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Recent Changes:
  • fix for errors relating to trying to play with babies inside buildings
  • fix for a NullReferenceException in BringBabyToSafety related to checking if the baby is currently in a crib
  • finally got around to learning how Translate keys work, and implemented them for all previously-hardcoded text
  • changed names of apparel settings for (hopefully) better clarity
  • toddlers belonging to enemy factions are no longer considered threats and will no longer cause pawns to flee and/or open fire on them
  • abandoned toddlers belonging to enemy factions can now be adopted
  • fixed an error that would occur when non-player-faction toddlers were sleeping or downed
  • rework of baby refugee pod event:
    • toddlers generated in such a pod no longer immediately crawl/toddle their way off the closest map edge
    • babies and toddlers who fall from the sky are unhappy about the experience
    • dead parents generated alongside skyfalling babies are now of the same xenotype as the baby
  • if a baby/toddler needs rest for medical reasons, adults should no longer remove them from the bed/crib to play with them, but should do so in situ

New life stage: Toddler
  • 1- and 2-year-old pawns are no longer completely passive objects
  • toddlers cannot work, but can move around and interact with the world
  • toddlers gain capabilities over time – configurable
  • young toddlers are blocked by doors and can be confined to their cribs, but once they learn to walk they can also open doors and climb out of cribs
  • toddlers can fill their play need on their own for a while, but still need regular adult interaction
  • older toddlers can feed themselves if baby food is left where they can reach it

Improved babies
  • no expectations
  • configurable rate of fall for Play need
  • babies are no longer made of antifreeze – configurable
  • make baby clothes to protect your babies and toddlers from the elements

Growth Vats?
Toddlers can be grown in growth vats. They will not gain skills, just as they would not outside the vat. They will improve at walking and manipulation.
Adding to existing saves
If you have no pawns aged 1 or 2 years old, you do not have to do anything special. The mod will take effect automatically when babies hit 1 year old.

If you have 1- and 2- year olds, they will automatically turn into toddlers but they will not automatically receive the "learning to walk"/"learning manipulation" hediffs. To fix this:
  1. Turn on Development Mode from the main menu.
  2. You should see a row of new icons at the top of the screen. Choose Open Debug Actions Menu
  3. In the search bar in the top left, type "toddler" (no quotation marks) to find the option "T: Reset Toddler Hediffs". Click on it.
  4. While your mouse has the text "T: Reset Toddler Hediffs" next to it, click on all the toddlers that need the new hediffs. They can be a bit difficult to target. If you're having difficulty, try and catch them sleeping or otherwise not moving.
  5. Note that toddlers older than about 2-and-2-quadrums may not have/need the hediffs as they've already finished learning both capacities.

  • Facial Animation – compatible!
  • More Than Capable -- known issue due to toddlers being set to incapable of all work
  • GeneSeed -- reported INCOMPATIBLE -- pawns being deleted when taking the GeneSeed drug
  • Dubs Bad Hygiene -- compatible but toddlers have no hygiene/thirst needs, more interesting compatibility intended for the future
  • Celsius - soft INCOMPATIBLE, the logic around moving toddlers to safe temperatures is very confused by Celsius. compatibility is on the to do list.
  • Humanoid Alien Races -- (1.4 ONLY) effectively in beta! please do try it out and give feedback, but be aware that there are a number of as-yet-unresolved issues. 1.5 HAR compatibility is in the works.
    For full notes see discussion here

Please Report:
  • issues with kidnapping
  • any issues around toddlers and ceremony attendance
  • error messages on opening the UI -- there's at least one problem around modded job roles but I don't know which mod(s) the interaction is with yet
  • babies/toddlers receiving inspirations that they can't make use of
  • any other problem that is not on the known issues list below

Known Issues:
  • [1.4] custom eye genes render in slightly the wrong place when facing East/West -- this is a vanilla bug
  • warning messages when adult pawns attempt to spawn in wearing baby hats -- this is a vanilla bug

Upcoming Features:
  • toddlers play with items (on/off toggle for dangerous play)
  • insulated cribs and other tribal solutions to temperature regulation
  • more ways to keep a toddler occupied in the crib

With thanks to:
  • wep of wepfont.com for Atmospheric font
  • the Rimworld discord for answering my C# questions
  • Dress Patients and Injured Carry for inspiration/example code that helped me get the dress toddler and carry toddler interactions working
  • erdelf of Humanoid Alien Races for taking a request to modify their code to make it easier for me to hook into

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bean Jun 16 @ 1:12pm 
Welcome to parenthood
PiffleLovesBaseball Jun 11 @ 8:36am 
My first baby just aged up into toddler, but she started to sleep on the floor and when one of her parents try to put her to bed, she stay there for half a second and then get up to just move on the floor and sleep there.
Is it normal behavior or a bug?
She also get the "disturbed sleep" mood malus, but that might be because her and her sister's bedroom is not separated from their parents' room.
Sephira jo Jun 7 @ 6:32pm 
I'm not sure if it's a bad interaction, but when I have someone try to dress the baby the cursor turns to a cross hair and the person who I want to dress the baby falls asleep right there, on the ground. Where do you suggest having your mod in the load order?
oh no May 11 @ 4:26pm 
I do have a player.log with the event in it but it's too large for pastebin, lmk if you want it some other way.
oh no May 11 @ 3:39pm 
I've had a similar problem to Nyx: On two occasions I drafted a pawn that I didn't realize was carrying a toddler until she reached the front line. Dropped off the toddler, dealt with the threat, and then the mother froze in place and was stuck attempting to pick up the toddler and return them to their allowed zone. The toddler also froze in place during this. I was able to resolve it by telling the adult pawn to play with the toddler, after that finished she returned the toddler home without issue. On the second instance, I ordered the pawn to pick up the toddler and that also seemed to break the loop.

I did not have the problem with being unable to right click the toddler, so that may be a different conflict/issue.
Nyx May 6 @ 12:06am 
@cyanobot it likely is a mod interaction. I have quite a lot, but no it did not allow me to right click the toddler at all. I've got the Locks mod now and selected the setting to be able to draft toddlers. I'll see if it happens again this run, I've got two preggo colonists about to pop.
cyanobot  [author] May 5 @ 11:12am 
XML Extensions seems to be working fine for me, what problems are you having with it and Toddlers?
cyanobot  [author] May 5 @ 10:46am 
HAR compatibility isn't updated for 1.5 yet but is on the to do list. I'll look into the XML Extensions issue.
cyanobot  [author] May 5 @ 10:45am 
Toddlers are supposed to respect zones... Could you not right click on the toddler and select bring to safety? If not, that is most likely a mod interaction, but could be a bug... Let me know if there's anything in your error log when you attempt to move toddlers.
cyanobot  [author] May 5 @ 10:44am 
Can you try with just Toddlers and DBH loaded, please? (And vanilla, and Harmony, obvs.) If the problem persists with just the relevant mods, I'll need... your save game, probably? I'm really not sure why it wouldn't work for you.

If the problem goes away with your other mods unloaded, then it's some kind of interaction. Try loading half of your modlist at a time, then half of the half that has the error, etc. If you can narrow it down to exactly which mod(s) are causing the interaction, I can try to patch for it.

(Also thanks for the reminder about updating the GitHub.)