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The Mitigator

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"Been fighting em blue eyed metal cyclops, ya'll need some more explosives to fight these souless creatures! medival sword ain't gonna cut it lad."
Items (5)
The Bulkhead
Created by MonkeyBug
Move or this will do it for you.
Shield for The Mitigator pack, its intended to go into the primary weapon slot.
Boots and knee pads are miscellaneous items. Comes with two models, with mine and without, the mine jiggles.
3 LODs
Gameplay mech...
The Wee Willy
Created by MonkeyBug
Watch your step.

The contact sensitivity of these puppies will cause your buddies to pick your boots out of their teeth.

Sticky launcher for The Mitigator pack 3LODs.
Includes custom sticky bomb models with 3LODs.

We know that the sticky ...
The Scottish Fire Cracker
Created by MonkeyBug
Woh woooh wo woooow oooo. Don't shake the drink.
This Nitro packs one hell of a punch, in and out of the belly.

Melee weapon for The Mitigator pack.

Gameplay mechanic suggestions:
On hit explode.
On taunt (drink, its a nitro bottle) increases sh...
Willys blasting caps & Sticky kickers
Created by MonkeyBug
Boots(weapon) and Kneepads(misc item) for The Mitigator pack.

3 LODs...
Tobor's Scar
Created by MonkeyBug
Hat for The Mitigator pack
3 LODs...