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DNA Keycards
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Jan 9, 2022 @ 11:40am
May 30, 2023 @ 2:13pm
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DNA Keycards

DNA Keycards by Dirty n Arrakis

We urge server owners to join the Discord for this mod:
This will ensure you get notified of any major updates that may require attention to the config.

100% Free, no catches, no locked server files from people you dont trust needed, just install from the workshop, edit your files in your server’s profile folder (will show as DNA_Keycards) and you are good to go

When using this mod, we STRONGLY recommend restarting no less often than every 4 hours, after 4 hours some of the functions used become unreliable.
(It's a Bohemia thing, nothing we can do about it)

This mod contains a full keycard mod with 5 tiers of loot crates, 5 tiers of vaults (strongrooms) and 5 different holographic keycards. When a Keycard is spent it will show ERROR on the card.
You can edit everything via the config files which will be in your server’s profile folder. You can change the order of the tiers, the colours round, the loot types, how it spawns, where it spawns, if its dynamic or manually located, everything.

- Mod
- Types
- Trader Files
- In Depth Instructions
- Sample Config (Based on Chernarus.. Has some stuff from mods! Make sure to filter anything you don't have or want.)

- 5 tiers of keycards
- Lowest / highest (yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red)
- These are glass illuminated holographic keycards that the player needs to open the Crates or the Vaults (Strongrooms).
- The player will put the card into the card reader and then once they remove it the crate or vault will then open for them. This is to ensure they don’t leave keycards with multiple uses in the card readers by mistake.

Loot Crates
- 5 tiers of Crates
- Lowest / highest (yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red)
- These match the cards by colour on the front panel of the crate and are illuminated at night or low light conditions.
- The Crates are all 1,000 slots and you can choose to load them however you wish

Vaults (Strongrooms)
- 5 tiers of strongroom
- Lowest / highest (yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red)
- These match the cards by colour of the strongroom text on the building, these signs are located on the front and the top rear/felt corner. They are illuminated at night or low light conditions clearly showing which tier the strongroom belongs to.
- The strongroom has 2 floors:
[b1]Ground floor: [/b]
This has 2 entrances and the vault. Once the vault is activated it will go through a 4-stage opening process that takes 9 seconds.
[b1]First floor: [/b]
This floor has 1 entrance via a fire escape from the and a staircase from the main room to gain access.
The building is designed with multiple ways in and multiple ways to protect, guard or attack. There are windows on the top floor that can be shot out of, and grenades thrown in. the workbenches can be climbed on to look out.
- The first floor has been designed with close-quarter-combat in mind to add a bit of tactics to the event.

Keycard Doors
Added 5 tiers of doors that can be used to make your own locked locations
Also added 6 walls so you can fine tune how you place the doors
- W6 Shed specific wall (its the big shed)
- Bars to block halls and windows
- 4 walls which are tall, wide or both

All these can be added in the editor and they just work, no config needed :)

Pics Added

Dynamic spawning of Crates and Vaults (Strongrooms)
- By default, dynamic spawning is turned off,
- Static spawns use your own locations with Crates and Vaults (Strongrooms) and the configs for spawning loot will apply to them. Use DayZ Editor or like place the object. (Please see support for those mods on instructions how to do this)

Trader files and Types are included, which is only needed for the keycards should you wish to add them.

[b1]Any issues please let us know and we will look into it ASAP, we will mark this as testing for now so people can get in any thing they find. Its been tested but you know what things are like when 50,000 people start using it. [/b]

- All scripts were written from the ground up by oSoDirty, over a 3-month period, with all the work time stamped and evidencable.
- All models and sounds were created by Arrakis from scratch, using Blender, Substance Painter, and have all the source files.
- This is a community add-on for the betterment of the game and enjoyment of the players. That’s why this is free and always will be.
- We understand you have a paid for mod, if its so good then you have nothing to worry about.
- Don’t be a DMCA toaster.

////////// COPYRIGHTS //////////

***** This mod can be uploaded only from oSoDirtys and/or Arrakis' Steam accounts *****
***** All content is made by oSoDirty and I to which we own all intellectual rights, we decide who can use it and where *****
***** Modification, or repacking of this mod is prohibited *****
***** Publication of this mod without our permission is prohibited *****
***** You may use this mod on monetised servers but the mod itself cannot be monetised *****
***** Any violation of the above will result in a DMCA request without warning *****


Why we don’t allow repacking and the use of this mod in a server-pack?

1) As we update, change, improve or fix things, you won’t get these updates and inevitably things will eventually break your end and it will look like the mod is the issue, when it’s not.
2) Support issues are 99% because of server mod-packs being out of date and it wastes our time helping.
3) It devalues the number of people using it in the workshop so it looks like a dead mod. We want this mod to be popular so we can then justify our time making you other cool mods.
4) It does not help your server performance running it in your server mod pack, this is a Myth that packing mods helps with server fps… you don’t believe Spider Man is real… so don’t believe this please.
5) You are forcing players to download and store the same data over and over for no good reason. Players don’t want to download a 300MB mod 1,231 times.


Special thanks to:

InclementDab : Spawner Method for buildings.

Zedmag : Dynamic Attachments.

Tyson: Fixing my disaster attempt of creating a buildable workbench. (Seriously, thank you! :D )

onderwish : Alarm Tone for opening doors/crates - find it here -

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