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Reefer trailer sound addon for ETS2
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Nov 14, 2021 @ 8:20pm
Apr 16 @ 4:30pm
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Reefer trailer sound addon for ETS2

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Hear the seamless white noise of a reefer trailer!

This mod adds the definition files to activate the Sound Fixes Pack reefer sounds for reefer trailers by SCS Software.

There are some trade-offs due to reefer sounds not being a standard feature in the game yet.
Nevertheless, a lot of limitations have been overcome to allow more freedom and less hassles. Read below for details:


1. Enable this addon and the Sound Fixes Pack in high priority in the Mod Manager.
2. Ensure "Noise of the flowing air" is activated in the Audio settings and that there are no conflicting wind sound mods.
3. Conflicting road / tire noise sound mods must be disabled if using an owned reefer trailer.

Please note:

The refrigerated trailer will beep and its engine will startup after coupling the trailer.
The reefer will continue to run as you drive and you can hear the hum of it from the truck interior.
The mod relies on the wind sound to carry the reefer sound.
Due to the way the wind sounds are optimized, it cannot sustain the reefer sound at 0 km/h for long.
The reefer sounds should kick back in once you set off, however.
The sound event will stop after decoupling the trailer.

If you want to take a break and keep the reefer running while idling or parked, such as when you're parked at a truck stop:
Simply disconnect and reconnect the trailer to reactivate the cycle.

See compatibility section for what modes the functionality will work.

For any owned reefer trailer, there is a workaround built in to the Sound Fixes Pack to enable the reefer sound.
The reefer startup sound effect is not supported with the workaround option.

Workaround for any trailer including owned reefer trailers:

1. Go into the Audio settings.
2. In the voice navigation menu, select "~ Function - Force enable reefer sound".
3. Click the Preview button.
4. Select a different voice navigation option OR uncheck the voice navigation, then drive to hear the reefer sound.
5. If you want to turn off the reefer sound, detaching the trailer will work in most cases. Otherwise restart the game.

Fully supported trailers:

1. Base game reefer trailers
2. Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC reefer trailers
3. Krone Trailer Pack DLC Cool Liner trailers


☑️ Freight Market: Confirmed to work
☑️ External Contracts: Confirmed to work.
☑️ Quick Jobs: Can work, but you need to disconnect and reconnect the trailer to start the cycle.
⚠️ Ownable Trailers: Requires the workaround, but does not include the beep and startup sound effect.

Game versions: 1.50, 1.49, 1.48.5, 1.48.2, 1.48.1, 1.47, 1.46
Sound Fixes Pack required for the functionality.

If you want to configure the sounds to work with a different reefer trailer mod, check out the modding guide here:

Sound volume configuration:

1. The Trailer Noise slider controls the sound volume of the reefer startup noise and sound loop of a new cycle.
2. The Truck Noise slider controls the sound volume of the reefer sound loop when driving.
3. It is recommended to have both sliders at the same volume (50%) for consistency.

This addon will remain on the Steam Workshop while we wait for reefer sounds to be implemented into the game officially

You can get the American Truck Simulator addon for this here:
Drive Safely  [author] May 22 @ 2:36pm 
@Riyad24 - You're welcome :)
Riyad24 May 22 @ 2:34pm 
thank you I succeeded
Drive Safely  [author] May 20 @ 4:44pm 
@Riyad24 - Hi, I guess you need Sound Fixes Pack enabled in the load order with high enough priority. This reefer trailer sound is an addon to that mod that has the functionality for it
Riyad24 May 20 @ 3:46pm 
Hi, I installed the mod for the reefer but it doesn't work I put the sound of the reefer in the settings and I tried with all the trailers in the game but it doesn't work you can explain to me thank you
Drive Safely  [author] Nov 9, 2023 @ 2:15pm 
@Hardy - Yeah the workaround for owned trailers does not include the beep and startup sound effect due to modding limitations. You can get it to work with the Freight Market trailers though
Hardy Nov 9, 2023 @ 1:31pm 
Drive Safely. My own trailer
Drive Safely  [author] Nov 9, 2023 @ 12:47pm 
@Hardy - Are you doing this for a refrigerated trailer in the Freight Market, or is it an owned refrigerated trailer?
Hardy Nov 9, 2023 @ 6:58am 
Hello Drive Safely,
it works now, but not as described. When I start the game the cooler is already running, when I unhook the trailer the cooler goes off, but it no longer starts when I saddle up. I first have to go to the options and then go back into the game and the cooler runs again. But it doesn't do the beeping and then start. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Drive Safely  [author] Nov 9, 2023 @ 1:56am 
1.49 support added
Drive Safely  [author] Nov 9, 2023 @ 1:48am 
@Hardy - Sound Fixes Pack is required for its functionality. I'll also enable support for 1.49 shortly