with all spy revolvers. Watch the video for more details

60fps Preview: {LINK REMOVED}
Mod Download (replaces default spy taunt): {LINK REMOVED}...
The Giger Counter
Created by Jukebox
Analyzes and slightly irradiates your enemies!

Engineer Wrangler replacement.

Big thanks to KarmaChanger for the demonstration video!

-Animated Radar
-4 lods

Jukebox: Model
Constructor: Textures
Metabolic: Concept help

The Crowd Controller
Created by Colteh
One of the finest pieces of equipment a demoman can own.

Combustible Lemon Launcher V1.2
Created by Sparkwire
Resubmitted to add some critical fixes

Best idea ever: (it should work the same except be a secondary, not a primary as noted in the comment.)

Fish R Friends 4 hours ago
Would it be possible to have a primary that goes with this that shoots propul...
Snowy Companion [Scout]
Created by QLen

☃ Despite chilling below the freezing point, this little guy will never give you the cold shoulder. ☃

-3 LODs
-Team colors
-Different model for each class...
Danger Ranger (Iron Gauntlet)
Created by Donvius
UPDATE: Alright, if anyone wants to check it out for themselfs in the game, here is a download link for a mod that will replace the Direct Hit with Danger Ranger:

- - - - -

Because if you want to win wars and b...
Lubricant for joints
Created by Hunter
For robots!...
L.A.S.E.R. Pan
Created by Gadget
L.A.S.E.R. Pan

After spacelab scientists invented traveling at the speed of light they got hungry so they also invented cooking at the speed of light. This pan is going to roast your steak in just about 10^-42 seconds.

o All-class melee weapon
o Sel...
The Meteor Shower
Created by Sparkwire
When asked to build a gun that would work in a zero-oxygen environment, the number one Soviet gun designer asked "Why?" After his body was removed, the number two Soviet gun designer came up with this....
The Insanerator
Created by Sparkwire
The coolest coal cannon out there! (But only because it's the only coal cannon out there, and to be honest, it's actually the opposite of cool; it's really damn hot!)

Don't forget to watch the video to see it in-game and with special sounds!

Raider's Waders (with gloves!)
Created by Sky
All-class combat boots and fingerless gloves.
No gloves on medic and pyro, and technically less gloves on spy than usual. Demo gets bonus bare forearms.

Submitted for the Tomb Raider Contest.
Boots mostly based on the boots in promo materials for Te...
The Peacekeeper
Created by Colteh
Shoots stuff...
Li'l Mate
Created by Constructor


This mod is not going to be uploaded on Gamebanana because honestly, that site is a shithole. Also, NATKO, you DO NOT hav...
The Conspicuous Camouflage [Open Zip Style]
Created by Rozzy
You'll stand out against all your buddies.

Item comes in two styles for the collar but only one can be used. Vote for the one you prefer. Click the image below to see alternate style.

The Smoking Jacket Style 2: Parkplace
Created by DrSlowking
Hey you're looking hot! But not nearly as hot as ME!

There's another style, but its uploaded as another item.

Heres the other item:
Taunt: Drunk
Created by Yawning Machine
Drink all you want, lad. If you know demoman well enough, he has one thing to do in his spare time (except he can no longer judge when spare time is.)
Also remember, demoman has ONE golden rule that is he can never have too much beer.

Let the drinking be...
Drum and Drummer
Created by Hobo on Fire!
The iconic package for a traveling street performer including a Drum, Horn, and Cymbal set.

Jiggleboned! The wires acts as a pull string for the drums.

Part of the One Pyro Band Set....
Created by EmAr
Pyro's determined to meet Santa when he comes down the chimney to deliver his presents this year.

Available in regular and Staffordshire blue brick. The stocking, the woods and the ribbon jiggle. The ribbon is paintable too....
Torontonian Overcoat
Created by donhonk
In the harsh winters of the Great White North, it's you and this coat versus the world.
Northern Tsar
Created by goldenjohnson
"Royal facial hair"

Serious_Greg - Concept, SFM
GoLDeN - Implementation...
Popovich Protection
Created by goldenjohnson
"Deflects cold and bullets"

Serious_Greg - Concept, SFM
GoLDeN - Implementation...
Tundra Hunter
Created by OverPovered
DECEMBER 21, 2014 UPDATE: The mask skull icon is now smoothed!

-All Class

On the tundra there is something more dangerous than a man or a wolf and that something is the mercenary on a mission.

UPDATE: The Fluff is now SMOOTH. Your requ...
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

The Compact Combustor
Created by CoreVixen
Out of options? Dig this antique out of the closet and hope to high hell it still works!

Thanks to Lev for the description
Video made by Karma Charger
Download on the collection page.
Created by Orko
Weapon of choice for the Witch Runner

EDIT: added a screenshot of the pumpkin ball that was scrapped last minute due the deadline of Night of the Living Update this saturday (September 15). Since it's been extended, I'll continue working on it. Stay tun...
The Sneaky Sweater
Created by CyanPlastic
Stay warm this winter with this sweater for Spy!...
Airtight Arsonist
Created by Wowza
- Paintable
- 3 LODs


Mod download:

Check out the other items in the set!
Lightyear Landers
Created by Wowza
Model/texture/rigging: Wowza
Normals: [BMS] Rozzy
Concept: Metabolic

Mod download:

Check out the other items in the set!

Astro Gauntlets
Created by Wowza
- Paintable
- 3 LODs

Model/texture/rigging: Wowza
Concept: Metabolic

Mod download:

Check out the other items in the set!

Heated Hitman
Created by perrryz
The coldest killer


perrryz - model stuff
Colteh - textures, model modifications, additional help...
Toasty Telecom V2 [Style 2]
Created by 2brostudio
Kill to the tune of warmth... with a new and improved hat! Fully paintable headphones for the holidays. Please note, the paints are the same for Style 1 and 2. I am in the process of making Style 2's paint sheet, but in the meantime please use Style 1's fo...
Sweet Smissmas Sweater
Created by SrPelo
Nothing better for a warm christmas than a cute sweater....
The Buster Bazooka
Created by boomsta
I suck at names, but here, have this cool item instead! Part of this cool set I made that doesn't have a name!...
Memory Terminal 2000
"I've just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit. It's going to go 100% failure in 72 hours."

- 1 LOD
- Team Colors
- Self-Illumination
- Cubemapped Glass
- A Moon Space Sci Fi Science Computer Item! 2000!...
The Heat Blast
Created by mr apple
Designed it so it air blasts back an opponent whilst setting them on fire.

Can be risky because it's forcing Valve's hand on what it does.


R2: Added 4 LOD's...
The Meatgrinder
Created by Jal
Grind your enemies to bits with this triple barreled shotgun!

The Barraviewda
Created by Sparkwire
Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Douse the fire within your heart by firing a bullet into someone else's.

*Possibility of having the barrel recoil on firing*

Check out the rest of the set!!!!

The Thirsty Ranger
Created by Donvius
--- UPDATE ---

I have uploaded a modified and a bit simplified version of this right here: It still is kinda crazy with some gimmicks, but it also more or less fits into the game restrict...
Zhe Unwohly Reliever
Created by oscr
An infected Medi Gun replacement packed with mushrooms for maximum healing to hurting ratio - for you and your patient!

Part of "Zhe Medical Mushroom"-set: - Please have a look at the promo...
Zhe Shroomsauger
Created by oscr
An infected Medi Gun replacement packed with mushrooms for maximum healing to hurting ratio - for you and your patient!

Part of "Zhe Medical Mushroom"-set: - Please have a look at the promo...
Zhe Samaritan Saw-ry
Created by oscr
An infected Medi Gun replacement packed with mushrooms for maximum healing to hurting ratio - for you and your patient!

Part of "Zhe Medical Mushroom"-set: - Please have a look at the prom...
Battering Bronco
Sugarcoated twice
Bludgeoning you trice

inpsired by Alice: Madness Returns

you can get the mod/s here []


I'm seei...
The Heatwave
Created by Sparkwire
If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?

Check out the rest of the set!!![url={LINK REMOVED}...
Master Blaster
Created by Jukebox
We don't know what you keep in your briefcase; documents, genophage serums, undies, whatever. We do know that the best way to keep people from stealing it is lasers. Lots of Lasers. And that's where this beauty comes in. It'll fill your enemies full of hol...
Rocket Runner
Created by Gadget
Rocket Runner

o Scout helmet
o Paintable
o Jiggle bones
o 3 LODs
Lightyear Longsleeves
Created by Gadget
Lightyear Longsleeves

o Scout misc
o Paintable
o 3 LODs
Gravity Gloves
Created by Gadget
Gravity Gloves

o Scout misc
o Paintable
o 2 LODs
Blaster Boots
Created by Gadget
Blaster Boots

o Scout misc
o Paintable
o 3 LODs
Beam Bat
Created by Jukebox
Originally we used this thing to remove things such as solder or pickle jar lids. Until one of our techs found it removes other stuff, like limbs. Don't worry, he's fine, we gave him $50 and a slightly used brand new leg.

Melee for Scout.

SFM video comin...
Tossable Teleporter
Created by Jukebox
In the world of tomorrow you need to get places now, and not a second later. No time to wait on those egg head hard hats to build their teleporters. That's why you stole this little guy; gets you where you want, right god-damn now. Those lab boys say you n...
Backpack Beacon
Created by Jukebox
You are entering a dimension of mind, a dimension without sound, without "102.5 FM Delilah In The Morning".

The horror.

Multi class radio beacon
Jiggleboned Antennae
Illuminated screen
Paintable case
Obscure astronomical reference

Item - Jukebox
SFM - ...
Cell Suspect
Created by Jukebox
Do Not Carry On Back

Paintable Fluid and Alien
Jiggleboned Alien, bubbles and wires

Model - Jukebox
Textures - Sky
Concept - Metabolic
Cell Suspect - Broken Style
Created by Jukebox
We warned you.

Paintable Fluid
Jiggleboned Fluid and Wires

Model - Jukebox
Textures - Sky
Concept - Metabolic...
Hologram HUD
Created by Jukebox
"Imagine, if you can, a next generation Heads Up Display so amazing that it's not just a HUD, its an experience. Now that has become a reality. We're taking HUDs to the next level."

-Guy in a turtleneck

Paintable Holograms

Item - Jukebox
SFM promos - CD...
Throat Burster
Created by Jukebox
I don't know what the hell it is, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is.

Jiggleboned Tentacles and Head
Paintable Tentacles
Glows in the Dark

Item - Jukebox
Concept help - Metabolic
SFM Promos - CDJO...
The Interstellar Insulator
Created by Jukebox
To boldy go where no sober man has gone before....
Universal Translator
Created by Jukebox
No matter how many time you tell them you can talk with aliens, you still smell like scrumpy.

May 4th, 2016:
Added paint comparison image of texture update. Note that the after shots have different lighting, the normal map is still there I was just laz...
Created by NeoDement
Secondary weapon for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!

Now available for download as a mod here:
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core
Created by Gadget
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core

This high capacity nuclear energy cell is used to power outer space vehicles and also quite destructive on heavy impact.

o Throwable device for Sniper and Scout
o Self-illuminated texture
o Jiggling liquid inside
o Soft green glow par...
Created by NeoDement
Primary weapon for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!

Now available for download as a mod here:
Bone Dome
Created by NeoDement
Headgear for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!...
Air Raider
Created by NeoDement
Misc item for the Airborne Arsonist set. The hose is jiggleboned.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!...
The Solid Impact
Created by ToxicWeasel

Point in general direction of enemy.. press the trigger and witness pure carnage!.. That's of course if you can even lift this weapon!


Not to be used by lightweights or maggots!...
Astral Assassin
Created by ZoraKirby
Assasinate your target from over a planet away with these rocket-propelled energy arrows!

Part of the Snipin' Space Man set.

(ALSO check out the animated gif of the energy effect!)

Update: Fixed the "string" of the bow looking crazy in lower LODs. Also...
Created by SgtR007
A paint applicator and remover, all in one convenient killing machine!

Check out the other items in my Pyro Painter Pack!

Now with improved textures and LODs!...
The Lost Cosmonaut - Loading Screen
Created by Sparkwire
This is the voyage of the first Russian Cosmonaut. His five-week mission: to explore strange new weapons; to seek out new life and to kill it; to boldly go where no man was strong enough to go before....
Terminal Killocity
Created by Sparkwire
Prepare for a Fist Encounter of the Four-Knuckled Kind with these comfy gold-foil lined spacegloves.

UPDATE: added better team colors...
Cosmic Cuisine
Created by Sparkwire
Take a faster-than-light trip through your bowels with this gelatinous sandvich-flavored space paste....
Kaiser Visor
Created by Sparkwire
NASA spent 4 billion dollars designing a space helmet that worked in zero gravity. Russia just hollowed out an old satellite....
The Decompression Brute
Created by Sparkwire
A harness originally designed to fit a experimental space gorilla. It will keep you safe from space radiation and will keep you warm with all of the leftover gorilla hair stuck to the inside....
Outerspace Outerwear
Created by Sparkwire
Protect yourself from the cold void of space and the harsh tongues of fashion critics with this state-of-the-art spacesuit....
Sleeper Agent
Created by Zoey
Knock out the competition, permanently.
Packable Provisions
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Ain't that a cute lil' backpack?

Mod download[]

L4D2 mod
The Angry Avenger
Created by Gangstahwezel
"Hit the road, bozo! Let a real Scout get to work!"


Model: Gangstahwezel
Rigging: The Duke
Texture: Colteh
Concept: Phill...
Bulletproof Battery
Created by Astute
"They say the best defense is a good offense...

... but they never said you couldn't have both."

A remake of my previous submission, The "Soviet Sidekick". This is one of the first real weapon resubmissions I've done so far, after refining m...
The Gilded Glory
Created by OverPovered
UPDATE: File directories have been updated to be appropriate.

A team colored revolver for the spy.

A special thanks to the TF2 Emporium on Facepunch, without your help the concept would have been lackluster.

SFM Promos and concept developme...
Roulette Russe
Created by Systematic
Just because you're French doesn't mean you can't play a little Russian roulette. Proven to increase your mannliness by 600%! Recommended by 5 out of 6 people!

Warning: May cause death....
Respectless Robo-Glove (Updated)
Created by DeR‎osaJ
*I apologize if the thumbnail image appears as if it's flipping you off; that wasn't my intention :(

Here's the Respectless Robo-Glove, remade from scratch in order to fix some issues with the current one:

-Brand new model, UV map, and texture
-All ...
Desert Rose
Created by Gadget
Desert Rose

o Engineer secondary weapon
o 3 LODs
o Styles without the engravings included

Concept by Juodvarnis

Feel free to suggest other names and discuss about weapon stats.

Mod download:
The Moonwalkers
Created by Sparkwire
You've got the whole wide world in your hands.

Part of the "From the Earth to the Moon and Back Again" Set...
Komrade's Kringle
Created by Psyke
Did you think the works of kristoff kringle would stop at a meer simple coat for soldier?

Kristoff caters his fashions to all manner of mercenaries!

comes with LODS
Team coloured!
Fashionable and Cozy!...
Merc's Messenger
Created by ¡BUNGO!
In a rut to keep up with the latest and greatest of Mann Co. fashions, Scout barraged into his mother’s room and found THIS little number. His mom right about slapped him on the face. She keeps her make-up in there.

Mann-up, boy....
The Manncannon
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
Give your mate a cannon.
Mates love cannons.

Now part of "The Frontline!" community update:


Based somewhat loosely on the Russian PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle from WWII, this is a remake of m...
The Soviet Show-off
Created by Hypo
Tired of all those capitalist bullies mocking your puny muscles? Bulk up to mutant mass and show those pigs your true might with a delightful, yet frightening display of fitness, form, and physique!

ANIMATED PIP-BOY [Build/Destroy Tool] re-work
Created by Ouch!
Since the Engineer got a space for new PDAs in his loadout I have felt that the Pip-Boy Miscileaneous item should no longer be a misc item and, instead, become a reskin item for the build/destroy tool. SFM makes making stuff like this easy!

Bullet Berserker
Created by _kyle
Mow down your foes with the unrelenting force of your imaginary, dual wielded, heavy weaponry!

Version 2 is out! I have re-animtaed the entire taunt from scratch. The Heavy is now less stationary and more... berserkery...

The Brain Trainer
Sometimes you just need to go for a jog to clear the mind. Or get away from that Pyro chasing you.

Paintable and shiz.

Download the mod:
The Sinister Shogun
Created by Merczy
Fearless Samurai,
Sets Enemy Team Ablaze,
And Has Time For Tea.

-3 LODs!
Model By Merczy
Texture By Ertz
Created by donhonk
Stopping Power and Rugged Style, this gun has it all! Inspired by the Nosorog AEK-906 revolver.

Kill Icon
Speed Reloader
Handsome good looks.
From Mother, With Love.
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
For the kids who aren't main character-enough to get an invisibility cloak, there's always christmas socks from your real girl back home: your mother.

Void: Concept/Texture/charts
Rain*: Model/Promo's...
The Defensive Engie Pack
Created by Jal
The concept is to have a building that generates shield similar to the one around the sentries when you are using Wrangler. There should be a special effect applied to the generator ring similar to the rotating light ring above the center control point in ...
Tyrantium Helmet Fix
Created by Bapaul
Fixed the helmet using the wrong material settings....
Witch Doctor
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Facial flexed!

You can download mod version from

Nightmare Before Smissmas[]

The Creepy Chiroptera v2
Created by boomsta
It doesn't look creepy, in fact it looks quite cute. When it follows you around all day is when it starts to get creepy.

Model/texture/animation - boomsta
texture/concept - Viktorie...
Pyro's Playtime
Created by JPRAS

Suggest your own taunt ideas in our official group thread!

Note: Due to the taunt importer's limitations, we are unable to mak...
The Cooldown
"What to do in a hot summer day: Go to the beach, have some cold drinks and watch people turn their heads as they realize what you're holding."

-Team Colored
-2 LODs

Contest entry for The $1,000 TF2 "Rain, Hail, or Shine" Skinning Contest
The Ice-Breaker
Created by Zoey
Chop chop....
The Sharp Decoy
Created by Sir Kunt
This is the third part of the Die Another Way Set. It go along The Sleeper Agent and Le Fantôme.

Le Fantôme :
The Sleeper Agent :
The S...
Blood Guard
Created by Zoey
My blood is entirely out of my body. What a curious feeling!

Vote on the rest of the set![url={LINK REMOVED}...
Festive Manipulator
Created by TIEFT
-Light Glow

Tanks to:
Marked Incompatible ]  Supporters Icon Pack
Created by ka-punn
Hello, I'm a Japanese TF2 player.
I'm not good at English, sorry for the difficulty you might have.

This is not a MOD, just a bundle of concept arts, but I hope my ideas will be helpful for promoting good teampla...
The Blitzstorm
Created by Jukebox
50,000 unstoppable watts.

-Includes backpack
-Custom particles
-Custom sounds

Thanks to Karma Charger for the demon...
Magic Wand
Created by Svdl
Pyro's gonna put a spell on you.
You might not enjoy the spell.

Gas welding torch for the Primary slot.
4 LODs. Includes jigglebones.

Be sure to check out the rest of the set![/ur...
The Snowstorm
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
Somebody told the Pyro to "Chill Out".

The Pyro prompty went and got a fire extinguisher, a canister of liquid nitrogen, some ice chains and a few broken snow blower parts.

Chill out indeed.

Want to use this weapon in game right now? Click here t...
The Circuit Breaker
Created by Jukebox
You might feel a slight sting.

Medic melee weapon

-Custom sounds
-Animated lightning

Thanks to Karma Charger f...
Support Sweater(Medic)
Created by multitrip
3 styles...
Gunman Camouflage
Created by DPV
Space Gloves
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Space Gloves for Engie (2 styles (logo / no logo))

(They replace Engie's right hand and cover Engie's left hand.)

* Paintable
* 2 Styles (with/without logo)

"Commencing countdown,
Engie's on
Check ammunition
and may your Sentry be with you..."...
Lunar Launcher
Created by Bells
Join the space race and fly to the Moon! Reach orbital heights with this lunar themed launcher!

Comes in team colours (at no extra charge)....
The Calamitous Carbine
Uses a heavily modified version of the Sten animations that were added into the game a while ago and removed.

Thanks to Karma Charger for the video!
The Survival Kit
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Mod download

Download the posters here

Join my steam group if you like my items!
[url={LINK REMOVED}....
Pa's Protection
Created by Merczy
When in doubt ask your pa for help.

Model and Textures by Merczy
Rigging by Taco
Concept by Gibbly...
New Taunt: The Box Trot
Created by Sparkwire
During the cardboard box shortage of 1930 only the wealthiest individuals could be seen wearing boxes. Ever since, box fashion has become a billion dollar industry. Take it back to the classics by wearing this sleek number that is sure to turn heads.

The Freeman's Friend
Created by Black Mesa Workshop
Promotional item for the Steam Release of Black Mesa....
The Submersible Subversive
Created by kf.hammond
Every now-and-then the Pyro enjoys cooling off by submerging himself in a pool of his eniemies own blood, this is when the pyro dons his trusty scuba helmet....
Optimal Optics
Created by The Ronin
Now see your enemies burn in the dark!

Also check out the Tactical Bucket
The Kiddy's Kindler
Created by FissionMetroid101
When Pyromania was released, I was disappointed with the lack of kiddy secondary weapons, and always wanted to see one exist. After a dream I had a little under a week ago with this weapon in it, I have been designing and working on this item.

The knob ...
The Festive Falcata
Created by ColonelBD
Celebrate christmas the Australian way, by clubbing the nearist hippie scumbag until you can can deck the 2fort with blood and brain matter. Fun for all the family!

Download links on Gamebanana and TF2mods....
The Gamin Texan
Created by Jal
Play games while you build your sentry!
2 LOD's
Rate the collection!
The Mine Layer
Created by Rozzy
Some people don't like the idea of mines due to their "fire and forget" mechanic so maybe it could be a disc bomb launcher or can stack bombs on top of one another to increase damage output.

Updated model to try and improve top front part from comments....
Winter? It does not matter. I'm still the fastest among all....
Created by Gadget
Medieval mode map attack / defend mode with 3 stages.

Thread on for this map:

I'd be happy to read your feedback on the gameplay and visuals.

If you're hosting this map on a server kindly le...
Burghausen (Halloween version)
Created by Gadget
Medieval mode map attack / defend mode with 3 stages. This is the Halloween version with night setting, additional pumpkin bombs and the ghost from Harvest.

Thread on for this map:

I'd be happy...
Suijin [KOTH]
Created by Freyja
Suijin is now included as an official map in Team Fortress 2!

Link to Arena Version

Suijin is an arena map set on a Japanese cliffside shinto shrine to Suijin, the god of wate...
Created by sean
Pl_borneo is set in secret facilites in the misty jungles of Borneo. The map is a single stage payload map with 4 areas of battle.

Many custom textures and models had to be created for the jungle theme. It was really tedious work making all the foliage...
Triple Threat
Created by Bapaul
Full sliding-clip grenade launcher, including custom animations.

Model/texture by Bapaul
Concept by Kibble
Animations by Taco

Major thanks to Merczy for the custom sounds in the video!

Please note:
The provided youtube video is done in SFM sinc...
The Blues Ravager
Created by Eedo Baba
Camped out behind your sentry, waiting hours upon hours for the enemy onslaught, what is there to do but play a lonesome tune on your old harmonica? Why, build a pistol out of it of course!

New! Check out the model in 3D:
Sir William's Stampede
Created by nano393
"The relic of the Darling family. Very effective against elephants, rhinos, gorillas and big soviet men."

3 LODs...
Blunderer's Breech-Loader
Created by Sky
Blunderbuss for the pyro, works with flare gun animations.
Could work as a flare/other projectile gun or single shot shotgun.

Also yes, the ramrod is there only for aesthetic reasons.

And no its not for demoman because its single shot, fires a musket bal...
The Soul of the Sentry
Created by Slifer
Yes, even Sentries have a soul. You should respect them or else they will haunt you for the rest of your life....
Rough Rider's Rough Cut
Created by Merczy
Model and Texture by Merczy
Flexes by Gadget
Normals by Primrose
Additional help from Taco...
The Swift Undercut
A new hairstyle for Scout!

256x256 diffuse
256x256 normal
607 triangles...
The Toasty Trenchcoat
Created by CoreVixen
The frontline of military fashion.

Thanks to Lev for the name.
Download on the collection page....
Hat of Untangled Wires And Rust
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥

-file layout matches new import system.
-all class models (using one texture)
-3 lods
-team colors

more info about the update can be found in the change notes....
The Professional Touch
Created by CoreVixen
tfc inspired pyro gloves and boots
Mod download:
Mod download with merged tank:
SFM by Legoformer1000...
Commissar's Coat
Created by GetGrenade

3 lods, team colored...
Sports Flannel
Created by Jukebox
Nothing says "I'm a lumberjack and I totally have a peach fuzz beard just look closely." like a nice flannel.


Jukebox: Model
ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ: Rigging and Model edits
㋡Dilly Dong: SFM Promo

Mod L[http//%26quot%3Bhttp]...
Commissar's Ushanka
Created by GetGrenade
One more ushanka? Sure thing!

2 lods, team colored, paintable...
Rooftop Runner
Created by Zoey
Rundown -

256x DXT5 diffuse
256x DXT5 normal
LODs 1-2
Team colours
More stuff.

Gotta go fast....
Bark Muzzle
Created by KingPooChicken
If your bark is really worst than your bite, then why not make it silent and deadly?

- Facial Flexed

- Team Colored...
Created by Daimao
Reworked the mesh from my original goggles to something geometrically acceptable (1,400 tris@LOD0, 1,000@LOD1, 700@LOD2) and redid the textures.

Glows-in-the dark and supports (ALL) paint.

Now with extra gold star. Model and texture by yours truly, S...
Relaxed Ranger
Created by The Ronin
Back aches are now a thing of the past. Relax is the new black. Get one now and we'll double your productivity and silliness. GUARANTEED.

Model and Texture by Ronin
Concept by Gigazelle
SFM by Jzeeba

The Celtic Claymores
2 LODs
512x512 diffuse and normal....
The Wealthy Texan
Created by JPRAS
Petroil baron jacket for Engie...
The Best Medicine
Created by void~
Can't spell "slaughter" without laughter!...
Comrade Questions
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Version 5!

-Comes in two styles!
-Retains the Heavy's color flow and silohette
-Works great with other Cosmetics!

Mod available here:
The Mann O' War
Created by Dewzie
Do what you want 'coz a pirate is free!

The ironsight is based on a ship helm.

Gold for RED, silver for BLU....
Medical Emergency
Created by FiveEyes
"A classic tote in the medical field"

Feel free to suggest other names

- Team Colored

FiveEyes: Model/Texture/SFM
Stev: Rigging/Additional Help
Sims_Doc: Concept

MOD: [UR...
Saboteur's Handwear (2017)
Created by [T] Zeuzera
Saboteur's Handwear
( 2017 Update )

Fingerless (woolen) gloves for the demo.

# Tris: 504
# Diffuse: 512x512
# Normal: 512x512
# Paintable (?): Yes!
# Equip Region: Sleeves / Arms (Demoman...
The Civil Suit
Created by Midnight™
You got a problem? I'm your man.

Includes 1 LOD and a paintable tie.

Model: Midnight Wolves
Texture: DANGeR21
Wallpapers by by Kunoichi:
The Kami-Scatter
Created by MessCoder
This item is abandoned until further notice.

If you are willing to help with:
- Smart UV mapping (somehow allowing a small texture to look dense on the model)
- Quality texturing
Contact me, we can reboot this item and share the potential benefits.
The Conventional
Created by Svdl
This thing is sometimes known as a "gun", you might have heard of one before.
See also the silenced version for a little extra fancy!

Compatible with the new weapon ski...
The Quick Cut
Created by Merczy
You may think the name has something to do with speed, but in reality your barber just screwed you over.

-3 LODs

Model, Texture, Renders by Merczy.
BP Icons by Merczy with additional help From Void~...
The Conventional (Silenced)
Created by Svdl
This thing is sometimes known as a "gun", you might have heard of one before.
This one isn't quite as loud.
See also the unsilenced version for something a little more noisy![/...
Sunburn Suit (Class Clown)
Created by DPV
Everyday is Casual Friday for you. Who's going to tell you "don't wear that to work" or "stop leaving corpses in my backyard"? No one, that's who.

Vulture: models - textures.
Bash Something: names - descriptions.
Milk o'War: SFM pictures.

The Murderous Menpo (OLD)
Created by Merczy
Warrior of Flame
Burns Enemy Spys All Day
In Flames They All Die

-2 LODs
-Full Paintablility...
Sunburn Suit (Class Pride)
Created by DPV
Everyday is Casual Friday for you. Who's going to tell you "don't wear that to work" or "stop leaving corpses in my backyard"? No one, that's who.

Vulture: models - textures.
Bash Something: names - descriptions.
Milk o'War: SFM pictures.

Cashflow - Weapon Skin
Created by Harry
What better way to show your wealth than to literally splash your cash all over your weapon.

Download the mod!
The Burstchester
Created by CobaltGemini
It's a close encounter of the BUSTING-OUT-OF-YOUR-CHEST kind! Perhaps wearing all those "face hats" that hatched from those space eggs wasn't such a good idea...

Meet Chester, a creature that our lawyers tell us to call a "burstchester". This par...
Darling's Cobra
Created by nano393
"Used by the high ranking employees of the Darling Zoos, this fine reproduction of the original revolver of the Darling family can take down any beast known to man. If hunting is your favorite sport, this is your weapon."

3 LODs...
The Doombringer
Created by Zoey
The Closed Circuit
Created by Merczy

-2 LODs!

Model by Merczy
Texture by Ertz
Concept by Mr.Gibbly
Unwrapped by ZombiePlasticClock

The Timid Torcher
Created by Yikes
Don't be shy

100% original

(does not work with hats, is a whole head replacement)

Made partially as a tribute to the late Satoru Iwata. He was a man who really shaped the lives of myself and many others, the games he created...
Dragon's tooth collector
Created by Aurelijus Veryga
2nd my workshop artwork
hand painted textures, with normal maps
Team colors!...
Cheery Combusting Chimney
Created by Vi3trice
Okay, second try. Team-colored and LODs to boot!

Note: The lights do glow in the dark.

Base: 5496 tris
LOD1: 4879 tris
LOD2: 3217 tris
LOD3: 1787 tris
LOD4: 760 tris

Last revision: Adjusted the last level of detail....
Taunt: The Texan Blues
Play a little song for that bit of pulp on the wall that was a Scout mere seconds ago.
The Iceman
Created by FiveEyes
Part of the ARMS RACE 2 contest!

"Forget the Bruins, it's time for the brusin'! Show them what a slapshot REALLY means, when the Iceman cometh..."

- Team Colored
- Normal Mapped Puck
- Projectile Based Scout Melee
- Arms Race 2

Helmetless Helmet
Created by Rotzlöffel
One small step for maggots, but one giant jump for Maggotkind!...
Fool's Australium - Weapon Skin
Created by void~
All that glitters is not gold....
The Dead Frame - old version -
Created by nano393
-This version is old. Go check the new one-

Win a Saxxy? Yeah yeah, but, How about a fantastic recruitment movie to show everyone how REAL men beat REAL hippies? How about that private?

3 LODs...
Second Gunman
Created by Svdl
Boom, headshot....
The Blackpowder Bangs
Created by Ertz™
Comes with:

- 2 Lods
- Paintability
- Team colours
- Normal map
- Flexes

Part of the "Rex Lusca" set.
New Taunt: Art of War
Created by Populus
A beautiful piece of art that minutely presents the lifelessness of your dead corpse.

The Farmer's Collective
Created by Sparkwire
There's many men forget their proper station

And still are meddling with the administration

*Added Styles*...
Breakfast For Guns - Weapon Skin
Created by bready
I teleported breakfast....
Candy Coating
Created by Totenkreuz
Just remember these are made for killing, not eating...
Pyroland Pentagons - Weapon Skin
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Pentagon skin for Flamethrower...

MOD to replace the Flash Fryer... and maybe other weapons that use those textures XD
Colored Spotter Weapon Skins
Created by Totenkreuz
Team Colored Sniper Rifle

-Special thanks to That Hat Guy, for providing a factory new rifle for additional screenshots...
The Chrome Cranium
Created by Black Mesa Workshop
Promotional item for the Steam Release of Black Mesa....
The Kinetic Collider
Created by Hobo on Fire!
A projectile-based weapon inspired from the streamline design movement of the 1930's.

- Self Illumination
- 3 LODs

Part of the Aviator of Tomorrow Set
Bursting Betty
Created by Sparkwire
A burst fire SMG for engineer.

"From the time when automatic weapons were new, this rare little number was designed to fire in bursts. It did so moderately well, but it did tend to overheat and fall apart every now and then which is why only collector...
Maxwell Hoverwell
Created by bazooka
Inspired by Back to the Future II.

Check out the Back to the Future II collection!

Also pictured:

Spaced out Jam
Created by Vipes
Do you ever wonder if there is life beyond us? And more importantly, do they play Basketball?

Want to get into making your own Warpaints? Follow this nifty guide by CoBalt:

Need something t...
Abstract Assassin
Created by I like taking heads

Abstract Skin for all classes

1024x1024 Texture

Veterans Attire
Created by Rozzy
A distinct war veteran needs a distinct coat.

Model/Texture: Rozzy
Concept: retrovirus
SFM Shot: Sasha Dotterkletch

Sweater and stripes can be painted....
The Secret Service
Created by SNIPA
Comes with LOD's!

Make sure you check out the other items in the set!

Download the skin/mod!
Created by NeoDement
A robotic version of the Bootlegger, originally created for the Robotic Boogaloo update.

Murder At Midnight
Created by I like taking heads
A Sparkly, Midnight Sky Themed skin for all weapons!

-512x512 Texture

Companion Cube
Created by Flat Penguin
Inspired by one of my favourite games

The pattern was created by modelling the cube, texturing it with block colours and producing a final render...
Created by JPRAS
A bullet(?) proof vest for Engineer.


-LOD 0, 1.

Ethereal Extremity
Created by Mr. Tinder
"Maybe we are all holograms...or I guess just your dominant hand is."

-Team colored
-Hologram and emitter glows in the dark
-3 LODs

-Mr. Tinder: Modeling,Texturing, and Promo Images
-Metabolic: Texturing and Concepting...
The Glassassin
Created by Sparkwire
The Glassassin

best stat so far

Zorgon {BBG} {Shinigami} Jan 29, 2013 @ 8:24am
does not look like spicicle. Seems like it could be something like: killing/backstabbing an enemy with this weapon causes them to explode into "thousands" of smal...
Chintzy Camper
Created by Vipes
Where form meets dysfunction.

Custom patterns are chintzy_camper_blu, chintzy_camper_comb, chintzy_camper_red, chintzy_camper_stripes_blu, chintzy_camper_stripes_red...
Tropical Transgression
Created by Mr. Tinder
Washed up on the shores at a Mann. Co shipping facility, these dubiously repurposed tropical flair weapons both look and smell fishy....
The Covert Covers
Created by Wowza
A winter ski mask, beanie, and hood for the Spy.

-Facial flexes

Mod download:

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Skullgirls: Big Band's Sax Pack
Created by Ravidrath
Lab Zero needs your help!

Valve has given us the opportunity to release Skullgirls Team Fortress 2 items... but only if you show your support and vote for them!

So vote well and spread the word - the more votes we get, the more likely you and your f...
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
100% magic granteed!

- Paintable
- Lods
- All-class
- Magic

- Serious_Greg: Concept Artist
- Rain*: Modeler
- Psyke: Texture Artist
- Evil_Knevil: All Class Assets...
The Burner's Bolo

Model by Colteh
Texure by SedimentarySocks
Concept by Mr. Gibbly

256x256 normal and texture
2 lods

Sidewinder Sidearm
Created by I'm Blind
A slick snakeskin pattern for the Scout, Engineer, and Spy in a variety of colors!

1024x1024 Pattern for the base, Snake underbelly pattern, a slate grey color, and a variety of neutral team colors!

Skin created by:
(AKA) I'm B...
Cosmic Spice Sniper Rifle
Created by TehFocus
"Even in the cold Cosmos, this Rifle still burns like Grandma's Chilli"

A space themed Sniper Rifle Skin.

The 2 Patterns used on this Rifle feature purple blop-like formations. The main pattern has one purple star which can, with a litt...
Acid Trip (weapon skin)
Created by Monarch
Groovy baby, yeaaaahhhh!!!!...
Bomb Beanie
Created by NeoDement
ka boom

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:
The Splatter Shot
A paint gun for Engineer.

- Custom Particles
- Custom Sounds!
- Paint!
The Chest Chamber
Created by JPRAS
Adventure Stamp - Weapon Skin
Created by HappyHead
Comes in red and blu...
Dr. Unigoggle
Separate lenses? For EACH eye?! Do you know how much lenses COST?!...
The Landing Gear
3 LODs
Boot straps are paintable....
The Bolshevik Bomber
Created by FiveEyes
Part of the Arms Race 2 contest!

"This thing will kill anything and anything in a 10 foot radius of said thing"

- 3 LoDs

Model/SFM/Other: FiveEyes
Texture: Metaru
Concept: Kibble/S...
The Holo Hurtstopper
Holograms have not been proven to be solid.

Model by SedimentarySocks
Texture by kf.hammond
Concept by Serious_Greg

Thanks to Ona for the name!...
Urine Trouble
Created by Sparkwire
Douse your enemies with recycled coffee with this oversize coffee carafe and part-time catheter

Watch the video to see the exclusive animated texture and jigglebones! (keep in mind the video features an old version of the texture and model.

Make sure to ...
Cosmic Spice Medi Gun
Created by TehFocus
"To give your healthy Meals just the right Flavor."

A space themed Medi Gun Skin.

The 2 patterns used on this Medi Gun feature purple blop-like formations. The main pattern has one purple star which can, with a little luck, be complete...
Maniac's Maschinenpistole
Does it heal, or does it hurt?
Who knows what kind of gruesome liquid the Medic decided to stuff into his dad's old submachine gun?
Whatever it is, it's probably bad news for anyone on the opposing team.

- Unique MP40-inspired design!
- 4 ...
Bunbury Bandoleer
Created by Ertz™
Part of the "Scatterbrain Mundy" set.

Mod download
Moon Shot
Created by Wrench N Rockets
No air? No Problem!

Use the mysterious and probably magical properties of magnets to hurl rocket-shaped projectiles at your enemies!

Attached reflector sight insures your rockets hit their targets.

Requires one (1) car battery, Included.

The Spectral Syndicate
Created by Psyke
We found these idiotic ghosts doing terrible edward g. robinson impersonations outside one of our respawn facilities.

They're mostly harmless.

In order. [ Fat one ] Muscles. [ Tall one ] Joey the Chin. [ small one ] Chester.

Killer's Cut
Created by JPRAS
gonna get some milk

Download the mod here![]...
Family Mann
Created by JPRAS
Mobster Spy jacket, compatible with the other in-game jackets!
PAYLOAD Snowycoast
Created by E-Arkham
Team Fortress 2 custom payload map, Snowycoast.

Version B4 Released! Many fixes, please see the full changelog.

Read the development of this map on the ...
LED Sentry
Created by AyesDyef
Watch out! This Laser Emitting Device packs some serious heat, and I mean the kind that'll melt holes through you AND the guy behind you; and don't touch it either, it gets really hot.

Animated gifs of the build animations can be found below:
The Siberian Reserves
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
Even if you're in the middle of the forest, your not gonna run dry on candies.

- Serious Greg: Concept

- Rain*: Model/Texture...
The Critical Transmission
Created by KaLS
Shocking, isn't it?

Comes with custom particles.
Thanks to Karma Charger for the demonstration video!
The Weighty Killer
Created by Wircea
Ever heard of the expression "I y'am what I shoot" ?

Model stats:
-Base model ~3k tris
-1 LOD ~1k tris

Mod download below
Submission for the TF2 weapon ...
Arsonist's Emotions
Created by DMY
Show the world how you really feel with 5 hand painted expressions!

Includes 5 styles:

- And now it's paintable, too!...
The Great Peace Preserver
Created by boomsta
Storm the front with this advanced piece of weaponry. Well it was advanced at some point.

Concept refining by Blaholtzen
The Blaze Blast
Created by perrryz
The kind of heat your enemies don't expect you to be packing.

-team colored
-custom projectile!
-projectile glows in the dark!
Blue Steel
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Harpoon knife for Spy.
Calm waters might not be so calm after all.
Part of a set. Stay tuned.

The Dreaded Backstitch
Created by Sparkwire
Let's stitch you up real good, partner.

Thanks to Trey for the fabulously frightful facial flexes, and BANG! for the prodigiously pretty Source Filmmaker promos!

Vote for the other two items in the Stuffed Saboteur set!
The Ragdoll's...
The Rayzar
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Original concept by VernoGuy
Model/Texture/Animation & SFM short by BANG!


#What does it do?
Nothing, the worksho...
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... French.

Portable Anti-infantry Energy Shield
Created by Quin

A chargeable shield is not enough to stop those pesky enemies from killing you? Here comes a more permanent solution!

Concept and model : Quin
Textures : Py-bun...
Putt Dispenser
Created by heinous
Includes golf ball w_model in case projectile-based stats are desired.

Demonstration video by Karma Charger.

Vote for it here for the Arms Race 2 contest:

Mod download:
Plasma Pulsers
Created by Sky
Replace your boring old cosmetic grenades with these stylish and utterly impractical futuristic frags!

- Pyro, Soldier and Demoman versions (different models, same texture)
- Paintable stripes and light
- Glowing light...
The Space Diver
Created by Sparkwire
Part of the "From the Earth to the Moon and Back Again" Set...
Created by FiveEyes
Part of the Arms Race 2 contest!

"We were sent to hell, but went down even deeper. Emerging from the flames we've unchained hell itself. A demon with a thirst for revenge."

*dosimeter is paintable
has sound for dosimetr
Created by Mnemo
Part of the 'Scout Cadet' set, featuring the following items:

Cadet Visor -
Cadet Boots -
The Light-Footed Kicks
Created by InfectedPotato
Who needs real legs when you've got access to a saw and holographic technology?

Paintable & self-illumed![/img][/url]
Jupiter Jetpack
Created by Sparkwire
Part of the "From the Earth to the Moon and Back Again" Set...
The Feet of Engineering (single foot style)
Created by kf.hammond
Due to popular demand, a single footed style of "The Feet of Engineering"

The original style:

Download the Mod at
Le Synthétique
Created by void~
To a synthetic organism, the Three Laws of Robotics are really more of a set of loose guidelines....
Cadet Boots
Created by Mnemo
Part of the 'Scout Cadet' set, featuring the following items:

Batsaber -
Cadet Visor -
Cadet Visor
Created by Mnemo
Part of the 'Scout Cadet' set, featuring the following items:

Batsaber -
Cadet Boots -
Zero-G Sniping Suit
Created by E-Arkham
"It won't keep your insides from spilling away into outer space, but then hokey sciences and half-sealed spacesuits are no substitute for a good snipin' rifle at your side."

Part of a set with the [url=
Holo Stunner
Created by Rotzlöffel
Yes i know, the name isnt very creativ. Try to find word which rythmes to buff....
The C.A.P.P.E.R
Created by Svdl
It's the Captain's Advanced Pulsetron Particle Electromagnetic Raygun!
As seen in the movie, and only slightly altered with alien power sources!

Not for children under 3 years.
Batteries not included.

Customized raygun toy for Engineer, Scout or both.

Vacuum Packed Lunch
Created by ToxicWeasel
In space one can hear you ..NOM.. Nom.. nom.. n......

Team Colours
The Follower
Created by Svdl
More or less.

Includes an animated screen.
Single texture. 5 LODs.

Downloadable as a replacement for various rocket launchers here[]....
The Foxhound
Created by KaLS
A Hippie from France describes this revolver as "the greatest handgun ever made".

SFM by macwithavengence, check him out!
The Moonbeam
Created by RetroMike
If you pull the trigger on this, you're ruining someone's day, somewhere and sometime.

- Custom particles
- Custom animations
- Custom sounds

The Attitude Adjuster
Created by Colteh
A nailgun and pistol hybrid for engineer!

Mod release:

To install the mod you need to: take the vpk files and...
Future Flier
Created by Populus
You gotta lick my hat Scout. You gotta - listen *burp* there's no time Scout, you need to *burp* lick my hat. We need to go to the future Scout. It's important.

Populus - Animation, hoverboard model texture.
Sparkwire - Hoverboard Model.
Greg - Promos...
The All Star Cast
Created by Pie_Savvy
From the lush forests of the Rockies to the mean sewers of Hong Kong, this tried and tested leather case has carried everything you've needed, such as your Fishing rods, arrows and your research book titled 'Sweden's next top model'
P.S - You can put your...
True Scotsman's Call
Created by Hypo
A true Scotsman knows how blow into his bag pipes and dance 24 hours a day. A truer Scotsman, however, wouldn't wear anything but his kilt.
With this looping taunt, once you start playing these pipes, you'll have the gumption to keep playing 'til the cows...
Voguish Rogue
Created by AyesDyef
From the maker of the original Stylish Spy, comes the next generation of fashionable vest wearing rogues!

It comes in 4 different stylish ways to wear, including the classic Stylish Spy with sleeves rolled up and shirt tucked in.

Downloadable Mod! Re...