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Telemetry Plus
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Aug 31, 2022 @ 9:53am
Nov 5, 2022 @ 12:20pm
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Telemetry Plus

Keep track of all your ships.
Displays all your ships telemetry in one screen (or more).
Use the visual telemetry screen to have a Radar like visual location of your ships.
Instantly identify ships with damage, core problems or 'missing' by color!

Contains New Features and Enhancements to the very popular Telemetry script originally authored by Magistrator

See the FULL GUIDE at

NOTE: the full guide contains NEW FEATURES not shown below!

How to use?
  1. Subscribe to this script (above)
  2. Place a PB (Programming Block) in your ship and load this code (click 'Edit', then 'Browse Scripts' and select Telemetry Plus).
  3. Place a PB in your base and load this code (same process)
  4. Go to the Custom Data in the PB of your base and set flag 'collector' under Telemetry to 'true'.
  5. Add the TAG [Telemetry] to the Name of a text panel (usually an LCD) in your base (i.e., "LCD [Telemetry]")
  6. Every ship telemetry with this PB will show up in the panel provided they are in antenna range.
  7. Add the TAG [VTelemetry] to the Name of a text panel or console block (projector table) in your base.
  8. Add the TAG [TelemetryAlert] to a text panel/LCD in your base to see only ships broadcasting 'alert' status
  9. Be sure to mark Telemetry Plus as a 'Favorite' and give a 'thumbs up'!

Colors from DAMAGE, NOT REPORTING and CORE issues will show up automatically - color automatically upgrades when you repair the issue!

  1. Ship name
  2. Ship status (if not 'normal') (NEW)
  3. Velocity
  4. Altitude
  5. Battery charge
  6. Damage level (if damaged) (NEW)
  7. Hydrogen level
  8. Oxygen level
  9. Cargo Level (NEW)
  10. Docked grid
  11. GPS location
  12. Last update
  13. Shield Percentage (Shield Defense MOD)

  • Shows each ship, status and GPS location in one block (much easier to read)
  • LCD allows you to set the font size you like for easier reading
  • Automatically scrolls through all Alerts - no need for additional screens
  • GPS data shortened to 4 places to better fit on smaller screens

Put these in the Custom Data of the Programming Block:
Set to true to enable this PB as a Telemetry collection node.
Text panels with this [tag] will display the telemetry.
Text panels or Console blocks (projector) with this [tag] will display the visual telemetry.
Text pannels with this [tag] will display the ALERT telemetry.
Set to true to enable this PB to write to panels in other subgrids.
Change to avoid other factions from seeing your telemetry.
Have ships send telemetry in different channels. Then for example, in your base when configuring the text pannel, use [TELEMETRY_2] for only seeing telemetry sent by ships on channel 2.

See the Settings above and make sure you have an LCD with the [tag] in the Name of the LCD you want to see Telemetry, Alerts or Visual Telemetry.
You can also have the Visual Telemetry on a Console block - again, put the [tag] you have set for visual_tag above in the Name of the Console.

Run these commands as arguments in the Programming Block:
1 select the PB (Programming Block)
2 scroll down to the 'Argument' area and enter the word in the first column - for example, 'scale' (no quotes)
3 click 'Run'
Changes the visual telemetry scale. (each time it is run it changes the scale 20m, 200m, 2km, 20km, 200km {wide LCD scales to 50m, 500m, 5km, 20km, 500km - though top/bottom do not show the full distance})
Saves telemetry data to PB Storage.
Clears Telemetry data.
orbit <altitude>
Calculate the exact orbit position above the current location at the given altitude in meters and add the GPS entry to the CustomData. Example: orbit 42000

This script replaces the original one no longer updated by Magistrator. All bases and ships will need to be changed to this script to utilize all the features.

Join my Discord for discussions, first-look scripts and more -

See the FULL GUIDE at

Thanks for subscribing and all the 'Favorite' and 'thumbs up' markings! - it made this script hit the Community Spotlight (top spot!) for September 2022!
TheRagingSniper Apr 11 @ 3:30am 
Not sure you realize how useful of a script this is. I'm currently using it as a foundation for a complex automated system.
Rewrote the code for my specific purposes. You can modify this script to interact with other grids. You've even put in the ability to Write to Sub_grid panels which you can then use to Store temporary information and Use another programming block to parse that information and run it's own functions base off that information.

Great work. I'll be building an array of scripts off this to run an automated armada, production & Assembly, tracking, automated interstellar defense, ect.
TechCoder  [author] Nov 19, 2023 @ 5:35pm 
@jgreen302 - not sure what you mean "forced text display" - nothing is "forced" in SE, you have control over everything... Be sure you have the LCD tagged properly (see the Description) before you compile the program (if you add the LCD after you compile, it might not be seen - click the 'Recompile' button in the PB). If you continue to have issues, join us on my Discord so we can talk with screenshots and such - we'll get you going fast, I'm sure.
jgreen302 Nov 19, 2023 @ 4:04pm 
Any chance you could add a command switch in the code (player editable) for turning off the forced text display so we can apply the telemetry plus lcd image to the screen?
xxmanofmemesxx Nov 6, 2023 @ 6:49am 
Thank you for the reply, recompiling did fix it. I had recently altered and added parts to the vehicle so it is possible that the report is caused due to unsaved changes to the grid.
TechCoder  [author] Nov 6, 2023 @ 4:00am 
"core" looks for faults, in this order:
+ "GasTank" as defined by the game (O2/H2 Large/Small)
+ "BatteryBlock" (same link change to IMyBatteryBlock)
+ "Thrust" (same link, IMyThrust)

If no core fault (MISSING from the original check when you Compiled TP), then we check for 'integrity' of the blocks and that is the 'Damage' and likely to cause a 'Mayday'.

It is not possible to be a 'false report' - though if you did not recompile TP after you made a core change, there certainly will be a report (TP has to store the 'core' info when you start it so there is something to compare later when some damage happens - even if the damage is you changing the layout of the ship!)
xxmanofmemesxx Nov 5, 2023 @ 12:52pm 
One of my vehicles is marked with a core fault that I can't find in order to fix. I checked tanks batteries, thrusters, wheels, batteries, and program blocks. What other components are marked as core components, and is it possible that it is a false report?
TechCoder  [author] Aug 13, 2023 @ 6:27am 
@Spazztard VR1 Thanks for following up on Discord (MUCH easier to chat!). I pinned your response so others can see what you found was causing this on your server.

For anyone readying here, this was caused by the Defense Shields mod shutting down antenna communications when raising shields!.
Spazztard VR1 Aug 11, 2023 @ 9:40am 
Does this still work? Followed the instructions and can't get it to detect any of my ships. Not to mention, the ones I installed it on a while ago are no longer functioning.
xxmanofmemesxx Aug 7, 2023 @ 8:05pm 
Got it, thanks for the responses.
Phoenix Jul 31, 2023 @ 4:55am 
@xxmanofmemesxx I personally just add an extra telemetry pb to any grid that needs to also be a collector (capital ships, etc). It's not efficient on the PCU side but it works.