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Turretring Rotors (Advanced Rotors ofc)
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Jun 22 @ 1:21am
Jul 20 @ 4:50am
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Turretring Rotors (Advanced Rotors ofc)

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A set of of advanced rotors to build turrets and stuff, in line with vanilla style. SG and LG!!!

Survival ready with LOD`s and build stage(s)!

May I present to you my first mod for Space Engineers, as the name suggests i purposfully made these to be used as the azimuth rotor in a turret.
Featuring a complex collision model the rotorhead can be sunk into a roundish hole of armor and can be passed through the complete center section, allowing the gun assembly to move freely through there when elevated.
Just dont try to build too close to the visual model as convex collision shapes like to act a lot bigger then they physically are and you will be blessed with a clang free experience.
Also it got plenty of conveyor connections to supply ammo to any gun you stick on it.

All my blocks can be found in the "Eddo`s Blocks" tab.

Goes well with my other mod More Advanced Rotors !!

Check out all of my mods!

Contents (Large and small grid) :
  • Stators and rotors for rings of the diameter of 5, 7, 9 and 11 blocks.
  • 1.3: Special LG stators to carry SG heads. See updates for full description.

  • A new set of LG blocks designed to fit the SG rotorheads in both light and heavy armor variants!
  • Lots of conveyors to connect to! Accessable from inside the ship! Terminal inside comming soon !
  • Armor value/build costs proportional to exterior surface area of blocks * cost of an armor cube.
  • Sizes: 1x1x1 for 5x5x1, 2x2x1 for 7x7x1, 2x2x1 for 9x9x1 and 3x3x1 for 11x11x1.
  • Spawns with a dummy large grid rotor, delete it and add the small rotorhead from a terminal . (the game will allways crash without an LG dummy rotorhead FYI :)
  • Added BlockVariantGroups (The small + icon that allows you to scroll through all variations while using only 1 hotbar slot)
  • Collision shapes are a lot smaller (and about half resolution) now to adress Clang releated issues
  • Added large grid variants for all rotors.

Planned features:
  • Rings with a diameter of 6, 8 and 10 blocks as soon as i get them to work. (models allready done) Probably never going to be a thing as 2n x 2n rotorheads do not seem possible atm.
  • A set of LG stators made for seemless integration of small heads on large grid vehicles Done
  • Terminals on LG blocks

Current know issues/bugs:
  • Clang for some people, maybe releated to dedicated servers.

  • The stator is located at the edge of the rotor as it just represents the motor driving the turretring
  • Increase rotor offset to maximum to be be able to build on the stators level

Models and coding was done by me.
Uses vanilla textures.

No reuploading this mod without my permission.
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Dragon Fire 813 Nov 24 @ 2:26am 
I really need the 2x2 base and haven't find another large grid alternative so far.
Dragon Fire 813 Nov 24 @ 2:24am 
So, I can't get any of the rotors from the 1.3 update to spin, also the sg heads will sometimes shoot off when attaching/detaching. Displacement height also doesn't seem work. This as well as the fact that the head jitters when blocks are placed near by leads me to believe that the collisions are to big.
Federation_Thunderbolt Nov 21 @ 8:44pm 
im... really curious if this can work for the Kirishima Cruiser from the Yamato 2199/2202 anime, where the Bridge and Turret were together
2417532098 Sep 26 @ 5:59am 
how to use the turretring stator?
Titan Nya Sep 9 @ 1:23pm 
Well... Clang is angry using this mod... I 1rst thought it was a collision issue with voxel so I've tried to build it 1 block high and still angry Clang... So gonna make a change of plan and not use them for now... Maybe I'll try the Large to Small variant later but well... Hopefully Clang will be calmer in the futur xD
Omega Aug 12 @ 2:21pm 
oh and if you go close you will be killed
Omega Aug 12 @ 2:20pm 
okay those do not work properly . i place them. build them up . so far so good but after i place something on them the extrem wobble around and destroy what is place on it. if i place a second block the first one will be destroyed
Eddo of Rivia  [author] Aug 8 @ 1:37pm 
@arcticequine The rings are actually 5x5, 7x7... blocks, hollow blocks are not possible in SE which mean you cannot build inside the ring and you cannot build below because the mount points are only ot the top side.
A possible sollution would be to attach an additional grid via rotor /hinge /whatever you preffer and have it extrude down through the ring.
I was at some point also thinking about this problem and maybe I´m doing a version that lets you build on top and below the ring.
arcticequine Aug 7 @ 4:13pm 
It looks as though this doesn't allow me to build on the rotor's grid past the stator in terms of height (I'm trying to make a turret basket, but can't build down below the ring on the ring's grid.) Is something that's not possible in the game's engine?
Eddo of Rivia  [author] Jul 5 @ 5:21am 
@xThatFedExGuy: GIve it a try, I`ve made them smaller, hope it`ll work better now for you and everyone ofc :)