Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

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Recent Announcements
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Round 2 Modding Contest Winners Announced
Hotfix 1.06.4 Released
  • This patch disables the double XP period we have been running to celebrate the launch of update 1.06. All experience gains, including the end-of-match bonuses received for participating in multiple rounds of a match have been reset to their usual values.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue which caused player models to ‘flicker’ in and out of visibility when playing the game using Instanced Rendering
  • Fixed an issue which caused dynamic shadows to appear incorrectly or move oddly when close to groups of other players
  • Fixed an issue where players could break the location and behaviour of artillery strikes by targeting the sky from the Commander’s seat of the Loach
  • Fixed an issue where Southern Commanders using the radio in the rear seat of the Loach could have commander abilities fail to trigger
  • Fixed an issue where Squad Leaders clearing the co-ordinates of their artillery markers would disable their team’s commander abilities
  • Fixed an issue which caused commander abilities to be called in on incorrect strike co-ordinates under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue which caused incorrect commander abilities to be called in after attempting to call in other abilities under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where players could be suppressed by bullets passing by them on the other side of solid cover
  • Fixed an issue with the server queue which prevented server members from being allowed into their reserved slots
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to escape a map’s boundaries using squad deployment tunnels
  • Destroying enemy spawn tunnels now rewards points as intended
  • Fixed an issue where bonus points earned by disarming traps would not appear on the HUD
  • Fixed UI issues where the ‘pick up weapon’ prompt would clip with the Mantle icon on the HUD, and where the ‘cannot exit helicopter’ prompt clipped with the Helicopter HUD

Misc. Fixes
  • Widened the FOV when using mounted weapons to improve visibility for the player mounting them

As always, we owe everyone who has found and reported issues a huge thank you, and urge anyone that encounters issues with the live game to continue to report them via the usual channels.