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Havoc-Class Battlecarrier [14 Slots]
Type of Build: Ship, Military
Source: Video Game
Military: Battleship, Carrier
Material: Trinium, Ogonite, Avorion
Game Stage: End Game
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8.315 MB
Oct 3, 2022 @ 3:49am
Oct 6, 2022 @ 5:46am
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Havoc-Class Battlecarrier [14 Slots]

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Very heavily inspired by a ship from a Starsector mod called Diable Avionics (I think?) called the Pandemonium.

Part of my Sovereign Fleet, an end game faction of my personal fleet. Does it rightfully belong there? Don't know.

- Flight Recorder
- Small magenta framework block for easy upgrade to Transporter Block
- Internal Smart Hull for easy customization
- Full integrity Coverage
- 6 Docks
- 10 Torpedo launchers
- Preinstalled turret designs
- Fully fleshed out Bridge!
- 15 Slot capable, just convert 3 of the front Smart Hull blocks into computer cores!

For full stats and costs, refer to last image.
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Nov 5, 2022 @ 5:47am
< >
Fred_VIE Jan 27 @ 9:54am 
Looks like it has swimming pools at the top and bottom :)
Quarren King of Q Dec 28, 2022 @ 1:00pm 
warpSpeedNyanCat(); Dec 5, 2022 @ 8:08pm 
absolute unit love the use of light blocks and holo for the forcefield effect
Pacman Nov 19, 2022 @ 5:41pm 
Looks a lot like the Federal Corvette from Elite Dangerous
Drazhill  [author] Nov 1, 2022 @ 10:14am 
Thanks for the link, I'll see if I can find the time today to get that done.

Space_Lettuce_OG Nov 1, 2022 @ 9:50am 
Once upon a time I did an entire Diable Avionics playthrough. It was one of my most memorable playthrough in StarSector, and all my life in video games.

Diable got taken out early on, and I was there at their final battle, I grabbed as many derelict wrecks as I could, to repair, cuz they were the last of the Diable Avionics ships I would ever be able to aquire. Cost me a fortune to repair those ships eventually. My fleet wandered, taking jobs where we could to barely stay afloat, and occasionally make some extra cash. Eventually we found blueprints for a few Diable ships and we founded a colony and started to rebuild. We were the last hope of a dead faction, and against all odds, we rose out of the ashes, like a phoenix.

Truly one of my favorite gaming moments.

Seeing this ship(The pandemonium was my personal flagship), recreated in 3D, brought back all that nostalgia.
Space_Lettuce_OG Nov 1, 2022 @ 9:46am 
Just make an account on the StarSector forum, go to the mod's page, and tell him and give a link to this page.

Easy peasy.
Drazhill  [author] Nov 1, 2022 @ 4:48am 
Glad you like it.

I take it Tartiflette is the creator of the mod? How would I even go about contacting him? I have no idea about starsector or its community. I just happened upon an image, only learned about the name of the ship and mod much later :x
Space_Lettuce_OG Oct 31, 2022 @ 11:16pm 
You should totally show Tartiflette this. I bet he'd love it!