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The Soviet Show-off
Class: Heavy
Item Slot: Taunt
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Mar 22, 2015 @ 9:29am
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Tired of all those capitalist bullies mocking your puny muscles? Bulk up to mutant mass and show those pigs your true might with a delightful, yet frightening display of fitness, form, and physique!

UPDATE 7/1/15
Thank you all very much who have voted and supported me and the taunt. I hope you all enjoy it! I worked hard on it, and I'm very glad to see it in game!


Enjoy the video trailer! There is a 3-point video showcase of the taunt (rendered without motion blur for clarity) at the end of the video.

I've started work on this taunt way back before Expiration Date when the taunt workshop was just hinted at, it was nearly 70% done but I stopped for a long time until the time limit on taunts has been raised up to 10 seconds. I brushed it off and turned it into a finished product.
This was not intended to be used as a taunt kill or anything like that ("explosions not included"). That is entirely up to Valve to decide upon.
Facial animation is limited as I wasn't sure if it would conflict with the way lipsync works in game. I can go back and add some more detail in the face if I need to.

All taunt animation, images (title card, preview image, posters, backpack icon) entirely done by me.

Notes to Valve: This taunt is exported at 30 frames per second.
I had an issue when previewing the taunt in TF2 where the Heavy's weapon wouldn't hide though I had "hide weapon" ticked when exporting. I emailed both SFMSupport and the TF Team before uploading but never recieved a response. I am more than willing to assist someone at Valve with fixing any issue if they're interested in the taunt.

Very special thanks to Nonames for animation critique and Vap for helping me upload the backpack icon!
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