Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

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PBS Gameteam Custom Maps. Updated July 8, 2022
The custom maps currently in use on: POWERBITS GAMETEAM RS2 #2

Last updated: September 13, 2022

Update notes:
Removed Cuu Ho as it caused too many kicks.
Items (30)
Firebase Betty
Created by Montezuma
A port of RS1 Betio

PAVN defend an overrun US Firebase Betty, USMC set out on an aquatic relief / rescue mission.

Firebase Betty Changelog v5
-Attempted to fix being unable to shoot through the barracks....
Hai Nam
Created by Montezuma
A port of RS1 Saipan

ANZAC conduct an aquatic invasion of Hai Nam, a North Vietnamese Port.

6 OBJs

ANZAC attack VC defend
First two lock, last four are simultaneous cap
35 mins
Has bot support

Hai Nam Changelog v4.1
-Hotfix for commander abilities coll...
Hill 881
Created by Montezuma
The Battle of Hill 881
USMC attack VS PAVN defend
Bot Supported

Part of The Hill Fights north of Khe Sanh Combat Base, Hill 881 housed a dug-in PAVN platoon. USMC then sought out entry via napalming the slope to the Southern Hill's summit. Soon after they...
Lolo Redux
Created by Rambo FlamingDart
Based on Operation Lam Son 719
This is Juu's map I maintain with permission

One of Operation Lam Son 719 missions were to drop AVRN and few US troops to three landing zones. This mission required many casualties. One landing zone was calle...
Napalm Star
Created by Rambo FlamingDart
'Vietnam, Man. Bomb 'em and feed 'em, bomb 'em and feed 'em'

This is oakts map I continue with permission

Napalm Star is a five phase, seven objective territories map focused on a region inside the 'Happy Valley' zone southwest of Da Nang i...
Operation Dragon
Created by Montezuma
A port of RS1 Kobura

ANZAC attack VC defend

Updated 6/8/2021
Operation Dragon Changelog v4
-Pushed up ANZAC spawn on OBJ A.
-Pushed back one of the VC spawns for OBJ B.
-Pushed back both VC spawns for OBJ C.
-Pushed back both VC spawns for OBJ D.
Operation Irving Redux
Created by Montezuma
Original by Waitumus
Remastered / Edited by Montezuma...
Operation Spearhead Redux
Created by Montezuma
Original by Waitumus
Remastered / Edited by Montezuma...
Operation Valkyrie Fixed
Created by Montezuma
Original by Waitumus
Remastered / Edited by Montezuma...
Phan Khang
Created by Montezuma
Dedicated to Jeff

8 Objectives
Custom Meshes
Weapon Pickups

Special Thanks to
Oakts, Nymets, Fa Ngum, RamboFlamingDart and PsychoPigeon for the models....
Created by Angola, High Priest
The Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord was a 23-day battle between elements of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division and two reinforced divisions of the North Vietnamese Army from July 1, 1970 until July 23, 1970. It was the last major confrontation betwe...
Soviet Sub Base
Created by Montezuma
A custom map originally created by M.Palko and updated by Defwen.
Ported and set in Northern Vietnam at a Soviet Sub Base defended by PAVN.

Original Map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=414838923&searchtext=

I am not responsible fo...
Created by Schiessbecher

February 1968 Marines are on the way to recapture Hue. Most of the bridges in Hue were destroyed. except one the An Cuu Bridge over the Phu Cam canal. A Company of the 5. marines are ambushed on the An Cuu Bridge. The NLF could stop this first...
Created by Danger Klaus
ApBac - updated to being ARVN, new and improved balance twaeks.

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Created by PsychoPigeon
In the rain, mud, and artillery, the U.S Marines and PAVN forces fight over the northern most outpost in South Vietnam - Con Thien, 'The Hill of Angels', in close quarter combat and head-on assaults. Under daily bombardment the U.S Marines fortified this l...
VNTE-Death Hills
Created by Juu
US Forces have build base at top of the large hill which has been overrun by NVA forces. Marines must recapture the hill. Some of the troops have been sent to search and destroy mission to find hidden cave which is rumored to be filled with rice. Mission i...
Created by Danger Klaus
Ho Bo Woods. Helicopters, tunnels, territrories... what more could you want...

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Created by IceFuse
This battle is fictional.
VNTE-HoaLu is a Territories map that is out of the normal boundaries of the real war meant to be implemented for Multiplayer Campaign (if Tripwire chooses to involve North Vietnam). It's a work in progress, but it is currently a 5...
VNTE-Hoa Lư Night
Created by IceFuse
PAVN counterattack against ARVN in Hoa Lu during a monsoon at night.

This battle is fictional.
Hoa Lu Night is a Territories map played like the original Hoa Lu map based in Ninh Binh Province, North Vietnam, except played the other way, with new addit...
Defend the fortress of Ho Mattock-hands from an assaulting army. (v1.3.1)...
VNTE-Laos Ruins (Redux)
Created by IceFuse
A revision to the original Laos Ruins map (will now be known as Laos Labyrinth if re-uploaded) with a golden sunset windstorm blowing across a high mountain top. The PAVN are using these old grounds as a checkpoint along the Ho Chi Minh Trail down towards ...
VNTE-Last Stand
Created by Hapless
What if the ARVN fought to the end in Saigon?

Dropbox [www.dropbox.com]

Short but brutal, 4 point territories in a ruined urban area with mutually supporting objectives.

Time and ticke...
Created by Aapinen
You can't upload images to Steam Workshop due to an unknown bug. You can see preview images of this map here: https://imgur.com/a/VQ4oJ

US Marines have to fight through a war-torn city into a temple hidden deep inside a jungle....
Created by Danger Klaus
Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or Oryza glaberrima (African rice). As a cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in Asia. It is the agricultural c...
Created by Fa Ngum
Australians (Attacking) vs Vietcong (Defending)
6 Objectives (A-F)
35 Minutes

Australians and Vietcong fight furiously to take the rice from each other...
Created by PsychoPigeon
Territory version of Operation Sledgehammer - featuring new objective areas and a Huey for M60 support. PAVN troops fight up hill to attack a remote jungle base.


Attackers: PAVN

Defenders: US Army

Round Time: 25 Minutes

Direct Down...
Created by North_Dumpling
This fictional map is set in the dense forest and doomed lone temples. Main US objective is to eliminate VC presense in the area along with SAM missles. Recovering crash landing survivors is a secondary task....
Created by Dr_Sandvich

Tay Ninh Province was one of the operation areas in Operation Attleboro, located on the Binh Long region of the campaign map.

This map is being hosted on Mr.Deds Long Campaign | * and [rs2.fi] Komppania Törni #2 | Campaign | Cu...
Xuan Loc
Created by Montezuma
Xuan Loc Changelog v11
-Updated overhead map to reflect map gutting
-Pushed up the spawn protection for VC spawn
-Removed pilot slot
-Removed blocking volumes...