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The Jade-Blooded Vampires: Curse of Nongchang
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The Jade-Blooded Vampires: Curse of Nongchang


Jade-Blooded Vampires - Eastern Lords of Undeath

The Jade-Blooded Vampires are an exotic bloodline of vampires in the far east sired by a long-lost spawn of Neferata thousands of years after she and the rest of the original vampires had fled the destruction of Lahmia.

Commanding fearsome hordes of both skeletal foot soldiers and ethereal monstrosities, the Jade-Blooded Vampires are an implacable force on the battlefield against armies that mostly rely on more conventional weaponry and lack reliable offensive magical powers. They also possess a unique Lore of Magic, The Lore of the Jade-Blooded , which is derivative of Nagash's own art of necromancy; supplanting the invocation of ancient dark arts from Nehekara with their own mystical rites from Grand Cathay. While lacking in offensive spells, the Lore of the Jade-Blooded boasts severely harmful curses as well as being able to conjure an army of ghosts from the Cathayan underworld.

This mod introduces the Jade-Blooded vampires as a unique subculture and faction in Warhammer 3, as interpreted and imagined by yours truly. Games Workshop and Creative Assembly's version of the race will definitely be different once released at a future date.

New Faction: The Curse of Nongchang

The playable faction introduced in this mod is the Curse of Nongchang.
While not the seat of power for the Jade-Bloods in Cathay, this faction was wholly based on my interpretation of the current vampiric corruption that has taken hold in the Nongchang Basin in the game, with my own personal touches, mostly inspired by asian horror movies.

In case you're wondering why I chose to take this direction, it's so that it only lightly touches possible hard canon and lessens the risk of it getting invalidated in the future once GW decides to expand Cathay's lore. This way this faction exists as a minor, local power with minimal global effect.

Faction Effects

Other features and mechanics

Unlike other undead factions, the Curse of Nongchang has a unique raise dead mechanic called Summon Spirits.

The faction also has a unique encampment-style stance that spreads vampire corruption and allows access to global recruitment where the player can recruit the rest of the faction's stronger undead units.

The Curse of Nongchang has access to its own Rites mechanic.

Legendary Lord: The Maiden of the Black Lotus

A figure of many folk tales and horrific tragedies, the Maiden of the Black Lotus, sometimes simply given the vague name of Hei Lianhua by locals, is an accursed entity that haunts the Nongchang Basin. It parades itself using the lifeless corpse of a young maiden sacrificed at the Nongchang Pool of Purification in order to cleanse the riverlands of the great evil permeating across the land and amongst its people. However, the ritual ultimately failed as the condensed evil proved too great even for the grandmasters who attempted to exorcise it.

Now it continues to corrupt and rot Nongchang from within just by existing alone.

Lord Effects

Other Notes:

Hei Lianhua itself is not actually a jade-blooded vampire, but a marionette being puppeteered by a concentration of all the evils of Nongchang. Barely sentient, if at all, the maiden of the black lotus doesn't speak and in battle, it moves about in place by the dark forces reanimating it and is capable of blasting foes with jet-black energies.

The maiden of the black lotus' design and general concept is inspired by the stringy-haired ghost girls of asian horror fame, especially J-horror. She also resembles a japanese ningyo doll.

Unit Roster

For the full unit details, please go here.


For my other Jade Vampires mod, please check out
Islanders of the Moon


Thanks to Xoudad for developing script used to implement the custom raise dead mechanic used in this mod.
Thanks to Not So Skelly Bones for some of the amazing screenshots.
Thanks to Ole for developing Asset Editor.
Thanks to Mixu for developing his faction unlocker.
Thanks to Zahel for his script used to hide the bloodline mechanic.
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crash log with new update
Kim bosong
RagnaroK 12 hours ago 
Hello and thank you for making this awesome mod. :Dominated:

I have made 2 submods for settlement tiers.
Ombree Jul 20 @ 4:40pm 
Units feel very weak in combat, some of the bigger ones end up with 0 kills before dying. Sad because I love the visuals and the lore around it.
{LFG}TheCarrot27 Jul 20 @ 1:49pm 
looks cool but the units are weak af
Poljanan  [author] Jul 18 @ 12:19am 
Updated to the most recent patch. It didn't need it before but just making sure in case anyone encounters any issues.
shanedc1011 Jul 14 @ 1:18pm 
We need more mods like this. More races and unique lords to add more creativity to the game, for example like A dog men race that vary in size depending on their breed and their breed dictates their job
I always thought shark men like units could be with the pirate coast, that would add to their pirate theme and make them more unique.
Idk stuff like that I think would be great.
Add more races, and add more armies.
Dignan Zazumba Jul 5 @ 3:05pm 
Definitely seems to need an update. Have a consistent crash just looking around at their armies in the battle mode
Commander_Kell Jun 30 @ 9:05pm 
Bro how have I never heard of this? This looks absolutely incredible!!
GAVACHUBBS Jun 29 @ 12:29pm 
Can this become compatible with the Nagash mod?
Romulus Jun 26 @ 2:05am 
This seems super fun. But I am a bit confused about the exact starting positions. Is it possible to upload a screenshot of the faction selection screen with the startpos map?

Thank you
this mod is great, excellent work!