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[CAT] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats
Mod, 1.4, 1.5
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Oct 23, 2022 @ 11:36am
Jun 6 @ 5:32pm
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[CAT] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats

All hats are hidden by default, please check the mod settings!

Bug reports without screenshots (if relevant) and logs (generated using Log Publisher from HugsLib) will be ignored.

Show hair for all hats.

Select which hats do hide hair from Mod Settings.

Hide All Hats from Mod Settings

Will work with mods that add new hats

Supports current saves and can be removed without breaking saves

How the mod works
This mod only tells the game when hat/hair will be drawn. If hair is being drawn in front of hats, look elsewhere as this mod in no way changes the "depth" on which either is rendered.

Direct Download[github.com]


Supports current saves and should work with all hats added by mods.

Known Bugs
  • Hair Being Drawn Over Hats.

Supported Mods;
Any mod that adds hair styles
Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
NewRatkin+ (must be after this mod in load order)
NAL Facial Animations: disable "draw eyebrows over hat" in that mod's settings
Gradient Hair: Disable "Don't Shave Your Hair" in this mod's menu to get gradient hair to work.

More information regarding "Don't Shave Your Head" mod setting- https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=36597.0

May work with:
Vanilla Expanded Framework (VEF): (Thanks Sleepy068)
- Ensure VEF is near the top of the load order, this is actually recommended for this mod.
- Ensure VEF is above EPOE if you use it.
- Ensure VEF is below Save Our Ship 2 if you use it.
- Disable Texture Caching in its mod settings

Possibly Conflicts with (untested):
- FCP Institute and Railroad Teaser
- Vanilla Expanded Pirates
- Any race based off Garam
- NL Facial Animation

- Combat Extended (1.4 and earlier, I will try to make it compatible with 1.5 CE when that is released.)

Thanks To:
Thanks to "YouAllJilao" for creating "Headgear Frame" and "Vaniat" for supporting it. That mod gave me the idea to do this mod.
Thank you Diana Winters for the Orassans which is the 'cat' pawn in the screen shot.
Thank you NoImageAvailable and Dark_Inquisitor for the Don't Shave Your Head code

Thank you Kiame Vivacity for creating the original mod.

- Proxyer - Japanese
- Juijote! - Chinese

Code Support:
- LockdownX7

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The Blind One Jun 12 @ 1:48pm 

I see, I didn't realize it had actually been updated, I've just been following this mods thread and kept seeing the same question appear since way back it just said you didn't support it back then and kept needing to explain the technical details to every CE fanboy as to why :P

Good to see there's some answer for them there ... crazy it still doesn't stop them asking lmao.

Well goodluck with that then haha, take care and thanks for the mod.
cat2002  [author] Jun 12 @ 10:58am 
So for now the reason is "Combat Extended has not officially release for 1.5"... as it says in the description.
cat2002  [author] Jun 12 @ 10:57am 
Also the reason why is very technical, it doesn't really need to be in the description.
cat2002  [author] Jun 12 @ 10:56am 
and I don't care about older versions of rimworld, I'm only supporting 1.5
cat2002  [author] Jun 12 @ 10:55am 
Bro it's been in the mod description for like a month.
The Blind One Jun 12 @ 10:12am 
@McLets Just look back in the comments, Cat2002 has answered this like 10x already.

@Cat2002 for the love of god ... just add the reason in the mod description why you don't support Combat Extended already lmao, you're wasting more time explaining the same thing over and over again. Just post the answer there so these CE fanboys can rest at ease.
McLets Jun 12 @ 12:25am 
How is it possibly CE incompatible? I'm not mad, I'm not even disappointed (I'm not even begging on my knees for a compatibility patch), just... how is that even possible? It doesn't even affect combat...
Mobile Meow Machine Jun 8 @ 4:31pm 
The deserter helmet from VFE Deserters and the vanilla recon helmet are the two I've noticed have the issue so far. They flip most hairs, a few examples being "Dean", "Slick", "Rockstar", "Snazzy", "Smuggler".. You can go through the hair list and it will happen on most of them with those helmets.
cat2002  [author] Jun 6 @ 4:25pm 
@Mobile Meow Machine, could you give me an example of what combination has this issue?
Mobile Meow Machine Jun 6 @ 2:09am 
Certain headgear has an issue with certain hairs flipping the north and south textures while on, somehow. SOME hairs work fine, but there are a lot that show the back of the hair on the southern facing sprite.