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NiteOwl Battery Pack
Type: Mod
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Mar 31, 2022 @ 9:19pm
Jun 7 @ 8:30pm
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NiteOwl Battery Pack

NiteOwl Battery Mod Pack
This battery pack offers 4 high-capacity storage units for increased power storage.

• LG Large Energy Storage Tank
• LG Energy Storage Unit
• SG Compact Energy Storage Unit
• SG Energy Storage Core

Large & Small Grids
Construction Stages
Paintable & Skinable

<---------- Patch 6/7/24 ---------->
Balance Update - LOD addition
-See patch notes

<---------- Patch 5/10/22 ---------->

Small update to correct server side issues
Small increases to larger storage tank stats

<---------- Patch 4/28/22 ---------->

Patched to match current build of the game

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<----- Notes ----->

LG Large Energy Storage Tank
Input – 240 MW | Output – 240 MW | Max Storage – 60 MWh | 30% Initial Stored Power

LG Energy Storage Unit
Input – 26 MW | Output – 26 MW | Max Storage – 8 MWh | 30% Initial Stored Power

SG Compact Energy Storage Unit
Input – 6 MW | Output – 6 MW | Max Storage – 3 MWh | 30% Initial Stored Power

SG Energy Storage Core
Input – 1 MW | Output – 1 MW | Max Storage – 300 KWh | 30% Initial Stored Power

- The Large Storage Tank takes up the same block space as 54 1x1 blocks. This tank will take up a bit more space than using 1x1 blocks, and it also doesn’t offer the same amount of output nor storage as 54 blocks but will get you close for a third of the cost, ultimately costing you less and eventually taking up less space than 1x1s.

- 1 Large Tank is equal to:

o 20 – 1x1 batteries of storage
o 20 – 1x1 batteries of input & output
o 12 – 1x1 batteries worth of build materials
o 54 – 1x1 batteries worth of space

NiteOwl Battery Pack has it’s own category in the menu, but incase you want to search for items,
Here are a few key search words for the item menu:
• Energy
• Storage
• Tank
• Unit
• Core

<----- Disclaimer ----->

If you run into any issues with the mod, please let me know, I can only test so much and find so many bugs/ issues alone. Please be patient and I will fix them as soon as I can. Thanks for your support.

<----- Known Issues ----->

None at this time.

<----- No Re-Uploads Please ----->

This battery pack and all items contained in it may not be redistributed/ re-uploaded without permission. Please contact MTGraves before up-loading any modified variation of any items found within this workshop item.
Thank you.

<----- Special Thanks ------>

To the following people for your assistance in trouble shooting and item sbc setup, thanks for all the help.

BSG-22 Wiki Jun 11 @ 7:45am 
Does anyone have the old, pre-balance patch power figures for the batteries? I'm in need of them to compare to the more balanced figures as our miner used to run on 3 of the small grid energy storage cores and I'm curious as to how much power that was so I can upgrade it accordingly.
A lovable noob May 31 @ 11:59am 
@MTGraves - no worries still looks cool
MTGraves  [author] May 21 @ 10:47am 
@A lovable noob - If you're talking about the green parts that light up, that is a preset color set by the code for the block type. Would take extra code to change the color which would still be just one color. And I'm not aware of any mods that allow changing reactor/ Battery lighting color
A lovable noob May 20 @ 9:29am 
Love this mode i dont care if they are op I'm using them in creative
My only issue is changing the color i can change the outside color but not the green tubes
FantazeR Jul 16, 2023 @ 5:58am 
too op, at least make them more expensive, like 50-100x times
Kaedys Jul 13, 2023 @ 6:24pm 
These are unfortunately still incredibly unbalanced. The large-grid 3x6x3 is only barely more expensive than a vanilla 1x1 battery, yet stores literally 1000x as much power, and can output 50x as much wattage.

Not only that, but you also have a recharge ratio of 7-8 on every single one of these (compared to 0.8 on vanilla batteries, ie. 20% *loss*), meaning you get 7-8 times as much power out of them as it took to charge them in the first place. This means that a single one of these incredibly cheap batteries on a grid creates ridiculous amounts of free energy every time it is charged. They also start with 20% charge, which is the same total energy as *200* completely full vanilla batteries, or over 650 freshly-built vanilla batteries. A freshly-built one of the 3x6x3 batteries has enough charge to output its maximum output, 600 MW, for a full hour. That's the same output as two large reactors running full-tilt, for a full hour, for only 80 power cells.
Solarius Jun 2, 2023 @ 6:19am 
@arczeronine would you be able to share your configs for this (assuming you still have them)?
ArcZeroNine Jan 11, 2023 @ 11:25am 
or could add superconductors and increase requirements of other components to not make the build requirements seem so inexpensive
ArcZeroNine Jan 10, 2023 @ 3:24pm 
could i reupload a modified version for my sever with credit to original, i would love to use the mod but as it is now it is extremely Overpowered and/or Cheap to build
ArcZeroNine Jan 9, 2023 @ 6:19pm 
for suggestions for balance if ur willing to look into it, i edited the files for my own personal solo game and balanced it against the Advanced Power Systems 2 Mod as i reduced the efficiency of the advanced power systems batteries but left there other values as they are, i then changed the 'Large Energy Storage Tank(L)' & 'Compact Energy Storage Unit(S)' into a battery bank as it should be with the focus on High capacity, medium charge rate and efficiency with a low discharge ( the cost also went up alot ). as for the 'Energy Storage Unit(L)' & 'Energy Storage Core(S)' i have them focused to be more Capacitors. Low capacity, High Input, very high output, with reduced efficiency. if possible i can send out the files i edited to u as either a file or just the text that i edited in the file